Are Edibles Legal In Florida?

Edibles are becoming an increasingly popular way of consuming marijuana. They’ve become legal in several states, and are used as a pain reliever for those suffering from a host of different ailments. 

If you’ve been wondering whether or not edibles are legal in Florida, and are seeking more information in general about these drugs, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Are Edibles Legal In Florida?

To find out more about the increasingly popular edibles, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

What Are Edibles? 

Now, before we jump straight in and take a look at whether or not edibles are legal in Florida, first we should take a closer look at what these actually are.

Edibles are essentially any type of food or drink that contain marijuana, and can be ingested into the system. 

There are many different types of edibles out there, and some of these include cookies, brownies, flapjacks, chocolates, and beverages such as teas.

Many weed users will prefer to consume edibles rather than taking the drug in other formats, such as smoking or vaping (see also “Can You Get Parasites From Vaping?“). 

One of the most popular audiences for edibles include elderly patients or children. This is because if taken for medicinal purposes, it’s best to avoid the detrimental effects of smoking on the system. 

How Are Edibles Made? 

There is a specific process that needs to be followed when making edibles. You can’t simply place a bud of weed in the mixture, as it will likely burn. 

Instead, the weed is typically crushed up until it reaches a flour-like consistency, and then oil or butter is added into the mixture to give it the appropriate texture. 

Are Edibles Legal In Florida? 

Now that we’ve covered what edibles are, along with how they are made, we can move on to discuss whether or not they are legal in Florida. In Florida, cannabis consumption is becoming increasingly popular in almost every format. 

But, is it legal? Well, it depends on the reason why you’re consuming edibles in the first place. If it’s for medicinal purposes, then this is considered to be completely legal by the state.

Florida is in fact, one of a total of 29 states in America that have legalized the drug for medicinal purposes. 

It is yet to be announced whether or not Florida intends to legalize edibles for non – medicinal, public consumption. So, for the time being, marijuana in all formats is still recognized as being a Schedule 1 drug.

This means that if you’re caught consuming it, you could find yourself charged with drug possession. 

For example, if you’re found in possession of marijuana weighing 300 grams, you could face up to three years in prison, making it a very serious offense. 

Are Edibles Legal In Florida?

How Long Do Edibles Stay In Your System? 

Those of you who are reading this article may be wondering how long edibles stay in your system after consumption. This can be quite a tricky question to answer, as it depends on a few different factors.

Some of the different factors that determine the length of time edibles stay in your system include body mass index, age, gender, strain, and quantity (see also “How Long Does Delta-10 Stay In Your System?“). 

Some people might find that they’ve taken more edibles than they actually needed to, and this is because it takes longer to be absorbed by your digestive system.

Unlike smoking marijuana, which allows the drug to enter your bloodstream immediately, edibles need to be digested first. 

So, it can take up to 2 hours for edibles to be fully absorbed into your body. The THC moves through the digestive system, into your liver, which is what causes the ‘high’. 

After you’ve consumed edibles, some people might be shocked when they find out how long they remain in your body. Traces of edibles can still be found in your body for up to 90 days after you took them.

Although, the majority of this will have worn off approximately 3 days after consuming the edible. 

If you have a drug test coming up, you should bear this in mind and steer clear from consuming any edibles before the upcoming exam. This means making sure you don’t consume any for over 90 days before the test. 

Although most drug tests won’t be as accurate at determining how long marijuana has been in your body, scalp tests, which take one of the follicles from the hairs on your head, can detect drugs for up to 90 days (see also “Does Target Drug Test?“). 

What Are Some Defenses For Edible Possession? 

If you are caught with possession of edibles in Florida, the primary thing you do should be to hire a criminal defense lawyer.

There are a number of different defenses for edible possession in Florida, some of which include lack of knowledge or temporary possession. 

Lack of knowledge means that you weren’t aware that the food or beverage you consumed contained THC. You’ll need to contend your lack of knowledge on the subject, and give your defense based on how you mistakenly came across the drug. 

Another defense is temporary possession. Temporary possession means that you were only in possession of the edible for a brief period of time, and it didn’t actually belong to you. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, edibles are considered to be legal in Florida, but this is only for medicinal purposes. If you’re found with an edible, without a medical reason for possessing it, you could face several years in jail.

Edibles stay in your system for up to 90 days after consumption.

Zack Finch