hi i'm ZACH

Cannabis in California has been legal for medical purposes since 1996, and since 2016 it has been legal for recreational use too. So, why is smoking weed still such a taboo subject that no one really wants to talk about?

Hi, I’m Zack Finch and I work as a Budtender for a Health & Wellness center here, in sunny California. I have been using marijuana recreationally for around 6 years now, and have many a time enjoyed the benefit that weed has to offer.

That is what inspired me to become a budtender. Through this career path, I have learned a lot about weed, its related products such as CBD and edibles, and explored their uses and benefits for many years now.

Smoking weed has long been considered ‘hippy’, and many people think that we are just drifters and stoners, but that mentality is quickly changing.

With the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in many states, a discussion is opening up about the health and wellbeing benefits of weed.

There have been studies that show that CBD and marijuana products can treat anxiety disorders, prevent seizures, relieve chronic pain, fight cancer, reduce inflammation, and have even been utilized to prevent relapse in those fighting addictions. The possibilities are endless. 

This is why I wanted to create a safe space, where anyone could learn about marijuana, which strains are the best, and which CBD products can help you. I hope to achieve this with Budwinners.com.   

Whether you’re looking for informational guides about edibles, vape oil, CBD, how to roll a cross joint, the best blunt wraps, anything you can think of, I’ll cover it here.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as one of my bud buddies to learn more about what weed has to offer, and discover how to use marijuana and recreational weed edibles safely.


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