How To Hide The Smell Of Weed (Hiding The Smell Of Smoked Or Stored Cannabis)

Weed is one of life’s simplest pleasures, and though the law around the plant may be fluid, depending on where you are, it can be very pleasant to partake in.

The only problem is, weed itself is known for having an incredibly potent smell that is often extremely unpleasant, both when it is still being stored and when it is being smoked.

How To Hide The Smell Of Weed (Hiding The Smell Of Smoked Or Stored Cannabis)

This can be immensely unpleasant for any non-smokers sharing the space with you.

And if you are trying to be discreet about your weed usage, you will likely need to gain control over the odor of the drug so that it doesn’t give itself away.

But how exactly do you do this? How do you hide the smell of weed?

If you’ve been desperately searching around to find answers to this question, then your search is officially over, because today we are going to show you exactly how you can hide the smell of both smoked and unsmoked cannabis!

How Do You Stash Weed Without It Smelling?

Before you can even get to smoking your weed, you’re going to need to store it away in a way that doesn’t draw attention to itself, and that is very discreet. Let’s take a look at a few ways to do exactly this.

Airtight Storage

The absolute best way you can keep your weed stored away without releasing its odors is to make use of airtight packaging.

Such packaging is designed to keep your weed contained within the same air it was in when you first placed it in the bag, without letting any new air in.

Ziploc bags can be great towards this end because they are simple to use, and very discreet in and of themselves.

Some aficionados strongly recommend placing one Ziploc bag into another for an added layer of protection and to keep the smells packed in!

There are also plenty of other airtight containers that you can make use of, such as square Tupperware boxes that are designed to create airtight seals when you close them.

Just make sure you don’t use them to store anything else after because you will have a tough time removing the smell of weed from the plastic!

Make Use Of Other Smells

One way you can hide the smell of weed is simply to mask it with the smell of something much stronger.

Many long-time weed users have noted that you can easily place your weed into a small bag, and then place that bag into a small coffee tin, surrounded by coffee beans.

Generally, it is best to use coffee beans that you will never actually use to make coffee, just in case they somehow absorb the flavor of the weed!

Air Fresheners

If you have followed the other advice above, but some amount of smell is sneaking through, you will want to make liberal use of air fresheners, scented candles, and other pleasant-smelling things to mask the smell of your weed!

How Do You Hide The Smell Of Weed While You Smoke?

How To Hide The Smell Of Weed


The absolute most important thing you can do to keep the smell of weed from lingering while you smoke it is to keep the space well-ventilated (Also check out Do Grow Tents Keep The Smell In?)


When you light up, for instance, in your bedroom, we recommend closing the door tightly and then opening up all of the windows to allow air to flow through the room without reaching the rest of the house.

If you were to keep the air stagnant, then the smell of the weed would very quickly propagate in the space and then linger there for much longer, making it even harder to hide your weed!

Smoke Outside

One great way to keep the smell of weed from lingering in one space is to not stick to one space. Head to your backyard and smoke the weed there, allowing the air to carry away the strong odors.

Make sure you don’t smoke it near any neighbors, or near their houses, as you don’t want to simply pass the smell onto them!

Use A Pipe

Using a pipe to smoke your weed can be a great way to reduce the smell as you smoke it (Also check out Ways To Smoke Weed Without A Pipe Or Papers)

. The reason for this is that pipes produce far less smoke than rolling paper, which means there is less strong-smelling smoke to hide!

How Do You Hide The Smell Of Weed After Smoking?

Wash Your Clothing

Generally, we recommend that if you are going to smoke weed, you should do so in clothing that you do not plan to wear out and about.

Clothing is a natural magnet when smoking not only weed but also tobacco, and the odors will stick to the fabrics.

If you absolutely must wear your clothing outside of the house after smoking while wearing it, then you will want to make sure to wash the clothing before you head out.

Brush Your Teeth

Of course, because you’ve been ingesting the smoke orally, you will want to make sure to brush your teeth after smoking weed, especially when heading out to meet others.

Brushing your teeth will remove the odor-carrying particles from your mouth, and freshen your breath!

Wash Yourself!

Not only does the smell of cigarettes and weed stick to fabric but also to the skin! As such, you will want to make sure to wash your skin carefully after you have smoked weed.

Luckily, if you’ve only smoked a bit of weed, you can easily use a basic soap. Make sure to pay extra attention to your hands, as they were in the closest contact with the weed!

If you have been hotboxing you may need to spend a little more time under the water, and use a few more layers of soap!

To Wrap Up

Though weed has an incredibly pungent odor, it is more than possible to hide this odor by storing the weed properly, using it in a ventilated space, and washing after using it!

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