Best Lighter For Weed

Lighters and weed are like two peas in a pod. Individually they are somewhat useless, however, when put together, well, you’re in for a fun experience. 

When it comes to choosing a lighter, it can be seen as a somewhat personal experience.

You’ll want something that is dependable and elegant, however, you want it to reflect your personality, too. Once you have found that lighter (see also "How To Make A Lighter"), you’ll want to keep it close. 

Best Lighter For Weed

Determining the best lighters for joints is a different process from choosing ones for a weed pipe.

Why? You may be wondering, well, in each method, the ways in which you’re burning the flower are different. Therefore, having a lighter that matches your requirement is vital. 

With this in mind, in this guide, we have outlined the best lighters for weed. Here, we detail everything we love about the particular products and what makes them unique from others. 

Let’s get straight into it! 

Best Lighter For Weed


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You can never go wrong with a classic, and the old yet faithful BIC lighter will never let you down.

Having been an OG lighter among smokers for decades, this lighter certainly has a reputation within the community, and this Bic Classic Full Size Light Maxi Full Size 5 Pack is sure to keep you topped up. 

Unlike some other lighter brands, these lighters have stood the test of time and have come out stronger than ever.

Unlike those cheap, clear lighters you can pick up from the gas station, these ones contain a spark wheel that will keep working until you finish the whole tank. 

Plus, over the spark wheel, there is a smooth ridge that prevents your fingers from getting little rivets.

All you need to know is that these lighters are built to last. 

As long as you don’t accidentally misplace the lighter into the careless hands of one of your friends, then you should be able to use this lighter until it has run out of fluid.

However, with 4 other lighters in the pack, you shouldn’t be short on a light any time soon. 


  • Reliable – A prominent brand in the smoking community that has been used for decades. 
  • Comfortable – A comfortable spark wheel ensures easy maneuverability. 
  • Strong flame – Can withstand some wind.


  • Plain – Doesn’t express your personality. 

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Since you’re already smoking greens, you may as well make the process green, too.

Not only are these Hemp Wicks a more sustainable option for lighting your joints but they are a healthier alternative too, as opposed to the traditional disposable lighters. 

Unlike butane lighters, when burned, these flammable sticks are much cleaner, therefore, generating fewer carbon emissions.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about inhaling any potentially harmful butane vapors, either. 

Additionally, when compared to traditional lighters, these hemp wicks produce a smaller flame.

This allows you to corner weed pipes much easier without requiring a bud. 

Likewise, lighters are known to produce an extremely hot temperature.

These types of temperatures can cause terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and THC to explode. Therefore, producing a burnt taste to your weed. 

Conversely, hemp wicks burn much cooler and slower than the traditional method.

This helps to preserve the natural taste of marijuana – allowing you to actually taste the difference between strains! 

That being said, a lighter is still required to initially burn the hemp wick.

However, you don’t have to worry about inhaling the potentially harmful vapors while doing so. 

Here, a Spooly can be used in conjunction with the hemp wick to make the process much easier. Essentially, it is a lighter guard that covers a regular lighter. 

However, unlike a typically lighter, it comes with a tiny metal incense holder, this is where you store your hemp wick. 

When ready, all you have to do is pull the hemp wick so it sits close to the flame and it will begin lighting slowly.

Once done, simply slide it back through the metal holder to extinguish the flame. 

In the past few years, the use of hemp wicks has grown exponentially.

As such, the demand has increased too with many reputable brands producing hemp wick. 


  • Healthier – Don’t have to worry about inhaling any potentially harmful butane chemicals. 
  • More sustainable – Produces fewer carbon emissions than traditional methods. 
  • Beeswax coating – Ensures a slow burn that helps you corner bowls, save on the THC, and preserve the natural flavors.


  • Takes up more room than a standard lighter – Can’t keep it in your pocket. 
  • Requires a lighter – To light it initially, you need a lighter.


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There are many different types of smokers, one such type is those who prefer to keep their lighters in their hands when puffing away on a joint. 

