Can You Freeze Weed?

When you can’t use up something, then it always seems like a good idea to put it in the freezer to preserve it for longer.

But can you also put your weed into the freezer? We wouldn’t recommend storing your cannabis in the freezer, as all the good components of weed sit on the plant’s surface.

Can You Freeze Weed?

This means that weed can go stale quickly in the freezer, losing its potency.

In this article, we find out if you can freeze weed at all and how to store your cannabis for longer.

Can You Freeze Weed?

While you can freeze weed, it is not recommended as the freezing process impacts the quality of your cannabis.

Weed is the part of the dried cannabis plant. This means that you need to treat weed in the same way as many other dried foods.

What makes cannabis a powerful plant are the compounds that sit on its surface. 

The tiny plant hairs play an essential part in synthesizing the active compounds of cannabis, including terpenes and cannabinoids.

While you won’t be able to see the trichome hairs, they are very delicate and brittle. This means that they break easily when exposed to extreme temperatures.

When you store weed in the freezer, then these small hairs fall off and all the potency of your cannabis is gone.

Can You Store Any Cannabis Products In The Freezer?

Storing weed in the freezer impacts the quality and potency of your product because of the small hairs on the plant surface breaking off.

However, if your cannabis products don’t have any of these tiny trichomes, then you don’t need to worry about losing them in the cold temperatures of your freezer.

This means that you can store cannabis concentrates, such as badder, shatter and wax, in the freezer. 

This being said, the products should be in an airtight container to prevent any crystallization.

The Best Ways To Freeze Weed

If you really want to freeze your weed, then you will need to put it into vacuum packs and vacuum seal it.

The more air you can remove from the freezer bag, the better your weed when you come to thaw it again.

It’s important to keep in mind that no freezing method is as good as storing it in a sealed container in a cupboard at room temperature.

The Best Ways To Store Cannabis

The freezer isn’t the right place to store your weed. The cold temperatures damage the cannabis reducing the weed’s potency and quality.

Saying this, there are a few other things you can do to ensure that your weed lasts for as long as possible.

Block Out Light

While living cannabis plants need plenty of light to grow, once your cannabis has been dried, you need to keep it away from light.

The light can make plant matter decompose faster, especially when your weed sits in direct sunlight.

That’s why, make sure that you store your weed in a lightproof container that doesn’t allow any light to pass through.

Choose The Right Storage Container

Plastic containers may be cheap but most of them are transparent. If you found a sealed container that’s darker, then there is another issue.

Plastic creates minute static charges that can break off the small cannabinoid hairs on your cannabis plants.

This means that plastic containers could impact the quality and potency of your weed.

Alternatively, you can also store your dried cannabis in a ceramic container but they are difficult to transport and heavy.

One of the best storage containers for weed is food-grade aluminum. It is lightproof, lightweight and it doesn’t cause any static charge.

Can You Freeze Weed?

Keep Weed In An Airtight Container

Whenever there is around, you will also find evaporation and moisture. Moisture is one of the biggest contributors of growing mold and fungi.

If you don’t store your cannabis in an airtight container, then this could invite fungal growth making your weed unusable.

Just make sure that you place your weed in a sealed container where no air can get in. The lid should be tight, so pets and children can’t accidentally open the container.

Keep Your Weed At Room Temperature

While you shouldn’t leave your cannabis in direct sunlight, you should also not place it in extremely cold temperatures.

As a rule of thumb, weed is best stored at room temperature. This means you need to keep it away from a stove, heater, fireplace or the windowsill.

The best place is a cupboard that has an even temperature throughout the year.

Store Cannabis At Even Humidity

Similar to an even temperature, you shouldn’t keep your weed in a room where humidity fluctuates too much throughout the day, week or months.

Humidity can be challenging to control in your home but you can also buy humidity control packs that you can place into your weed container.

This small humidity packs, such as Boveda packs, help to maintain even humidity levels inside the container. This prevents your weed from drying out or getting too wet.

These small packs can last for months and you just need to check occasionally to make sure that they are still working.

If you notice that a humidity pack starts to harden, then replace it with a new one.

Keep Your Weed Organized

One of the things that many forget about when they are storing your weed is to label your weed storage containers properly.

If you use more than one weed strain, it can be difficult to tell them apart without the label.

You can either write down the name of the weed strain on the label or use different colored lids.

This being said, it’s always a good idea to keep the information and packaging of each weed strain. 

Then you can come back to the strain and reorder it at a later stage when you are running low.

Final Thoughts

While you can freeze weed, the freezing process has a negative impact on the quality and potency of the cannabis.

Zack Finch
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