5 Best Weed T-Shirts For Women

5 Best Weed T-Shirts For Women

So, if you or someone you know loves weed, you need to add a weed t-shirt to your collection.

Weed t-shirts are a fun and hilarious way to express your admiration for marijuana, whether it’s smoking it or growing it.

These t-shirts can range from outrageously funny to surprisingly subtle, making them perfect for any situation.

Here are the 5 best weed t-shirts for women!

5 Best Weed T-Shirts For Women


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This is one of those t-shirts that doesn’t look anything like a weed t-shirt at first glance. When you first look at it, you see a pretty sunflower design with falling petals.

When you look closer, however, you’ll see that half of the sunflower is made up of marijuana leaves. It’s tasteful and subtle, but undoubtedly a weed t-shirt!

This is a great t-shirt for any woman that considers herself a stoner, but doesn’t necessarily want everyone to know that she smokes or grows weed.

Instead, the tasteful sunflower and “you are my sunshine” graphic makes for a delicate and pretty t-shirt, just with the added bonus of marijuana leaves. 

This t-shirt is available in sizes extra small to 3X-Large, and comes in 10 solid color options. It is also suitable for machine washing.

The only downside is that it is said to run slightly small according to customer reviews. 


  • Tasteful design - Pretty sunflower design makes this a subtle weed t-shirt
  • Multipurpose - Ideal for women who love flowers and weed
  • Good color options - Available in large range of bright and neutral colors


  • Runs small - Best to size up 


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This is probably one of the subtlest weed t-shirts on this list, making it perfect for a mother or someone who wants to express their love for marijuana on the down-low.

It is also the perfect gift to give to someone on 4/20, or if you know a woman who grows the best pot around. 

This t-shirt reads “IV XX” in a rustic green font. At first glance, this looks like regular Roman numerals that could mean anything.

However, this actually translates to 420, which is made obvious with the addition of the marijuana leaf planted in the middle of the numerals. It’s a subtle nod to the act of smoking cannabis. 

This t-shirt is a blend of polyester and cotton, meaning it is suitable for machine washing. It’s available in sizes small to 3X-Large, but it only comes in one color.

Just keep this in mind in case you know someone who wants a brighter tee. 


  • Subtle - Roman numerals are a subtle nod to 420
  • Vintage appearance - Rustic font makes the t-shirt look stylish and vintage
  • Perfect for 420 - Subtle design is great to wear on 4/20


  • Limited color options - Only available in dark gray


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If you or someone you know is a dreamer at heart, and becomes even more of a whimsical dreamer when high, you need to check out this t-shirt.

This is the perfect t-shirt for any girl that smokes weed to ground herself with the world - especially if you’re one of those people who smoke weed to think more deeply about theories and conspiracies. 

This is a fairly subtle t-shirt consisting of an elegant blue and purple hand that’s holding a joint, with an Illuminati-esque eye in the middle of the palm.

The colors are what makes this t-shirt super pretty, and it’s bound to get compliments even from non-smokers. Perfect for chilling in your backyard with a blunt!

This t-shirt comes in sizes extra small to 3X-Large, and is suitable for machine washing.

While it is only available in 5 colors, the pink option is particularly gorgeous, as it goes well with the blue and purple colors of the graphic. 


  • Pretty design - Subtle and beautiful design is perfect for stoners and dreamers
  • Nice colors - Blue and purple design is attractive
  • Soft - Very comfortable to wear


  • Cold wash only - Only suitable for cold washes to prevent the print from coming off


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This t-shirt is ideal for any who considers themselves a hippie at heart. It’s the perfect gift for a friend, sister, or even mom who loves smoking weed to feel more connected with the universe.

This t-shirt consists of a skeleton decorated in flowers and greenery, peacefully smoking a joint. 

The reason why this t-shirt belongs on this list is because of how pretty it is. It’s filled with color, from the greenery that decorates the skeleton to the pink smoke emitting from the joint.

It’s especially apt for women who love to smoke particular strains that offer some psychedelic effects. 

The skeleton design means this t-shirt is also suitable for Dia de los Muertos!

This t-shirt is available in sizes extra small to 3X-Large, and is suitable for machine washing. The only downside is that it’s only available in four dark colors.

Still, the front is decorated with a lot of color, for those who want a splash of brightness. 


  • Hippie design - Perfect for self-proclaimed hippies
  • Beautiful design - Looks stylish and subtle enough to pass as a non-weed t-shirt
  • Multifunctional - Suitable for 4/20 and Dia de los Muertos 


  • Limited color options - Only available in 4 dark colors 


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There’s a chance that you might get in trouble for buying this t-shirt for a wife or girlfriend, but it’s certainly worth it.

This is a great novelty weed t-shirt that includes an animated marijuana leaf that is decorated with the words “High maintenance”.

It’s clearly a double meaning, referencing the notion of being high and being high maintenance. 

Even if you’re buying this for yourself, it’s one of those t-shirts that is self-aware in a funny way. It’s also simple and pretty stylish to wear, especially if you prefer a minimalist t-shirt.

It’s nice that the graphic print is located at the side of the t-shirt rather than all over the front, which some might prefer. 

This t-shirt is available in sizes extra small to 3X-Large, and can be machine washed.

It is only available in 5 dark colors, but the design of the t-shirt is meant to be subtle. This is a great gift for a partner - just make sure she’s not too offended!


  • Double meaning - Refers to being high and also being high maintenance
  • Novelty gift - Funny gift for wife, girlfriend, or friend
  • Fits to size - No need to size up or down


  • Limited colors - Only available in 5 dark colors 

Buyer’s Guide

While it might seem easy to buy a novelty weed t-shirt, there are some things to look out for. Here are the key things to consider when buying a weed t-shirt for yourself or someone else. 

Machine Washer-Friendly

Probably the most important thing to consider when buying any t-shirt is checking if it’s machine washer-friendly.

If a t-shirt isn’t suitable for machine washing, this can result in damaging the fibers and the print.

So, to protect the longevity of the t-shirt and maintain its pretty print, it needs to be machine washer-friendly. 

A lot of novelty t-shirts are best washed in cold water to prevent them from shrinking, so keep this in mind, too. 


Most novelty t-shirts come in black or dark colors. While this isn’t usually a problem for people who like wearing black, if you’re the kind of girl that likes wearing pinks and reds, you might want to look for t-shirts that come in brighter colors. 

Appropriate For All Situations

It’s not always going to be appropriate to wear a weed t-shirt, especially around kids, in church, or in a state where weed isn’t legal.

If you’re worried about making people uncomfortable, it’s best to opt for a t-shirt that offers a subtle depiction or reference to weed. 

Subtle weed t-shirts won’t look obvious to strangers, unless they are also a stoner, in which they will probably like the little hint. 


Of course, you want the t-shirt to fit either yourself or the recipient of the gift. So, look out for t-shirts that are available in a range of sizes.

Also, check out the customer reviews to see if the shirts fit to size, and if you need to size up or down. 


So, there you have it! Hopefully, this guide has introduced you to your new favorite weed t-shirt, or has helped you find the perfect present for your mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, or friend. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Wear Weed Shirts?

People wear weed shirts to express their love for marijuana, whether it’s smoking it or growing it.

Wearing a weed shirt is a fun way of celebrating the beloved herb, and can create a sense of community among other smokers. 

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