If this is you, one of the most comfortable lighters is the Djeep lighter, allowing a nice grip for those looking to unwind with the bowl. 

These disposable lighters are smaller than traditional ones with a larger width and a square base, ideal for lighting up your weed.

It has been carefully crafted to allow the perfect grip in your hand while the other is hanging out by the bowl. 

Unlike some other models, Djeep lighters allow you to adjust the height of your flame – this is ideal for outdoor use.

Sometimes, taller flames can be more susceptible to wind, and, as a result, get ignited more quickly. 

Using the smallest setting on the Djeep lighter, you can reach further into a bowl without having to worry about burning your fingers. 

Last, but certainly not least, this lighter features a child-proof mechanism – perfect for those with children who worry about them playing with fire. 

Alternatively, it's a fun way to play pranks on your buddies, too. 


  • Customization options – There is a range of different designs and styles to choose from, and you’re sure to find something that matches your taste. 
  • Perfect grip – The comfortable grip is ideal for long smoking sessions, you don’t have to worry about your hand aching. 
  • Child-proof – The mechanisms used to construct the product help to prevent any potential accidents with children.


  • Prone to breakage – After 4,000 flicks these lighters are known to break. 


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Even though BIC lighters are synonymous with ease of use and reliability, Zippos are known across the community for their elegance.

In addition to lighting up your joint, these lighters have been used in movies and television for centuries when igniting cigarettes or cigars. 

That being said, nowadays they make for the perfect tool for sparkling up your joints. One of the most attractive features of these lighters is that they are practically wind resistant.

Here, the wick is held within a screen that works as a buffer to prevent breath or wind from blowing out the flame. 

Plus, if you’re looking for a neat treat to show your friends, hold the flame upside down and watch it as it remains erect! 

Moreover, with regular lighters, you’ll find them dancing within a bowl and potentially causing your fingers to burn. However, with Zippo lighters, you don’t have to worry about this happening! 

For times when you have to light a lighter over a long period of time, make sure to reach for a Zippo.

Here, you won’t have any issues with hot flames or casings. Once the spark has been ignited, the flame will burn until the lid is replaced. 

This is ideal for storage, too. Unlike traditional lighters, you can’t keep hot lighters in your pockets due to the risk of scorching.

However, since these are held in a cool casing, you don’t have to worry about any hot thighs. 

Plus, these lighters are more environmentally friendly, too, as opposed to traditional disposable lighters.

With these lighters, you have to refill the fluid, this ensures less plastic ends up in a landfill. 

Lastly, Zippos can help you highlight your personal style. The beauty of this product is that they come in a range of different designs, colors, and decals – there is something for everyone. 


  • Wind resistant – You are able to take it outside without worrying about the flame catching. 
  • Sleek design – A timeless design that is loved by many. Plus, there are many different options to choose from – you’re sure to find something you love. 
  • Sustainable – You can simply refill the product when necessary. This prevents disposable lighters from ending up in landfills. Instead, all you need to do is reful it!


  • Refilling can be challenging – You’ll want to especially avoid doing this while high! 
  • Expensive – More expensive than traditional disposable lighters, however, this is a one-time purchase, too. 

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If you are an incessant bowl packer, then you’re going to need an Original Clipper lighter in your life. 

These lighters are incredibly popular across Europe and have a thin design at the end, allowing you to move around the bud and ash easily. 

However, they are also compact enough that you’re able to slip them into your back pocket or a box of cigarettes with ease. 

Thanks to their tubular shape, it slips into the packaging without crushing any of the contents inside. 

The best part? These lighters are refillable. Plus, with a variety of designs, you’re sure to find something you love that will be with you on the long haul. 


  • Refillable – More sustainable than disposable lighters.
  • Convenient – You can simply slide the lighter into a pack of cigarettes with ease, you don’t have to worry about the contents getting crushed. 
  • Cinches at the end – Fits easily into a bowl.


  • Lighters aren’t 100% full on arrival – May need to refill after a few initial uses. 

