Black Runtz Strain Review (Is Black Runtz A Good Strain?)

Before you try any strain of cannabis, it’s vital that you first look it up to learn more about its flavor, aroma, and effects. The last thing you want is to waste your hard-earned money on a weed strain that isn’t right for you.

Black Runtz Strain Review (Is Black Runtz A Good Strain?)

Whether you hate the flavor or are looking for a weed that offers different effects, you should always research your weed strain before you try it out for yourself. 

If you have been thinking about trying out Black Runtz, this is the place for you. We are going to be reviewing Black Runtz to see what effects and flavors this cannabis strain has to offer.

So, check out the guide below to discover if Black Runtz is a good cannabis strain for you – or if you would be better off trying a different strain instead! 

About Black Runtz

First, let’s learn a little bit about Black Runtz. 

Black Runtz is a hybrid strain of cannabis that has a strain average of 24% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 0% cannabidiol (CBD). Its most abundant terpene is limonene but this is quickly followed by caryophyllene and myrcene.

So, off the bat, we can expect a strong citrus flavor from this strain.

This is further backed up by the strain’s ‘parents’. As a hybrid strain of cannabis, Black Runtz is a cross between two other popular strains, Zkittlez and Gelato. 

Zkittlez (also known as Skittles, Island Zkittlez, or Skittlz) is a colorful Indica strain of cannabis that came first place in the 2016 Emerald Cup, making it an extremely popular strain (for more colorful weed strains, check out our guide here). Its popularity stems from its tropical fruity flavor and relaxing high. 

Gelato is a hybrid strain of cannabis created from crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. This makes it a very balanced strain of cannabis that provides both a euphoric and relaxing high. This potency makes it a great choice for those seeking pain relief and relief from fatigue and insomnia. 

So, Black Runtz has very good ‘parentage’ and likely carries down some of the best qualities of these amazing cannabis strains. 

Appearance Profile

For many people, appearance is used to separate the high-quality cannabis from the lower quality and a general rule of thumb is that the more colorful the buds, the higher quality the strain. 

Black Runtz is a pretty colorful strain of cannabis with dense buds that are dark in color. There are plenty of blues and purples and greens, as well as a few orange pistils that provide a nice contrast.

This strain also comes with a nice frosty appearance thanks to the layer of trichomes all over the buds – so it has all the classic signs of a high-quality strain of cannabis! 

Flavor Profile

The first thing that hits you when handling Black Runtz is its aroma. 

This cannabis strain has a very powerful aroma that is likened to exotic tropical fruits, combined with notes of diesel and floral that deepen and enrich the scent.

This carries through into the strain’s flavor; when trying Black Runtz yourself, you will be hit with a strong citrus flavor of sweet berries.

This is then enhanced by richer, creamier flavors of rose and cheese, complementing the sweetness of the berries with something a little more savory. 

When you take a closer look at Black Runtz, this flavor profile makes complete sense. The abundance of limonene in this strain delivers the citrus notes while it clearly inherits the tropical berry flavors from its parent Zkittlez.

From Gelato, it inherits a creamier sweetness and all work together to make a powerful but balanced flavor for your palette. 

If you are a fan of sweet cannabis strains, then this is definitely one for you to try out. It doesn’t go overboard with the berry sweetness, however, as notes of diesel and rose help ground the flavor and prevent it from becoming too tropical.

As a result, it’s a good choice for those who prefer sweet cannabis strains and those who prefer to avoid overly sweet strains! 

Strain Effects

The most important factor you need to consider before trying a new strain is what kind of effects you can expect. Here are what effects you can expect from Black Runtz – both positive and negative. Check them out below! 

Positive Strain Effects

Like its parent Gelato, Black Runtz offers people some incredibly potent positive effects. 

It’s very relaxing and many people who have used this strain report feeling warm and calm. As a result, you may also feel sleepy and couch-locked – a positive sensation for those looking for relief from constant fatigue or insomnia. 

Because Black Runtz offers such strong calming and relaxing effects, it’s also a great option for those suffering from anxiety and depression – especially as some people have also reported feeling an uplifting sensation when trying Black Runtz.

There have even been reports of some people feeling more aroused when using Black Runtz this combined with the effects of happiness makes it a good choice for those looking for relief from depression. 

You may also feel a strong tingling sensation in your limbs which can be incredibly helpful to those experiencing constant pain. The potency of Black Runtz’s relaxing properties can also make your limbs feel heavy, resulting in couchlock. 

Negative Strain Effects

Of course, not every effect will be felt positively and you should always be aware of the negative effects of a strain so you can be prepared and properly pace yourself – so what are the negative strain effects of Black Runtz? 

Paranoia is the most widely reported negative effect of Black Runtz but this doesn’t mean you will experience this affect yourself. Some also report feelings of anxiousness and dizziness too.

The dizziness is expected as Black Runtz is a highly sedating strain used to induce relaxation and sleepiness – so a bit of dizziness is not unusual. 

As a result, you should use this strain with caution if you are prone to paranoia and anxiousness when high. 

Growing Black Runtz

We’ve talked a lot about using Black Runtz and what its qualities are like in that regard – but what if you are looking to grow Black Runtz? 

Black Runtz is a pretty good strain for those looking to get started in growing cannabis because it’s very easy to care for and is pretty low maintenance (as far as cannabis plants go).

They are fast growers so you will need to prune regularly but this maintenance is easy to do and requires little equipment – which is why it’s a good strain for beginners. 

It flowers within 8 to 9 weeks and for outdoor growers, you can expect to harvest from early to mid-October.

It doesn’t have an amazing yield (with an average of 17 to 23 ounces per plant) but because it’s so easy to grow, it’s definitely a good choice for beginner growers who don’t want to risk losing huge amounts of yield over basic mistakes.

Start out small with Black Runtz and then later, you can move on to higher-yielding strains once you are more confident with your skills. 

The only drawback with growing Black Runtz is that their seeds are pretty difficult to get a hold on. It’s a very trendy strain and has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, so professional growers are all scrambling to get a hold of Black Runtz seeds of their own.

This high demand means that as a beginner grower, you may not be able to get your hands on any Black Runtz seeds at all! 

Is Black Runtz A Good Strain? 

Whether or not Black Runtz is a good strain all comes down to what you are looking for from your high. 

Its high THC level makes it a better option for more experienced cannabis users as beginners may easily be overwhelmed. So, if you are still new to taking cannabis, it’s best to wait until you are more experienced and know your boundaries before you try out this strain. 

However, Black Runtz is definitely one of the higher-quality strains of cannabis out there. From its appearance to its heritage, there’s no denying that if you are looking for a good quality strain of cannabis to try out, Black Runtz deserves a place on your list! 

The flavor of this strain is rich and its effects are potent so if you are feeling particularly anxious, this could be the perfect strain for you. Of course, you need to be wary of the negative effects of this strain – but no strain of cannabis comes without its risks! 

Overall, Black Runtz is a good quality strain of cannabis that is perfect for more experienced users who are looking for a sedating, relaxing high with a strong flavor profile! 

Final Thoughts

We hope this review has helped you decide whether or not Black Runtz is a good strain for you to try out. It’s definitely high quality but its strength makes it a more suitable choice for experienced cannabis users rather than beginners.

Zack Finch

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