Is Delta 8 Legal In Ohio?

While understanding the legality of standard Delta-9 THC products can already be confusing enough, things can get a little messier when talking about Delta-8 which is a much milder version of the regular cannabis products that you can pick up from most dispensaries. 

Is Delta 8 Legal In Ohio?

Similar to Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 has gradually started becoming legalized in several states as the laws become more relaxed over the years, however, while Delta-8 is legal federally, many states have begun regulating it or even banning it outright, which is why it’s so important to know if it’s legal in your state before you start using it. 

If you live in the state of Ohio and are wondering whether it is legal to use, you’ll be happy to know that the laws surrounding this cannabinoid have actually changed very recently to reflect newfound attitudes towards this cannabis and hemp-derived chemical compound. 

Is Delta-8 Illegal In Ohio?

In September 2021, Senate Bill No. 57 was amended to legalize all derivatives and cannabinoids of hemp, which means that Delta-8 has been legal since that amendment a few years ago. 

This legalization of Delta-8 has reflected a modern movement within Ohio of relaxing their laws on hemp ever since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the use of products derived from the plant federally. 

Ohio quickly followed suit, making Delta-8, which is extracted from hemp, completely legal just a few years after, with the cannabinoid now being readily available in the many dispensaries, hemp shops, CBD stores, and even gas stations that are dotted around the state.

Is There An Age Requirement To Buy Delta-8 Products In Ohio?

The minimum age required to buy any Delta-8 products, whether it’s Delta-8 vapes or edibles, is 21, which is the same age in most other states that have legalized the cannabinoid. 

Can You Buy Delta-8 Online In Ohio?

Not only can you legally buy Delta-8 products online, but there are also quite a few benefits from doing so, such as many of the edibles and vapes being better quality, more products for you to choose from, and lower prices in general. 

It can also be a lot easier to verify where exactly your Delta-8 products are coming from and their quality when purchasing online since you can clearly see the brand selling the products and what kind of reputation they have among regular users of their products. 

When you’re browsing online stores for Delta-8 products, it’s usually best to try and find ones that use pesticide-free hemp material that has been thoroughly tested before they are produced and sold, just to make sure that you’re getting the best quality possible. 

This can often be a much better alternative to buying Delta-8 THC from local stores or gas stations which probably won’t have products that are of great quality or that haven’t been well-tested before they hit shelves.

Why Do People Use Delta-8?

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Delta-8 THC is often seen as the much milder and slightly weaker version of Delta-9 THC which is commonly found in most cannabis products and is what creates the feeling of getting high.

A lot of people prefer using Delta-8 since it can help you feel a lot calmer and still allow you to remain clearheaded and focused as opposed to Delta-9 which can sometimes hit you a little too hard and can fog up your mind. 

Research has also suggested that Delta-8 can be beneficial in helping to treat depression, anxiety, and ADHD, however further research needs to be conducted before Delta-8 starts being used to treat these illnesses professionally. 

Is Delta-9 Legal In Ohio?

Yes, Delta-9 products have also been fully legal in Ohio for a few years at this point which is all thanks to the 2018 federal Farm Bill (see also “Is Delta-9 Legal In Texas?“).

While Delta-9 can be purchased in any product form in the state of Ohio, the most common type that can be found in dispensaries and that people will buy is Delta-9 gummies which essentially work the same as edibles, giving you that euphoric feeling that usually comes from smoking marijuana itself. 

Is Marijuana Legal In Ohio?

This is where things get a little more complicated. While Delta-8 and Delta-9 products have been legalized in Ohio and while the laws on punishments for people found to be possessing marijuana were relaxed slightly after the amendment of Senate Bill No.3 in 2020, the drug still remains illegal in the state. 

The laws state that if an individual is caught with up to 200 grams of marijuana in their possession, they will be handed a fine of $150, however, they will not be arrested, and the incident will not be put on their criminal record. 

Despite hopes that the drug would become legalized in Ohio after the wave of legalizations in 2021 and 2022 including in New York, Missouri, and Virginia, it has still remained illegal due to negotiations breaking down between Republicans and Democrats in the Ohio General Assembly. 

Despite this, there are bills being proposed by both sides that do seem to be advocating for the legalization and regulation of marijuana, and as politician Jamie Callender has commented, the more that younger people get involved in politics and start encouraging a paradigm shift away from the “just say no” era of Reaganism, the more likely it seems that it will one day become legal in Ohio.


If you live in Ohio and are thinking about getting your hands on some Delta-8 edibles or maybe a THC vape, the good news is that it’s completely legal, and so is Delta-9 if you ever decide that you want the effects to be a little more noticeable.

There are many websites that sell a wide array of Delta-8 products, giving you an incredible amount of choice on how you would like to consume it, and while cannabis itself is still unfortunately illegal in Ohio for the time being, with so many states relaxing their laws on its use recreationally, we can only hope that Ohio follows this modern trend in the near future.