Buyer’s Guide

When determining the best lighter for you, the first thing you want to understand is the product itself. 

There are a number of different factors that can contribute to the performance of a particular lighter. 

Therefore, to avoid any feelings of disappointment when looking for a working lighter to light your weed, we have compiled everything you should look out for in a quality lighter – you don’t even need to move from your chair!

Practical Features

When determining which lighter is the best for weed, the next thing to look at is practical features. You should always strive to purchase a product that contains everything you’re looking for. 

Therefore, it is recommended to filter out particular lighters that don’t match your requirements. Whether this includes customization, style, or size – there is sure to be a specific lighter that will meet your needs. 

Reliable Brand

Before you make any decisions to purchase a particular lighter, make sure that the manufacturer is reputable. The difference between a good and bad manufacturer is astronomical. 

Therefore, when deliberating make sure to find user-friendly and trustworthy information. 

To help you gain a better understanding of a particular product, you can always compare a couple of brands to determine which is the best for you. 

Here, look at the product descriptions and customer reviews. Plus, you can also learn about a particular manufacturer before and after purchase. 

That being said, the best lighters for weed tend to be the ones on the pricier side. Therefore, to receive the highest customer service and performance, a higher expenditure is required. 

Hence, some manufacturers may be new to the market, but their products aren’t. This doesn’t mean their products are bad, either. 

Durability And Performance

While customer ratings are one insight into the performance of a lighter. Another way to determine the durability and performance of a particular product is by thoroughly looking over the product described. 

Here, you’ll want to look for the types of materials used and where they come from. This should give you an idea of the quality of the product and whether or not it is right for your requirements. 

Pros And Cons

Choosing a product that is amazing in every single aspect is next to impossible. Hence, most products will contain both positive and negative qualities.

Therefore, here, you want to focus on the positive qualities as they’ll demonstrate the best lighter based on your requirements. 

Plus, the shortcomings of a particular product may provide insight into whether a product is a right match for you or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right lighter isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. As such, below, we have outlined some frequently asked questions when it comes to lighters for weed. 

What Is The Best Cool Weed Lighter?

There are a ton of lighters in the market featuring a range of different designs and colors – there is sure to be something that catches your interest. 

Those a fan of Elon Musk would vouch that the coolest lighter is the Tesla Coil lighter. Meanwhile, fans of dabbers would confidently say the dab torch is the best product available. 

Depending on your requirements and personal interest, this will help you to determine the best lighter. After all, the best light is the one that works best for you. 

What’s The Best Plasma Lighter For Bowls?

If you’re unfamiliar with a plasma lighter, otherwise known as an arc lighter, essentially it relies on an electric current, connected by two nodes, to generate a spark – as opposed to requiring lighter fluid. 

That being said, when using this type of lighter, the nodes need to be far enough apart so that the bowl can fit between them. 

While plasma lighters, or arc lighters, can be used to light bowls, they are most loved by joint smokers since the electrical current fits nicely into the end of the joint. 

Although, if you’re looking for a plasma lighter that can be used with a bowl, then the Tecboss Plasma Lighter is an ideal choice since it contains an angled bendable neck – allowing you to get all the angles. 

As opposed to traditional lighters, it is longer and lighter, while this is easier to light your products, it makes them unwieldy to place in your pocket. 

Why Is A Torch Lighter Used For Weed?

Sometimes, a torch light is ideal for those smoking weed in high winds. Since these contain a stronger flame, they are less susceptible to being blown out – allowing you to smoke a joint whatever the situation.

Final Thoughts

Lighters are one of those products that seem to fall off the face of the world when you need them the most. To avoid any feelings of disappointment, it’s always good to have a few on hand. 

As such, we have outlined some of the best lighter brands currently available on the market. From Hemp wicks, BIC, and Clipper lighters – you’re sure to find something that matches your requirements. 

Hopefully, this guide has informed you about everything you need to find the perfect lighter for you. 

Zack Finch
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