What Does Good Weed Look Like?

It’s essential that your weed is good quality, especially if you want to use your cannabis as a form of medicine.

But what does good weed look like? And how can you tell the different between good and bad weed?

What Does Good Weed Look Like?

In this article, we explore what good cannabis should look like and what you need to look out for when buying good weed.

What Does Good Weed Look Like?

Good weed has a vibrant green color with a few specks of red, purple and orange hues.

When you look at the flowers, they should have a crystalline, white coating that makes the cannabis flowers look like they have been dusted.

It’s worth taking a very close look at the tiny hairs on your dried cannabis. These hairs, known as trichomes, are filled with all the substances that create the psychoactive effects.

What Does Bad Weed Look Like?

Bad weed or low-quality weed has a yellow or brown color. You may even spot mildew, mold or fungi growing on bad marijuana.

While bad weed isn’t dangerous itself, the mildew or mold spores can cause damage to your lungs, leading to asthma or bronchitis.

If you notice a dense patch of white or a fuzz on your weed, then it’s likely rotting plant material that doesn’t contain much THC or cannabinoids anymore.

What To Look For In Good Weed

From smell and appearance to the texture, there are a few things you need to look out for when buying weed to ensure it is high quality (see also “How Old Do You Need To Be To Buy CBD?“).

Smell Of Weed

Before you can see weed, you can usually smell it. That’s why, the smell of cannabis is one of the clearest indicators if your pot is good.

If your weed is loud or dank with a strong fragrance, then it’s likely that it is not stale or off.

This being said, there are different types of aromas when it comes to weed. Some cannabis smells like pine, while other pot has a strong diesel odor.

Appearance Of Weed

Another strong indicator that your weed is good is the color. Weed should have a vibrant green color and look visually in good condition.

Check the weed closely for the small orange or red hairs. This shows that you have high-quality weed.

The number of small trichomes on your plant’s surface is also an indicator of the weed quality.

The more hairs you can spot with the naked eye, the better is the quality of your cannabis flowers. This also means that your weed is highly potent and intoxicating.

The Feel Of Weed

Just touch your weed gently and check what it feels like. If it feels spongy and sticky between your fingertips, then it is high-quality marijuana.

Also try to feel the buds. They shouldn’t be too soft or too wet as this could lead to mold growth.

Structure Of The Flowers

The small cannabis flowers of your weed should have a dense structure. However, there are different cultivators where flowers may be a bit more lose.

This being said, if you see fluffy flowers that don’t look healthy, then this could be a sign that the cannabis plant doesn’t have enough light.

It’s a good idea to check the plant by smelling and feeling it to find out if your weed is good.

Origins Of Your Weed

Similar to other products, you should also make sure that your weed comes from a reputable source.

When you can be sure that the cannabis grew in good soil with sustainable agriculture practices, then the quality of organic weed is likely to be much higher.

Also check who is growing the weed. Family businesses and small producers often create much better marijuana products than large corporations.

They tend to look after their cannabis plants better and create the right conditions for the plants to thrive and produce the best weed.

Check The Cannabinoids

The cannabinoids in your weeds is what makes marijuana so powerful. A good cannabinoid profile means your weed is excellent quality.

You can ask the producer for a Certificate of Analysis that contains the full list of cannabinoids in your pot product.

Is Expensive Weed Always Good?

Is Expensive Weed Always Good?

Just like with anything you buy, expensive weed isn’t always good quality. There are also some cheaper weed products that can smell and look good.

This being said, a higher price point often reflects the fact that a producer spent more time on the cannabis to create a high-quality product.

However, you should also do a smell test before you buy your weed. Check that it has a strong green color and the small hairs on the plant’s surface are visible.

What Does Good Weed Smell Like?

Good weed of a high quality has a powerful scent that’s a mix of sage, fruit, flowers, skunk and other aromatic spices.

The substances that create these strong smells also enhance the effect and efficiency of your cannabis.

The stronger the fragrance of weed, the better your pot’s quality.

What Does Bad Weed Smell Like?

Not all fragrant weed, however, is good quality or safe to consume. If your weed smells like mowed grass, then it hasn’t been dried for long enough.

If you smoke this type of weed, then the flavors aren’t pleasant and the smoke can feel harsh in your throat.

In addition, weed which has a chemical scent likely means that your marijuana contains some type of chemical residues.

These substances can be toxic, so you shouldn’t smoke weed with this type of smell.

If your marijuana smells like ammonia, sweat or must, then your weed is moldy. Just inhaling the mold spores can be dangerous and it could damage your immune system and organs.

Final Thoughts

Good weed should have a vibrant green color with hues of blue, red and orange. The little trichomes hairs should be visible with the naked eye.

If your weed looks good and it also has a strong smell, then it’s likely that your weed is very potent (to find the most potent marijuana strains, see our guide here).

Zack Finch