What Does “Doja” Mean?

When it comes to cannabis, marijuana and weed, there are so many different terms floating around.

You will find that most of these phrases show up on TV or in different songs. Rap music is well known for its slang use and a variety of unique terms.

What Does “Doja” Mean?

But have you ever heard someone say or sing about “doja”? It simply refers to marijuana or weed.

In this article, we find out what exactly doja means and other fascinating weed terms you might have never heard of.

What Does Doja Mean?

The term “doja” simply means cannabis, weed or marijuana. Some people use doja as an overall word to describe weed, while others say doja when refering to high-quality weed.

Doja is simply pronounced /doh-jah/. The origins of the term are unknown but it likely comes from the music industry where singers and musicians first used it.

Doja In Songs

Doja is a popular word used in rap music and hip hop to describe marijuana and weed. 

Rappers, such as Kanye West, Luniz, Russ, Kendrick Lamar, K Camp and Doja Cat regularly use the noun in their song lyrics.

In the song “Hold my liquor”, Kanye West sings “You love me when I’m hungover, even when I blow doja.”

Future also references doja weed in their song “Purple Reign”: “Big cup of syrup washing down all my doja”.

Doja Artists

There are also musicians and other artists who use the word doja in their stage name and artistic persona.

One of the most famous artists with doja in their name is “Doja Cat”. Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, also known as Doja Cat, is a popular singer and American rap artist.

Her pseudonym comes from her time as a teenager when she used to be heavily involved in weed culture, smoking cannabis regularly.

When she started rapping, she adopted doja as part of her artist name because she felt it sounded like a girl’s name.

However, Doja Cat changed her name in 2021 as a move to broaden her reputation as a singer. She didn’t want to be associated with weed culture going forward.

Other Words For Doja

There are many other words that you can use instead of doja, weed, cannabis or marijuana. Some are regularly used by weed users and manufacturers, while others are solely slang.


420 usually refers to pot or weed. It can also mean smoking marijuana or getting high.


In cannabis culture, babysitting refers to holding weed for too long.


Bake refers to smoking cannabis.


Blaze or blazing means to smoke weed.


Blem is a term that indicates a user being high on weed.


Blueberry is a particular form of cannabis.


Blunt is used to describe a weed cigar.


A bowl is a part of a marijuana pope.


Bud is a general term used to describe cannabis.


The word chronic is used to describe high quality marijuana in the weed industry.


While a beverage, cola is also the top bud of a cannabis plant.

What Does “Doja” Mean?


Similar to chronic, cush refers to high-grade cannabis.


Dank is a popular term in the cannabis industry. It refers to very potent and extremely good weed.


Dirt is the opposite of dank. It describes low-grade cannabis.


Doobie refers to a joint or weed cigarette.


Dosha is an overall term to describe weed.


Dro is a short version of “hydro”, referring to hydroponically grown cannabis.

Dub Sack

A dub sack is a bag of marijuana worth $20.


An elbow refers to a pound of cannabis


Erb is the short version of “herb”, although it can refer to marijuana in the hemp industry.


Ganja or Ganj is often used as an overall description of weed, pot, cannabis or marijuana.


Grass is a widely used term to describe dried cannabis or weed.


Similar to grass, hash also refers to the use of weed.


Haze is a type of marijuana and cannabis strain.


Hydro can describe almost any hydroponically growing process but it refers to hydroponically grown weed in the cannabis industry.


Joint is widely used to refer to a rolled weed cigarette.


Kush is high-quality marijuana.


The term leaf is so broad that it can be used for any plant material, including dried marijuana.


Loud is often used to describe the smell of good-quality cannabis.

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie is a type of weed from Hawaii.


Mex is poor quality marijuana produced in Mexico.


While MID can also stand for mobile internet device, weed users often use it to describe mid-grade or average marijuana.


MMJ is the common abbreviation for medical marijuana.


A nug is a high-quality and potent bud of the cannabis plant.


Ounce is not just a weight measurement but it can also refer to 28 grams of drugs. This could be cannabis and other substances.


A pinner is a thin cannabis cigarette.


Just like the song “Purple Reign” from Future, purple refers to strong weed.


Regs refers to regular marijuana which is typically perceived as low quality.


Just like regs, schwag is a term to describe low-potency cannabis.


The term seeds is used for marijuana seeds.


A slice of weed usually refers to an eighth of an ounce of weed, which is 3.5 grams.


Smacked describes the state of being high due to cannabis.


Spark means setting light to a cannabis joint.


THC is the psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant. It is a cannabinoid, similar to CBD and HHC (see also “Is HHC Stronger Than Delta 8?“).


Toke means inhaling weed smoke.


A toker is someone who smokes weed.


Swed means someone is smoking weed on a daily basis or regularly.

Final Thoughts

Doja is another term to describe weed, cannabis and marijuana. 

There are also many other terms to describe the hemp plant (see also “How To Identify Hemp Buds“), hemp-derived products and tools for cannabis consumption.

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