How To Smoke Bubble Hash

Smoking bubble hash is a great way to enjoy a solvent-free concentrate high.

There are several ways in which bubble hash can be smoked, some requiring more preparation than others, but all of them will give you a good high.

How To Smoke Bubble Hash

Here we show you some of the most popular and effective methods for smoking bubble hash.

What Is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash is a solvent-free cannabis extraction method that generates a concentrated product.

This process involves repeatedly forcing the flower through filter bags while it is placed in an ice water bath to maintain the taste, terpenes, and aroma of the strain. 

Bubble hash consists of trichomes, which are small resin glands found on cannabis plants holding THC and CBD, providing users with a higher potency than other means of using marijuana.

Smoking or vaping bubble hash allows users to fully absorb all its benefits and delicious flavors (see also “How To Smoke Hash“).

Using A Pipe

To enjoy bubble hash from a regular pipe, you don’t need to purchase a separate “hash pipe”. All that is needed is a pipe with a mesh strainer so that the tiny pieces of hash do not pass through.

This way, you can comfortably enjoy your bubble hash without any hassle or mess.


Dabbing is the most preferred way to indulge in bubble hash since it offers a pungent hit, filled with flavor. 

An alternative way is to vaporize the bubble hash instead.

Simply add the concentrate onto the hot nail after using a torch, or even place the bubble hash onto your vaporizer’s coil and take it normally for a milder taste but still experience all the bubble hash’s effects.


When adding hash into your bubble joints or blunts, you will be able to achieve an amazing flavor and strength from each puff. Just put the hash on your joint before rolling it and light the joint up as normal (see also “How To Roll A Cross Joint“). 

For a smooth and powerful smoking experience, put in a roach or filter when rolling your bubble joint or blunt (see also “How To Put Out A Joint“).

Doing this allows air to move around quicker and make the bubble hash combust at a higher temperature, producing an enjoyable and robust feeling with every draw (If you want to learn how to make hash, follow our step-by-step guide here)!

Bottles Tokes 

The Bottle Tokes Method of smoking hashish is an easy, discreet way to get the most out of your stash. All you need is a plastic water bottle and something to light the concentrate.

Cut a hole in the bottle, big enough for a cigarette or pin, and then light your hash on the end of it. Once it’s extinguished, insert it into the hole, put on the lid and inhale from near its top as if using a bong or pipe. 

As you can draw multiple draws from one cup of hashish without having to throw away anything after each one, this method is far more efficient than using papers or cigars.

If you want an uncomplicated and effective way to smoke your hashish, try out the Bottle Tokes Method!

Hot Knives 

One of the oldest smoking tactics among stoners is the consumption of hashish with hot knives. All it takes is a couple of butter knives and some hash, and you’re good to go.

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Begin by warming up the knives on a stove until they become hot, and then place a tiny part of hash into one blade before gluing between both blades. 

Once it starts fuming, inhale via a straw from afar, since the vaporized smoke gets hotter than when taking a drag or dabbing.

If someone wants an incredibly strong high from their hashish, this technique is recommended for them, as it does not require any further tools except for what’s commonly available in kitchens.

Correctly done, it provides an intense high that induces feelings of comfort and bliss.


The quality of bubble hash depends upon the strains employed and the sizes of filters in the bubble bags used in its processing. 

Firms that manufacture top-tier bubble hash take extra steps, such as meticulously selecting the trimmings and combining them with chosen flowers, to sift out only trichomes with multiple-micron bubble bags, which can take added preparation and specialized equipment.

Such uncommon items yield an unparalleled experience when consuming marijuana concentrates.

Storing Bubble Hash 

In order to protect the quality of original Bubble Hash, the correct storage is vital. The potency will reduce if it is bombarded with too much light, heat, or wetness; therefore, an airtight container and a cool place are recommended. 

Do not use plastic for the container since it could lead to a chemical contaminated hash. If you happen to have a vacuum sealer, that would be preferable. 

The most important thing is to keep your Bubble Hash in a dark environment far from sun rays or other sources of heat and moisture for optimal utilization of its properties!


Because it does not involve any solvents, Bubble Hash is a desirable option for those who would like to enjoy cannabis concentrates without any apprehension about related health problems typically seen with extracts that utilize a solvent-based process. 

Moreover, Bubble Hash hosts its own taste profile, unlike other concentrates, since there are no chemical additives used.

Thus, this makes it an ideal decision for those hoping to savor the maximum flavor of their preferred strain without fretting over potentially dangerous elements which could be in their product.


If you desire to savor your preferred kind of hash without having to purchase any extra tools or materials, smoking bubble hash is a perfect choice.

The methods, for example hot knives, pins and glass, are simple to carry out, deliver a powerful experience, and provide you with a more private way of smoking.

Hence, if you hope to get the maximum out of your supplies, try these techniques! With them, you will delight in an incredibly powerful high that will make you feel relaxed and happy!

Zack Finch
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