How Many Grams In An 8 Ball?

When it comes to learning some of the slang terms for different measurements of weed, it can be especially difficult to get to grips with what each of the slang terms mean, especially if you’re new to buying weed, which many people are since its widespread legalization by the federal government. 

How Many Grams In An 8 Ball?

One of the terms you might have used to refer to a measurement of weed is an 8-ball, but what does this mean exactly?

Don’t worry if you’re not a pro at what each of these terms mean, and as you begin to buy weed on a regular basis, you’ll quickly learn what these terms mean and how to use them! 

So, for a guide on what an 8 ball of weed is, as well as some of the other popular terms used to describe measurements of weed, then our guide has all of the information you need to know, so read on to find out more! 

What Is An 8 Ball Of Weed? 

Whilst you might have heard the term “8-ball” when referring to weed once or twice, it’s not a term you’ll have heard often. This is because an “8-ball” is usually used when referring to cocaine instead of weed.

The equivalent of an 8-ball when referring to weed is an “eighth”, which is used to refer to an eighth of an ounce of weed, which is equivalent to 3.5 grams! 

Eighths are one of the most common quantities of weed bought, especially for regular smokers who have found a strain which they like, as it means that they won’t have to go back to their local dispensary for a week or so, by which they will have probably ran out. 

So, now that you know what an eighth is, it’s probably good to learn some of the other names used for different measurements of weed out there, this way you’ll know exactly what to ask for when you visit your local dispensary! 

What Other Names For Measurements Are There? 

Aside from an 8 ball, or an eighth, there are a whole host of other names for different measurements of weed, all of which you’ll become used to as you begin to visit your local dispensary more often.

However, if you want to familiarize yourself with these terms before you actually go to your local dispensary, then we’ve saved you the hassle, and have compiled a short list of some of them here!

Dime Bag

Dime bag is a term that has origins prior to the legalization of marijuana, used to describe half a gram of weed (see also “How Many Grams In A Pound Of Weed?“). For most dispensaries, this size measurement of weed isn’t large enough to sell.  

Dub Of Bud

You might be able to work it out from its title, but this term simply means two grams of weed.

This is a good measurement to buy if you’re trying out new strains or are just beginning to smoke marijuana, and it’ll allow you to make 5 – 6 different joints with it! 

How Many Grams In An 8 Ball?


Similarly to an eighth, many of the slang terms which are used to describe measurements of marijuana tend to be based upon its relation to an ounce.

So when it comes to a Quad,  it simply refers to a quarter of an ounce of marijuana, which is around 7 grams of weed. 

This is the typical amount that most experienced smokers will smoke across a two week period, and depending on how you roll, you will easily be able to roll between 13 to 15 joints with this amount. 


Does this one need explaining? We’ll do it anyway. This term simply refers to an ounce of weed, and is the absolute maximum that someone can legally own at any one time.

An ounce contains 28 grams of weed, and will allow you to roll roughly 100 joints depending on how you roll and is the perfect amount to buy if you’re an experienced smoker looking to only visit their local dispensary on a monthly basis. 

How Much Does An Eighth Of Weed Cost? 

Many people will wonder how much a quad of weed costs, especially since it will last most regular smokers around a week and a half to two weeks before they’ll need to buy more. 

The cost of an eighth ultimately depends on a number of different factors, which includes things such as dispensary, location, quality, and strain, so you should account for all of these factors when it comes to purchasing a quad of weed at your local dispensary. 

Quality is probably the largest factor that dictates the price of the weed, so here’s a rough guide on how much you can expect to pay for a quad of weed: 

  • For AA grade weed, you can usually expect to pay between $25 – 35. 
  • For AAA grade weed, expect to pay somewhere between $45-55
  • Finally, for AAAA grade weed, you can expect to pay a slight premium, costing somewhere between $60 – 70. 

This is just a rough estimate of how much you’ll have to pay for an eighth of weed at your local dispensary, and if you’re ever unsure about what the quality of the strain you want to buy is, then the staff at your local dispensary should be more than happy to help you understand more about the strain, as well as it’s quality.

They should also be able to guide you to a strain based on what you’re looking for from your joints, as well as what your budget is too. 


We hope this guide has proven useful, and has provided you with all of the information about what an 8-ball (better known as an eighth) of weed means, as well as what some of the other slang terms for weed measurements are!

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