Ways To Smoke Weed Without A Pipe Or Papers (Everything You Need To Know)

We’ve all been there, you’re absolutely desperate for a token, but you don’t have any of your usual tools at hand. Perhaps you left them at home, or might have just misplaced them. Either way, this can be an incredibly frustrating situation, and you might find yourself at a loss of what to do. 

Ways To Smoke Weed Without A Pipe Or Papers (Everything You Need To Know)

Thankfully, that’s where we come in. Below, we’ve compiled this handy guide that will take you through each of your different options when it comes to smoking weed without a pipe or papers. 

We’re going to help you to get creative, and use some of the different items at hand so that you can enjoy that much needed break. In order to find out more, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

What Can You Use Instead Of A Pipe To Smoke Weed? 

First of all, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the things that you can use in place of your pipe. This is one of the most fun ones that you can get creative with, and it’s also true that you can pretty much use anything as a pipe, even an apple. That’s right! We just said apple. 

This is actually one of the easiest and simple ways that you can make a pipe, and it uses natural ingredients too, which is a plus. In order to make your pipe from an apple, you’re going to need to cut off the stem, then create a hole that goes all the way through the apple, from top to bottom.

After you’ve done this, you can then place some aluminum foil over a bowl, and place your nug there. After which, you can take up from the other side of the apple. 

If you don’t have any apples at hand, another method is to use a simple metal can. All you’re going to need is an empty can, your weed, and something to light it up. Poke a large hole in the front of the can, followed by placing several smaller ones in the indented portion.

Place the weed on the indented portion, then light it up, and use the drinking portion at the top of the can to inhale. 

How Can I Smoke If I Don’t Have Papers? 

If you don’t have any papers at hand, then there are a couple of things that you can do. Probably one of the easiest methods is to simply use some random bits of paper from a magazine or phone directory. You can simply cut these up into size, and use them in place of your papers. 

We would recommend however, that if you’re planning on using this method, that you choose pages that don’t have a ton of ink on them, because you don’t want to be inhaling all of that into your system.

In addition to this method, you could simply use a pre rolled cigarette. You do this by hollowing out the center of the paper using your fingers. Rub the cigarette gently, until all of the tobacco has come out, then you can replace it with your weed. 

What Alternatives Are There For Rolling Papers?

What Alternatives Are There For Rolling Papers?

In terms of more alternatives for rolling papers, you could also use some corn husks. Corn husks are considered to be one of the most popular alternatives when it comes to rolling paper substitutes. 

We would urge you to be careful with this one however, as corn husks can be particularly nasty if they get caught in your throat, so you want to be super careful with this one.

In order to make sure that it’s completely safe, you want to make sure that you’ve taken off all of the silk from the husk. 

After you’ve done this, you can then go ahead and place your marijuana on each end, and bind it tightly using your fingers. 

Another popular alternative to rolling papers is gum wrapper. If you have any old pieces of gum wrapper lying around, these may be used for making a joint too. Remove the foil for the paper, then roll it up on either side, before placing your marijuana in. 

Some of you reading this article might be surprised to find that you can actually use tissue paper as an alternative to rolling paper. In order to do this, you just want to tear off several pieces of tissue paper, so that you have enough to cover your weed. 

After you’ve done this, you’re going to want to go ahead and roll it up until it’s formed the correct shape. Following on from this, make sure that you’ve got the end twisted, so that it doesn’t fall out.

In addition, we’d recommend that you don’t make this one too tight, as you might experience some trouble burning it. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, it’s absolutely possible to smoke weed without any pipes or paper at hand, you just need to get creative with some of the different items around you.

Several different things can be made into a pipe, including an empty can of cola or an apple. In addition, something as simple as a magazine page will work in place of paper.

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