How Long Do Brownies Last?

Weed brownies are many people’s favorite edible brownies because they combine the best of both worlds: cannabis and chocolate dessert.

However, how long do weed brownies last and how can you tell they’ve gone bad? Keep reading below to find out!

How Long Do Brownies Last?

What Is The Difference Between Smoking Weed And Eating Weed Brownies?

Eating marijuana is not the same as smoking marijuana.

When you chew it down in the form of food like brownies, the cannabis effect lasts longer and the euphoric feelings take more time to kick in, as opposed to inhaling it, in which case the effect seems to be almost instant.

That is why several individuals tend to favor edible cannabis and have replaced their joints with gummies, brownies, and hard candy.

The only issue, therefore, is the life expectancy of these edibles, and in particular, brownies, which can help you determine if they’re worth their hype.

But before we check that, let’s see quickly what they’re made of and what weed brownies look like.

What Are Weed Brownies Made Of?

Weed brownies are made just like non-cannabis brownies but with one fundamental modification: that of butter.

To turn a classic brownie recipe into a weed brownie recipe, you need to make some cannabis butter, which you can do by using the two ingredients we just mentioned: cannabis and butter.

Commonly referred to as cannabutter, to make it you need to first decarboxylate the weed and then melt lots of butter in boiling water before adding the cannabis and simmering the mixture.

Once you get a glossy and thick mixture, you need to strain the butter and then let it cool before you can mix it with the rest of the brownie ingredients – flour, eggs, sugar, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract – to make your brownies!

When ready, you can slice the brownies in almost any shape or size you want, but most people usually cut them into square pieces.

However, others prefer cutting them in circles and decorating them with icing and or filling them up with things like marshmallows and caramel. So, we’ll leave that to your imagination and creativity!

How Long Do Edible Brownies Last?

Let’s get to the important stuff now.

In general, all marijuana-infused foods must be handled in the same manner as their regular counterparts, and there are elements and conditions that will cause the cannabis-infused foods to spoil, similar to their classic non-cannabis versions.

How long a brownie can stay fresh depends on the potency of the marijuana you are using to make it, but, in most cases, edible brownies last for approximately 2 weeks before losing flavor.

However, to keep your brownies fresh for that amount of time it is best to store them in a container that is tightly sealed to prevent oxygen from drying them and bacteria from spoiling them.

Moreover, weed brownies the container you keep your brownies in should be left at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

Alternatively, you can store the container in the fridge, which can help keep the brownies fresh for even a month!

How Long Do Brownies Last?

Can I Freeze Weed Brownies?

Yes, you can certainly freeze your weed brownies if you don’t plan on eating them within two weeks or a month (given that you’re keeping them in a container well-sealed and in the fridge).

If you choose to freeze them, you can keep them for up to 6 months, but make sure you’ve sliced your brownie into smaller pieces before freezing it.

This way, if you even feel like snacking on some brownies, you can take one or more pieces from the freezer.

Nevertheless, avoid microwaving them to defrost them as they will lose all their moisture and will be unevenly warmed up.

Instead, take them out several hours before you plan on eating them or even the night before and let them come at room temperature, or keep them in the fridge to slowly thaw them.

How To Spot Spoiled Brownies

To spot brownies that are no longer safe to eat, you should just look for some simple signs you would look for in all cakes and pastries.

The first sign is the growth of mold, which is typically the result of poor storage of your brownies.

A second thing you could notice is the rancid look and smell of brownies, which is common in edibles like these that have been forgotten on the kitchen table for weeks and have been exposed to sunlight, bacteria, and dry air.

Furthermore, if you don’t use the right proportions of ingredients to make your brownies, the chances of them spoiling quickly are much higher, especially when you add too much cannabutter or too little sugar.

Finally, its consistency and taste are some other telltale signs that you’d better throw your brownies in the bin. A gooey batter that doesn’t firm up and a buttery taste are strong indications that something’s not quite right with your baked goods.

What Will Happen If I Eat Expired Brownies?

In case you suspect that your weed brownies are spoiled, we highly advise you not to eat them since expired brownies could lead to severe discomfort (see also “Does Weed Expire?“).

Furthermore, if you have added things like spices, fruits, and nuts to your expired brownies, they may pose a risk for foodborne illnesses.

In addition, just like it happens with other non-cannabis expired food, you could also suffer from things such as stomach cramps and diarrhea or even have some fever, feel nauseous, and, of course, vomit.

While it should normally last for a day or two, if you see that your condition is not improving, you should consult a healthcare professional.

The Bottom Line

Weed brownies can last for up to a month in the fridge or up to 14 days on your countertop so long as you’ve stored them in a container. Freezing them is also a great option and that way you can keep them for up to 6 months.

However, make sure your brownies are safe to eat before enjoying them!

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