Is Delta 8 Legal In Mississippi?

It’s certainly true that marijuana products are becoming more and more popular in recent years – with many adopting them as supplements for other, more harmful medicines, or even simply as a source of recreation and relaxation. 

However, while states like Colorado and California are widely accepting of these products in many of the forms they take, other states have much stricter regulations when it comes to purchasing, possession, and consumption. 

Is Delta 8 Legal In Mississippi?

In this article we will be taking a look at the state of Mississippi, and their various laws surrounding marijuana and CBD use. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Delta 8? 

First, let’s take a look at what delta 8 is, and how it differs from other forms of marijuana and CBD products.

Firstly, delta 8 is not a brand name, and is instead a shortened version of delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol – a drug derived from the hemp plant that has numerous uses both medically and recreationally. 

As with delta 9, the stronger equivalent, delta 8 does contain THC – the psychoactive substance that allows users to feel a ‘high’.

However, when compared to delta 9 – which is perhaps best described as the ‘normal’ marijuana – delta 8 is far milder, and has much more moderate levels of THC. 

This means that users can maintain a much clearer head, and do not experience as much of the impairment as regular marijuana users might. 

Medical Marijuana & Delta 8: The Difference

Of course, in many people’s minds, delta 8 is practically the same as medical marijuana – and in essence it is – however, the real difference comes in the form of the amount of regulation that there is surrounding the drug’s production.

Case and point, delta 8 is nowhere near as regulated as medical marijuana, despite being of a similar strength and THC content. 

This is why many states are in favor of medical marijuana, and less in favor of other substances like delta 8 – many of which have lower quality controls, and therein allow the potential for higher THC levels to remain in the final product (see also “Flying Monkey Delta 8 Review“). 

Is Delta 8 Legal In Mississippi? 

Unfortunately for those residents, delta 8 is not legal in the state of Mississippi – something that can be linked to the fact that the compound contains THC, the substance that gets people high. 

While the drug might be quasi-legal, at least on the federal level, state law prohibits residents and visitors from being in possession of the substance, or indeed consuming it within the state. 

And of course, breaches of these restrictions could result in punishments and fines. 

What Is The Penalty For Possession? 

What Is The Penalty For Possession? 

Presently, in the state of Mississippi, it is illegal to carry marijuana of any kind, and if you are caught in possession of between 30 and 250 grams, then you can potentially face up to 3 years in prison and a $3000 dollar fine. 

If the amount exceeds those amounts, then the punishment will obviously increase exponentially, and in accordance with the individual and their circumstances. 

Is There Hope For The Future? 

Perhaps luckily – at least for those with a penchant for marijuana products – it does look like the state of Mississippi will be changing their marijuana laws in the near future, with proposals in place to make even delta 9 marijuana products totally legal, as long as the user has a Mississippi marijuana card (see also “Is Delta 8 Legal In Indiana?“). 

This is obviously exciting news for both recreational and medical marijuana users alike, and looks to provide a much needed boost to local economies throughout the state. 

Are There Medical Benefits To Delta 8? 

While delta 8 might not have the same level of pristine reputation that professionally produced medical marijuana does, it does still provide some benefits to people with a variety of medical conditions. 

Pain Relief

First and foremost, it does provide a degree of pain relief. This is because marijuana has been proven to be an anti-inflammatory drug, reducing the blood flow to certain areas and essentially easing the pressure on joints and muscles. 

What’s more, it can also be a good source of pain relief for those with chronic pain conditions, and more serious illnesses like cancer and MS. 

Mental Health

Like other marijuana products, delta 8 has also been shown to have distinct benefits towards mental health issues – including anxiety and depression – and can help to instill a better degree of mental health in the individual sufferer. 

This is one reason why the drug has become so popular amongst so many people, and why in modern times we are seeing a turn away from more harmful substances (and coping mechanisms) like alcohol in favor or marijuana and CBD related products. 

Appetite Stimulation

For those with eating disorders, medical conditions, or for those undergoing cancer treatment, the appetite can be a source of strife.

Luckily, with delta 8 and other products, users can help reestablish their appetite, reduce nausea that might otherwise hinder them, and maintain a healthy level of weight – even throughout the most traumatic medical episodes. 

This is just one of many benefits that the drug can hold for those with chronic and persistent illnesses, and shows great promise for other conditions in the future. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Delta 8, and whether or not it is legal in the state of Mississippi.

It’s true that marijuana and CBD-related products have become more and more popular in recent times, with many states ushering in various forms of legislation to make them legal and above board.

However, depending on the state, there still might be some rules and regulations in place that need to be followed. 

So if you happen to be in the state of Mississippi, and you are curious about their state laws, then be sure to research further. You certainly won’t be disappointed!