What Can I Use As Rolling Paper?

Knowing what you can use as rolling papers is a valuable thing to know.

What Can I Use As Rolling Paper?

There’s nothing more frustrating than coming home after a long and stressful day, ready to decompress with a joint, only to find that you’re out of rolling papers!

Thankfully, there are some alternative ways you can roll your bud without even leaving the house! In this guide, we’ll go through what you can use as rolling papers when you’re in a bind.

1. Tissue Paper

What Can I Use As Rolling Paper?

Rolling paper and plain tissue paper are reasonably similar. You might have some plain white tissue paper stashed away in the back of a closet if you’re the type that keeps old gift bags or boxes to use again.

When rolling a tissue paper joint, you’ll need to be patient. The tissue paper is a little thinner and will burn more quickly than rolling paper. Although you won’t be able to smoke slowly, it will suffice when there is no other option.

2. Corn Husks

What Can I Use As Rolling Paper?

In addition to being a natural, tobacco-free alternative, using a corn husk as the rolling paper also delivers a pretty enjoyable smoking experience! They are malleable enough and have the perfect texture for rolling joints or even blunts (see also “How To Light A Blunt“).

Corn husks were once used by Native American tribes to produce a variety of products, including cigarettes. Corn husks are entirely natural, although the hit is a little harsher than it would be from a regular rolling paper. 

You should dampen your corn husk and let it sit for a while to maximize rolling potential. The slightly damp husk will easily stay together for a smooth roll-up.

3. Rose Petals

What Can I Use As Rolling Paper?

Rose petals are a more readily available, natural, and safe way to roll your weed. You can enhance your smoking experience by using some of their vibrant and fragrant sweetness.

In general, rose petals are smaller than rolling papers. The finished product will resemble a small joint. Once you practice and master the advanced method, rolling a couple is worth the effort if you enjoy floral flavors.

4. Empty Cigarette

What Can I Use As Rolling Paper?

Use one of your cigarettes or bum one from a friend when you’re out of rolling paper.

You’ll have an empty, already-rolled cone after gently massaging the cigarette to free the tobacco inside (see also “How To Roll A Cone“), then dumping out the loose tobacco. After that, you can light up your weed and puff away like you normally would.

Keep in mind that mixing your weed with tobacco will alter the flavor and burning characteristics of the tobacco if you leave some in the cigarette.

Stretching your marijuana with tobacco might make it last a little longer if you’re nearing the end of your stash. 

5. Apple

What Can I Use As Rolling Paper?

This is obviously a very different alternative to rolling paper, but if you’re happy to smoke your bud in a makeshift bong, then you can actually use an apple!

To do this, use a knife to make a hole towards the middle of the apple, starting at the core. After doing that, make another hole on one side of the apple that also reaches the middle.

If done correctly, you should have an apple with a tunnel, where you can put your cannabis on one end and inhale from the other (see also “How To French Inhale“). Not to mention it makes your weed taste great!

6. Coffee Filter

What Can I Use As Rolling Paper?

A coffee filter can be used as a rolling paper substitute as a last resort.  Despite having a consistency that resembles that of typical rolling paper, coffee filters are frequently significantly thinner and more combustible. As a result, when used to roll dry herbs, they burn quite quickly. 

Additionally, they are more likely to catch fire accidentally. If you smoke with a coffee filter, you run the danger of losing your joint to a flame that burns far too quickly.

7. Paper Gum Wrapper

What Can I Use As Rolling Paper?

There is a paper side to every gum wrapper. Some have paper on one side and aluminum on the other, allowing you to separate the two and throw the metal layer away. To succeed, you must, however, have a lot of patience and dedication.

Make sure the gum wrapper you choose has been completely stripped of its aluminum coating. Despite the fact that desperate smokers have long preferred aluminum foil bowls, smoking from aluminum can be quite hazardous.

Aluminum burns easily and emits hazardous fumes that should never be ingested, making it a material that should never be heated. Additionally, rolling up in aluminum foil results in a nasty-tasting joint.

What Not To Use As Rolling Paper

Nothing with ink, color, metals, plastic, wax or other additives should be used to roll your weed. The last thing you want to do is ingest both the harmful chemicals and the cannabis at the same time.

Furthermore, junk mail, magazine pages, bleached printer or notebook paper, paper that has been dyed a different color, paper intended for baking, supermarket bag fragments, and book pages should not be used.

You may have heard that the best rolling papers are made from bible pages. It is undoubtedly correct to say that bible paper is thin, malleable, and burns consistently.

You could theoretically use something like a bible page if you don’t have any moral problems with doing so. Just be sure to use a page with a significant part of blank space if at all possible.

Final Thoughts

We all know that smokers can be super resourceful in times of need. There’s always a way to smoke, even with limited supplies, for seasoned smokers. However, it’s always important to use a rolling paper alternative that is safe and natural.

With this guide, you’ll be able to find the right alternative for you that is free from harsh chemicals and will make your smoking session as safe as possible.

Zack Finch
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