What Is a Dab Mat?

Dabbing is a relatively new form of cannabis use, and there are plenty of new terms with the method. If you’ve ever wondered about what a dab mat is, you’re not alone.

Dab mats are small accessory pads for your dabbing gear or other glass to sit on. They also provide a surface to organize accessories like wax containers, tools, or other additions. Dab coasters help protect your pieces, your furniture, and yourself.

Dab Mat

Here’s everything to know about dab mats.

Why Use a Dab Mat?

Now that you know what a dab mat is, you might wonder why to use one. They’re a simple addition to any setup, usually just a rubber pad where you can place your gear.

The truth is that dab coasters provide a few benefits.

First, they protect your glass pieces. Glass can easily slip and slide, especially on hard surfaces. Rubber dab mats add extra grip and make it less likely something knocks over the rig.

Next, dab rig mats help keep your area clean. It provides a designated area for all your gear, from the dab rig to the tools like a scraper or wax container.

If you need to be discreet with your dabbing, this can be helpful to gather everything together to pack away at once. It also keeps the area of usage compact.

Wax concentrates can be messy, and if you need to drop a hot dab tool quickly, a silicone dab mat is a perfect spot. Silicone rubber can handle hot temperatures, and sticky concentrates won’t get on the furniture. Usually, dab mats are easy to clean.

Finally, dab coasters also help keep you safe while dabbing. The non-slip surface can reduce risks with handling dab torches or hot glass.

Some dabbers heat their nails to 710°F, which can be a safety risk if you’re handling the gear on bare wooden tables or other unprotected surfaces. Dab mats help keep people safe from unnecessary burns.

You can also find dab mats as mood mats or bong coasters because they can be fun additions to smoke setups for people who don’t dab. They still provide general protection to your glass and keep any mess contained.

Dab mats can be worth using because they usually have fun designs and add personalization and fun to your smoke sessions.

Types of Dab Pads

If you’re interested in finding a dab mat, it’s worth covering the type descriptions. There are a few basic types of dab mats, but they are all essentially the same concept.

Usually, when you’re dealing with what is a dab mat type, you’ll notice that they are all made of rubber material. Rubber dab mats are the standard as they add the best grip and provide heat protection. Plus, rubber is easy to clean.

The most common type of dab pad is silicone. Silicone rubber is flexible, popular to make, and handles heat well. It can also be easy to print designs onto silicone dab mats.

Upcycle dab mats are the same concept, but they use salvaged rubber. This method means the company pulls rubber from landfills or recycling plants to reuse for dab mats.

Environmentally conscious smokers will appreciate the upcycle dab mats that make the best out of trash. Sometimes these designs will retain some of the original looks of the rubber, like wetsuits or tires, to remind the user of the origin.

Moodmats and bong carpets are a few other names for dab pads you might find, but they are the same as traditional mats. Sometimes pipe mats might also be available, and they’re usually just smaller.

You can find a few places to grab custom dab mats. A dab pad can be almost any size, shape, or design. Silicone is a material that’s easy to manipulate to create whatever type of dab setup you want.

How To Use and Care For Dab Mats

Having a dab mat is one part of the equation, but figuring out how to use one and what a dab mat cleaning procedure can be another.

Luckily, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Here’s an easy guide for getting started.

Using Dab Pads

Using a dab mat is simple. All there is to it is setting up your gear on top of the dab mat.

The pad acts as a dab coaster for your glass piece and all your accessories if it’s large enough. You’ll be using it in no time as long as you have a flat and clear space to lay out your dab mat.

Some custom dab mats might have built-in areas for tools, but otherwise, you can organize them how you please.

It can help keep all your essentials at hand while you smoke. You can also put down the tools without fear of burning tables or smearing hot wax when you take dabs.

Cleaning Dab Pads

After using a dab mat for a while, you might notice wax residue or ash build-up on the silicone. Dirty dab pads can be unattractive, and sometimes leftover wax will begin to stick to other objects that make contact.

Luckily, one of the primary features of using a dab mat is that they’re easy to clean.

Remove all your gear and pick up the dab mat. You can take the whole thing to the sink and lightly wash it off with soap and water.

Usually, gentle soap and warm water will handle most of the grime. Bong mats that mostly have ash will look brand new after a rinse. You can let the mat air dry or pat it with a towel.

But dab rig mats may have some harder-to-clean substances. Concentrates can sometimes crust and leave behind residue that’s tough to get off.

The best option is isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl is a strong chemical that’s common in cleaning and disinfection. It’s also handy for cleaning glass pieces.

If you used your dab rig while sick or shared with a friend, isopropyl alcohol can be a practical way to disinfect the entire setup.

You can try to soak a cloth in isopropyl alcohol to scrub off the wax or soak your mat in a water-diluted solution of isopropyl for a short period. After, rinse your dab pad with soap and water.

Most dab coasters are nonstick, so regularly cleaning them should be easy to maintain.

Protecting Your Pieces

If you’re interested in figuring out what is a dab mat, you might also be wondering how to protect your glass. One of the primary reasons to use a dab mat is glass protection.

To help protect your rig, here are a few general tips for best practices with glass and dab mats.

Rig Protection Tips

First, here are a few general tips to protect your rig.

Using a dab mat helps prevent unnecessary slipping. It can also protect you and your furniture from being burnt by the hot tools and accessories standard in dabbing.

Placing your dab rig on a dab mat provides a safe storage spot. It can help prevent you from misplacing the glass or putting it somewhere unstable.

Try to avoid overheating your dab rig. Only quartz bangers can reach the temperatures necessary to vaporize wax safely, and heating other pieces of the glass can lead to breaking.

Try not to handle the glass before it cools down. You should also avoid trying to cool down the rig and let it come back down in temperature naturally.

If glass shifts in temperature too quickly from hot to cold, it can crack easily or even explode.

Sometimes, it can help to take the banger out of the dab rig when it’s not in use. It can be easy to bump into the extra piece sticking out, and the arm is usually one of the more fragile pieces that break first.

Bong Protection Tips

Dab mats can also help protect your bong.

Again, the primary benefit of silicone dab mats is that they are slip-resistant. It can be easy to accidentally cause a bong to slide or slip off hard surfaces, but the glass will grip the rubber mat instead.

Rubber dab mats also cushion the surface, and if you tend to place your bong down too hard, it can help prevent unnecessary damage.

Try to keep your bong water clean by regularly changing it. You shouldn’t leave the water to sit in the bong when you aren’t using it. Sitting water can make it easier to tip the bong by accident.

Also, it’s best practice to remove the downstem and bowl when you aren’t using your bong. These extra pieces tend to be fragile and are easy to hit against in passing.


With growing legalization, the world of cannabis is quickly expanding to include new methods and terms. Dabbing can be a fun way to partake in weed, and you can feel confident in knowing the latest information.

Now you can say what a dab mat is, the types of dab mats, how to use and clean one, and how to protect your glass.

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