What Is CBD Flower?

If you’ve heard of THC then you have probably heard of CBD too. CBD flowers are quite popular these days and it is known for their health benefits. It’s a great alternative to THC as well because it does not get you high. 

What Is CBD Flower?

Understanding CBD flowers when you are new to the world of weed can be quite confusing, and you might originally think that it’s the same as THC, but we are here to give you a bit more clarity on the subject.

If you want to learn more about CBD flowers, then you have come to the right place. We are going to be telling you everything you need to know about CBD flowers, as well as what they are good for and their effects. 

What Is CBD Flower? 

Basically, CBD flower is dried and cured Cannabis sativa flower. These flowers have been bred to have a low THC percentage, but they are very high in CBD. CBD flower plants usually have no more than 0.3% of THC. 

CBD flowers actually come from the female hemp plants. The male hemp plants only really produce pollen sacs, which then pollenate the female plants.

You wont find CBD flowers on any of the male plants. That being said, CBD flowers are almost identical in appearance and smell to their THC counterparts, so it can be quite hard to tell the difference at first glance. 

CBD can be found in every single Cannabis sativa plant, but in the THC-dominant ones, it’s not usually enough to really notice or make a difference. CBD flower-dominant plants have much better health benefits, less THC, and they will not cause you to get high. 

These plants are sometimes called hemp plants, and contrary to popular belief, hemp plants and marijuana plants are actually the same things- the only difference is the dominant cannabinoid.

What Is CBD Flower Good For? 

THC-dominant plants are said to have some health benefits, but CBD flower plants are much more effective.

There is still lots of research being done into CBD flowers, but generally, it is believed that these flowers are good for stress, anxiety, depression, pain relief, and other related conditions. 

Because CBD flowers don’t get you high, you can take them at any time of the day and still be functional.

If you have a chronic pain condition, CBD flowers are great for combating those conditions and they can be used in a similar fashion to over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. You can still function as normal when using CBD flowers. 

CBD flowers are considered to have antioxidant and neuroprotective effects, so scientists are looking more and more into how they can effectively treat related conditions. 

CBD Flower Side Effects

Unlike THC-dominant plants, CBD flowers don’t really have any major side effects. They do relieve pain and help to combat conditions such as anxiety and depression, but you won’t get high when you use them.

What Is CBD Flower?

Unlike THC, CBD flowers are not considered to be psychoactive, and this is why you wont get high when you use them (see also “How To Get High“). 

It is important to know that CBD flowers do contain very small traces of THC in them, so it is possible that some people may feel a mild high, but because the THC percentage is 0.3% or under, it’s can be pretty unnoticable.

It really varies from person to person, what other medication you are using, as well as various other factors. 

The only common side effects that have been reported for CBD are dry mouth and fatigue.

It should be noted, however, that it will not be on the same level as THC, and CBD can also interact with other medications, so if you have quite bad fatigue, it’s likely that the CBD is interfering with other medications that you are using.

Smoking CBD is actually less harmful than smoking tobacco and cigarettes as well, but when you are inhaling any plant matter it is always risky, so just keep that in mind if you choose to smoke it. 

There are plenty of ways to consume CBD though, especially because it comes in so many forms. Some popular ways it is used is in the form of oils, soaps, food, and related products. 

Is CBD Flower Legal? 

When it comes to the legality of CBD flowers, it really depends on the country in which you’re located. Most countries around the world have actually legalized CBD flowers, but it’s always best to check if you are unsure. 

Usually,  all CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are considered to be legal, and you can find many CBD flower products in mainstream stores. They are sometimes referred to as hemp instead, but always check the label before you commit to buying any products. 

CBD Flower Vs Hemp Flower

It’s quite natural to be confused about the difference between CBD flower and hemp flower, but it might surprise you to learn that they are actually the same thing!

Hemp produces flowers that are just like marijuana, but the dominant cannabinoid in hemp is usually CBD, rather than THC. 

If you come across a product that uses the term “hemp flower” rather than “CBD flower”, then 9 times out of 10, it is going to be the same thing. 


It’s easy to get CBD flowers confused with THC when you don’t know much about the plants, but hopefully you have a better understanding now. CBD flowers have less side effects, better health benefits, and in most countries in the world, they are considered to be legal. 

If you want to experience the health benefits of hemp but you don’t want the side effects that THC gives you, then CBD is a great alternative.

If you are looking for CBD products and you’re unsure if it’s legit, always check the label. Anything that says “CBD” or “hemp” on the label is usually totally fine! 

Have a look into CBD-infused items today and see how the benefits work for yourself.

Zack Finch