Are Blunts Bad For Your Health? (What To Know Before You Roll Up)

When it comes to the different methods of consuming marijuana, it is important to be aware of any potential health risks that come with the methods which you use.

While a lot of different method will have similar benefits and drawbacks, there are some methods which will have specific issues with them which you should be aware of if this is a method that you personally prefer.

Are Blunts Bad For Your Health? (What To Know Before You Roll Up)

One of the most common ways of consuming marijuana is through smoking blunts. There are quite a few misconceptions when it comes to potential negative effects of smoking blunts specifically, and this guide is here to help you work out what the issues could be.

So, if you enjoy blunts, but you want to know what you might be risking by smoking blunts regularly so you can properly assess any drawbacks, keep reading to get our complete explanation on the effects blunts will have on your health.

How Bad Are Blunts For Your Health?

You will find that tobacco is actually still present when looking at the wrappings of a more traditional blunt. Because of this, you will get the same risks that people who smoke cigarettes will face.

You can find pretty often that those who smoke cannabis will disassociate themselves from people who just smoke cigarettes due to the differences between the two, however, this is one similarity which the two share that should not be ignored.

So, if you are smoking a blunt which is made from a modified cigar, make sure that you read the warning label on this cigar as well as these effects will still apply. This is because the wrap which is used for the blunt itself is a tobacco product.

If we look at the American Lung Association, consuming tobacco, primarily through smoking, has been now conclusively linked to negative effects on your health.

Some of the most common negative impacts being; lung disease, heart disease, a variety of cancers, strokes, and damage to blood vessels. It is worth knowing that risks can actually be increased if you are smoking blunts.

This is because a tobacco smoker will usually exhale once they have inhaled, however, it is common for a cannabis smoker to hold the smoke in their lungs to ensure that the high sets in.

This is effective for getting a high, but it also ensures that the damage to the lungs can set in and increases the damaging effects of the smoke.

If you want to avoid lung cancer, you should know that smoking tobacco, and tobacco products like blunts, is the main cause of lung cancer.

This can of course, be made even worse when considering that the smoke is kept in the lungs for longer. Make sure you know that holding the smoke in your lungs is only increasing the risk.

There have been other studies that show that the amount of nicotine that you will find in a blunt are also directly linked to addictions developing and this should be kept in mind as well.

This is not something that happens when enjoying cannabis only products, but since blunts are a tobacco product as well, this is a risk.

Are Blunts Worse For Your Health Than Joints?

Are Blunts Bad For Your Health? (What To Know Before You Roll Up)

As we have mentioned, blunts contain tobacco products, and spliffs do as well. A joint is made with the same rolling papers which you will use to make a spliff, however a joint will only contain cannabis flower, this means that unlike blunts and spliffs, there are no tobacco products present.

Of course, this does not make it completely safe as any kind of smoking can still be harmful to your lungs, especially if you are doing this in excess.

However, it has also been shown that cannabis smoke is noticeably less damaging to the lungs than tobacco smoke, however, both do still contain carcinogenic compounds.

There was a 2005 study which showed that these two are not equally as carcinogenic because of differences in their pharmacological properties. This means that while cannabis can cause lung cancer, this is less likely than tobacco is.

It has also been discovered that cannabis smoke also has cannabinoids with the most common being THC, and this has shown to actually have anticanerous activities.

So, while joints are still not healthy, they are a healthier alternative and not as bad for your health as blunts or spliffs.

What Is Safer Joints Or Blunts?

Joints are safer than blunts because joints do not contain tobacco products like blunts do.

While joints still are not completely beneficial to your health since there are still some carcinogenic qualities to the smoke, since the smoke does not contain any tobacco, it is noticeably less than tobacco smoke.

You should not smoke either in excess, and you should avoid holding the smoke in your lungs since this tends to exacerbate the effects, but joints are a better option than blunts are.

What Are The Benefits Of Blunts?

While blunts are a less healthy alternative to smoking joints, they still have some benefits as a method of consuming marijuana, even if it does not have any particular health benefits.

One of the main reasons blunts are so popular is because they are portable, this portability is also why they are so easy to spark up as well.

Blunts are also preferred by some people because they are perfect for sharing as well. The inclusion of tobacco, while unhealthy, also adds a buzzy and more energetic feeling to smoking it, and this is what a lot of people prefer.

You are also able to get your blunts in a variety of flavors. However, the flavor of blunts also put a few people off using them since some people think that the tobacco actually ruins the flavor of the weed.

And, since blunts also tend to have added flavors, this can annoy some people who might just want a product without any added flavors. Some people also dislike how long it can take to learn to roll a blunt properly too.

Alternatives To Smoking Blunts

If you want a method that is easy to share like blunts are, but you do not want to have to deal with the potential negatives of the tobacco inclusion, then we recommend using a pipe, or a bong.

That is because these both last a considerable amount of time like a blunt, and can also be shared easily.

However, we do recommend using a barrier method when sharing as sharing without this is an easy way to spread germs that should of course be avoided.

And, as we have recommended throughout this article, you can also use joints. Of course joints have their own drawbacks, and they do not have some of the same attributes as blunts.

However, if you want something pretty similar that does not have the negative impact of the tobacco inclusion, then using joints is a good idea.


Hopefully this guide has given you some useful insight into the potential drawbacks of smoking blunts regularly. While they are much better if you do not use them in excess, finding alternatives is also useful!

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