What Is Budder Weed? (Budder, Batter & Badder: What’s The Difference?)

If you love your cannabis products, then you may have heard of budder in weed but what is budder weed? And what is the difference between budder, batter and badder?

What Is Budder Weed? (Budder, Batter & Badder: What's The Difference?)

Budder is a type of cannabis concentrate that is made with different chemicals, pressure, agitation and heat. You can make your own budder at home or buy it from a dispensary.

We take a closer look at budder in weed, how it is made and how it compares to badder.

What Is A Budder In Weed? 

Budder is a type of cannabis concentrate that can be added to various different weed products, including joints.

As a soft concentrate, budder is easy to spread and crumble. They can taste, look and feel slightly different depending on the strain and manufacturing method used.

How Is Budder Made?

In order to make budder, cannabis is soaked in a type of solvent, such as water, alcohol or butane. This extracts the cannabinoids from the marijuana plant.

Some manufacturers of this solvent-based cannabis concentrate also use CO2 extraction to get the terpenes and cannabinoids.

The result of the extraction is a kind of oil that resembles THC oil. This is then heated, agitated and put under pressure to create a budder wax.

What Is Badder?

Similar to budder, badder is a cannabis concentrate that has a whipped consistency. Many people compare it to thick frosting or cake batter.

It’s not as soft as budder and it’s a lot stickier. Badder varies in color from a deep gold to a lighter yellow color. This being said, same as budder, badder is also a cannabis wax.

How Is Badder Made?

As badder is also a solvent-made concentrate, it is produced in a similar way to budder. 

However, the key difference in the production process is that makers typically vary air pressure and heat to create either badder or budder.

What Is Batter?

Batter is exactly the same as badder. Manufacturers and brands just spell them slightly differently. However, they are exactly the same type of marijuana concentrate.

Can You Put Badder In A Joint?

Yes, you can easily crumble soft badder concentrate in a joint and smoke it. You can also roll thin, long pieces of the extract and put it into the center of your joint.

While it is possible to smoke your cannabis concentrate, it isn’t as effective as dabbing or vaping. Exposing these concentrates to high heat can destroy the active ingredients.

In addition, handling badder together with weed can be messy. This is the reason why most people prefer to dab or vape their concentrates.

What Is The Difference Between Budder And Badder? 

Although budder and badder are similar in name, there are some clear differences between the two cannabis concentrates.


The key difference between badder and budder is the substance’s consistency. Budder is smooth and creamy. It often has the soft texture of light, fluffy cake frosting. This means that budder is also more crumbly.

In comparison, badder is more like cake batter. It also has a slight softness but it’s much firmer than badder.


If you get a chance to compare budder and badder next to each other, then you can see that they are not just different in consistency but also in texture and color.

Budder is easy to break up and crumble, while badder is much smoother. Plus, budder can have a wide variety of different colors, while badder usually has a yellow or gold color.

Similarities Of Badder And Budder

What Is Budder Weed (Budder, Batter & Badder What's The Difference)

There is a good reason why badder and budder sound so similar. They have a lot of things in common, including their production methodology.

Manufacturing Process

Badder and budder are made with the same techniques. They both require some form of chemical solvent to extract cannabinoids, such as THC, from the cannabis plants.

This extraction is performed at a certain temperature and under pressure. A manufacturer can vary the pressure and heat during the process to create either fluffy budder or firm badder.


You can consume budder and badder in exactly the same way. Many people prefer dabbing their cannabis concentrates. However, you will need a water pipe and a nail to heat the concentrate.

Some consumers prefer to vape these concentrates but you require a budder vape pen because the pen needs a specific heating chamber that heats up the concentrate to the right temperature.

Whether you are vaping or dabbing your cannabis concentrate, you will need some form of scooping tool to move the concentrate from its original packaging.

High Levels Of THC

Cannabis concentrates are popular with users because they contain a large amount of THC. This makes budder and badder highly potent.

In fact, both of these concentrates usually have between 60% and 85% of THC content. If you enjoy a good THC-high, then concentrates are ideal.

Just keep in mind that this can be overwhelming as a first-time user, so make sure to consume only small amounts of cannabis concentrate to get you started.

High Amount Of Terpenes

If your budder and badder is made in the right way, then they can contain high levels of terpenes which create a fantastic cannabis flavor.

This being said, the specific taste of your cannabis concentrate depends on the making process and the strain used. This also varies the color and appearance of your concentrate.

If you prefer a specific strain, then try to find a badder or budder concentrate made from this strain.


As budder and badder are both solvent-made concentrates, they need to be stored in a cool and dark place. You also need to keep them in a sealed bag or container, so they are not contaminated.

If you store cannabis concentrates in the wrong way, then their consistency changes, they may change color and they also lose their potency.

Final Thoughts

While badder and budder sound similar, they are slightly different types of cannabis concentrates that differ in consistency and appearance.

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