How To Smoke Hash

If you’ve been smoking bud your whole life, smoking hash can feel like a completely different ball game. Those frosty, green nugs you love to see are non-existent.

Instead, you find yourself holding a slightly clumpy, brownish ball and wondering… wtf do I do here? 

How To Smoke Hash

Hash (short for hashish) is a much punchier alternative to traditional bud.

Although it may look pretty different to your regular bud, smoking it is still pretty easy – and there’s a LOT of fun to be had. Let’s take a look at what hash is, how it compares to standard bud, and how to smoke it. 

What Is Hash? 

Hash or hashish is a more potent form of cannabis. Hash is a cannabis product made by compressing the most potent parts of the cannabis plant.

The resin-rich parts of the plant (such as the trichomes) are isolated and pressed together to form a solid substance.

The trichomes can be found on the surface of the plant, and when extracted and processed, it becomes a paste-like consistency that’s usually sold in bricks or balls. 

Trichomes contain the cannabinoids and terpenes in cannabis, which means you get a more isolated and potent high than you would with regular cannabis. Hash is usually dark green or brown, and it can be made using a variety of techniques.

Modern hash production usually doesn’t require any solvent, however, some solvents can be used to create oils and waxes. These derivatives are extremely potent – just one drop of hash oil can pack the same punch as a whole joint. 

How To Smoke Hash 

If you’re new to smoking hash, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s no completely alien, or super fancy way to smoke it (see also “How To Smoke Bubble Hash“).

Hash can be smoked in almost exactly the same ways as you’d smoke regular bud – sometimes, the process is even easier! Here are some of the most popular ways you can smoke hash: 

A Spliff/Joint/Blunt  

Whatever word you prefer to use, the process is the same. However, if you’re rolling up, you’ll probably need more than just hash in your joint.

If you’re using another additive such as tobacco, follow the same process that you normally would, but add less flower than usual – remember, hash is more potent, so you won’t need as much. 

Get your paper at the ready, and create your roach. Sprinkle your desired amount of tobacco or flower first, and once you’re happy, add in your hash. To do this, simply roll the hash between your fingers until it crumbles.

You can also roll it into a long shape and place it in the middle of your joint. Finish off with an extra layer of tobacco or flower, and you’re ready to roll up and smoke! 

A Bong 

If you’re a bong fanatic, you’ll be pleased to know that smoking your hash in one is pretty simple. Simply pack your bowl just as you would with regular bud, but use your hash instead! 

To make the most of smoking hash with a bong, we’d recommend using a screen at the bottom of your bowl (If you want to learn how to make hash, follow our step-by-step guide here). Sit the hash on top, and light it whenever you’re ready.

Lighting hash can be harder than lighting bud – if you’re struggling we’d recommend using a torch lighter. 

How To Smoke Hash

Hot Knives 

Ahh, hot knives. This is no longer a popular method, but it’s one that the old-school stoners are probably familiar with. If you’ve never heard of it, let us give you the low down: 

You’ll need two knives (any are fine, but butter knives are preferred), your hash, and either a blow torch or a stove. You’ll also need a straw or the top half of a water bottle. 

Start by heating your knives over a stove (or with a torch) until they’re almost glowing red. It goes without saying that these are going to be INCREDIBLY hot, so PLEASE don’t touch the heated ends!

Allow your knives to cool slightly, then place a small amount of hash on one of the knives, and press it between both of them. The hash will then start smoking – you can now grab your straw, or the top half of a water bottle, and breathe it in! 

This method can be dangerous and has a far greater risk of injury compared to more traditional methods. We’d always advise using hot knives with close supervision. 

A Weed Vape 

That’s right, you can still smoke your hash using a weed vape! This is often considered a healthier method of consumption when compared to joints, and it’s pretty simple to get started.

Simply fill your weed vaporizer with the desired amount of hash, and you’re ready to go. Just ensure your vaporizer is compatible with concentrates, and use the required accessories for the best smoking experience.  

A Dab Rig 

If you’re a seasoned smoker, you may be familiar with dab rigs – and yes, it’s entirely possible to smoke hash with a dab rig! To get started, all you’ll need is your rig, your hash, and a blow torch.

Fill your rig with the appropriate amount of water, and you’re ready to go. Smoking with a dab rig is a great method, and because you’re vaporizing (rather than burning) your hash, it’s often considered a healthier smoking method! 

The Bottom Line 

Hash really knows how to pack a punch. It may look completely alien compared to traditional bud, but the good news is that you can smoke it in exactly the same ways!

Plus, you won’t even have to grind anything up, which can save time if you’re smoking a joint or a blunt. 

Remember: hash is far more potent than cannabis. If you’ve never smoked hash before or you’re not used to concentrates, start by smoking a small amount first and see how your body reacts to it before smoking more. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article – you’re now ready to get your hash on! Have fun, and smoke responsibly. 

Zack Finch