How Long Does Delta-10 Stay In Your System?

If you are new to Delta-10 and you never tried it before, then one of the questions you might wonder about is how long Delta-10 stays in your system.

How Long Does Delta-10 Stay In Your System?

The effects of Delta-10 can last for up to 7 hours and it can stay in your body for days. However, this depends on how you consumed Delta-10 and your overall health condition.

In this article, we discover how long Delta-10 stays in your system and how you can make it last longer.

How Long Does Delta-10 Stay In Your Body?

The active THC compound in Delta-10 can stay in your system for up to 2 days. However, this can vary depending on your metabolism and how quickly your body digests the THC.

In addition, the time that Delta-10 can stay in your body always varies according to your use habits and what method you used to consume Delta-10.

While Delta-10 kicks in fast, it doesn’t usually stay in your system for as long as other substances.

Delta-10 Tinctures

You can notice the effects of a Delta-10 tincture within half an hour and it peaks at around two hours.

After seven hours, the THC effects in your body will be almost gone.

Delta-10 Vape Juice

Delta-10 e-liquid enters your bloodstream a lot faster than the tincture but it also peaks a lot earlier. This means that Delta-10 vape liquid only lasts for an hour (see also “What Does It Mean When A Disposable Vape Blinks?“).

However, it can stay in your system for up to five hours.

Delta-10 Gummies

Users who consume gummies with Delta-10 compounds report that the effects are most noticeable after an hour. Delta-10 gummies peak at around two hours.

The full effects are going to be gone from your system within seven hours.

Factors That Affect How Long Delta-10 Stays In Your System

There are a wide variety of factors that can impact how long Delta-10 THC stays in your body.

Delivery Method

Delta-10 edibles can take longer to be absorbed by your body. This means that they also stay in your system for longer.

On the other hand, other methods, such as Delta-10 vape or tincture, kick in quickly and they leave your body after a few hours.

Frequency Of Use

The more often you consume Delta-10, the more Delta-10 THC stays stored in your body. This can add up over time and large amounts of THC take longer to leave your system.

Your Metabolism

Your overall health condition, fitness and metabolism rate affects how quickly your body absorbs and processes Delta-10 THC.

Delta-10 Product Quality

If you are using poor-quality Delta-10, then it’s not as strong as Delta-10 that was stored and extracted properly.

Delta-10 Product Strength

The strength of your Delta-10 THC product can also make a difference to how long your body can retain the cannabinoid.

The stronger your Delta-10, the longer it takes your body to absorb and process it. This also applies to higher amounts of Delta-10.

Does Delta-10 Last As Long As Delta-8?

How Long Does Delta-10 Stay In Your System?

Delta-8 has a lot more potent effects which means that Delta-8 lasts longer than Delta-10.

Delta-8 doesn’t just last longer but the effects also kick in much sooner and they take longer to fade.

This being said, the time period that Delta-10 or Delta-8 stay in your system depends on your regular usage, your overall health and how you consume it.

If you haven’t tried either of the two, then it’s a good idea to test both and find out what works better for you.

How Long Does It Take For Delta-10 To Kick In?

How long Delta-10 takes to kick in depends on what form of Delta-10 you consume. 

From tinctures and gummies to vape juice, most Delta-10 products are absorbed by the body very quickly.

Delta-10 Tinctures 

The best way to take a Delta-10 tincture is by holding the liquid under your tongue. This means that you will be able to feel the effects of the tincture within a few minutes.

Compared to Delta-10 edibles, this is very fast. Plus, the tincture also stays in your system for longer because you’ll swallow it.

The liquid is absorbed through your digestive system for a couple of hours and you will feel the effects peak after two hours.

Delta-10 Vape Juice

Delta-10 vape juice is the fastest way of absorbing the THC into your bloodstream. The vape smoke instantly enters your system through the lungs.

This means that you can expect the effects to kick in within a few seconds. This being said, Delta-10 vape liquid also peaks very quickly. The Delta-10 from vaping will be gone within an hour.

Delta-10 Gummies

Delta-10 gummies, capsules and other edibles are the slowest way for your body to absorb Delta-10.

As edibles have to be processed by your digestive system, it takes much longer to kick in and leave your body.

How To Keep Delta-10 In Your Body For Longer

Every’s body is slightly different. This means that everyone has a different Delta-10 processing time and ways to make the THC last longer.

Here are a few methods that we found useful in extending the effects of Delta-10 THC.

Eat Citrus Fruit With Delta-10

Scientists found that the substances in citrus fruit allows cannabinoids, such as THC, to be absorbed by our body more efficiently and quickly.

Eat A Fatty Meal With Delta-10

Cannabinoids attach to fatty acids. This means that eating healthy fats, such as coconut oil, olive oil or butter, allows your Delta-10 to stay in your system for longer.


When you get moving, then your body starts to produce endocannabinoids. They are essential for exercising.

When our body uses these endocannabinoids, then it uses less of the Delta-10 THC in your system, keeping your Delta-10 in your body for longer.

Final Thoughts

How long Delta-10 stays in your system depends on so many different factors, from your regular use to the form of Delta-10.

Typically, Delta-10 can stay in your system between an hour and 7 hours.

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