Trolli Edible Gummies 600mg Review

On the modern market, it is certainly true that there is a lot of choice – especially when it comes to cannabis products, which represents a market that seems destined to continually thrive. 

Trolli Edible Gummies 600mg Review

This is helped primarily by the continued drive towards legality, as more and more regions across the United States bring about legislation to make cannabis products legal and above board. 

One primary contender on the market is Trolli – perhaps best known for their range of gummy candy, but who have now branched out into the CBD and THC markets with a range of 600 mg products.

But just how good are Trolli edible gummies, and how do they hold up on the market? 

What Are Trolli Edibles? 

Perfect as a release from medical issues and pain, or indeed as a source of recreational relaxation, Trolli edibles generally come in gummy bear, or gummy worm form – as is their trademark – and can be a great, over the counter way to get access to both THC and CBD in 600 mg doses. 

Using 98.99% pure THC distillate, Trolli edible gummies are just like enjoying regular gummy candy, except at the end of it you have a mild, enjoyable high that is the perfect escape from pain, stress, or anxiety. 

What Are The Benefits Of Trolli Edibles? 

As you can imagine, there are several benefits that make Trolli edibles so popular amongst cannabis users. 


One of the main reasons that people consume edibles as a delivery system for cannabis is because the dose is consistent, and they very much know what they are working with in terms of THC. 

This is different from traditional methods like smoking, where the extent of the high very much depends on how much cannabis you roll into the cigarette. 


As far as other methods of cannabis consumption go, eating an edible gummy is perhaps one of the most simple (see also “How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?“). After all, it simply requires you to open the bag, pop one in your mouth, and then go on with your day. 

Other methods like smoking involve preparing the cigarette (or ‘joint’) and then the process of smoking can also be time consuming for those with busy schedules. 


While smoking a joint introduces cannabis into the bloodstream through the lungs – a relatively expedited and short lasting high – edibles introduce cannabis to the bloodstream via the digestive system, which in turn processes the drug through the liver too. 

This means that the overall delivery of the cannabis takes somewhat longer than other methods, and that the actual high itself is slower and longer lasting.

This means that those looking for substantial highs get as much bang for their buck as possible. 


Another factor regarding edibles is the intensity of the high that people can experience.

For some this might not sound like a positive thing, but for those needing medical help for chronic conditions, this can be just the release they are looking for. 

This intensity stems from the way the body processes edibles, which as the above section discusses, sees the drug pass through the digestive system, the liver, and then finally into the bloodstream. 

Health Consciousness

One of the main benefits of an edible is that they are not harmful to the lungs like smoking can be.

This means that consumers of edibles are less likely to develop breathing problems, smoker’s coughs, emphysema, or forms of cancer associated with inhaling smoke. 

As a result, this is seen as a positive side of edibles for many, especially the health conscious who want to take care of their bodies as much as possible. 


Consuming an edible is also much more discreet than smoking a joint – something that is an important benefit for those who are not as open about their cannabis use. 

With a Trolli edible, you can simply pop the gummy into your mouth and enjoy the benefits of a solid, long lasting high, without feeling pressured or judged in any way. 

They also appear pretty similar to a simple bag of Trolli candy, meaning that you can quite comfortably carry them in your bag, or have them in your shopping cart, without feeling like you are being judged or looked down upon by other shoppers. 


Another benefit is the kind of high that an edible provides – that is, a sedating high (sometimes described as a ‘body high’) that makes the user feel generally more relaxed and comfortable. 

This is different from smoking a joint, which, due to the fast release and the areas of the body that are targeted, tends to lead to a more ‘heady high’ – giving the user a distinct buzz, as opposed to the mellow, calm that an edible can provide. 

Trolli Edible Gummies 600mg Review


Another reason why people love Trolli edibles so much is that they simply taste good.

This means that for those who do not like the taste or smell of a joint can get the same level of relaxation without the unnecessary second hand side effects. 

Trolli gummies are widely known as being some of the best candies on the market, and this taste is carried over to their line of CBD and THC products, meaning that even amongst other forms of edibles they continue to taste great and make the whole process much more enjoyable. 

Are Trolli Edibles Expensive? 

While they might be expensive compared to regular bags of candy, Trolli edibles are actually reasonably priced – especially when you consider the number of gummy bears or worms you can get in a packet, and the dosage that each gummy can provide. 

Generally speaking, a packet of edible gummies will set you back around $30, which is not bad when you consider the above benefits that you can reap from purchasing them. 

Is 600 Mg Of THC Considered Strong? 

This obviously depends on who you ask, but by and large, 600mg is a lot when it comes to THC. Most people will generally have 10-15mg or a slight buzz, meaning that 600mg is a phenomenal amount compared to that. 

Can This Be Lessened? 

One of the best ways to lessen the strength of the specific gummy you are eating is to not eat the whole thing at once.

You could just simply bite the head off of the gummy bear for a more limited buzz, or you could have half a gummy worm instead of the whole thing. 

Alternatively you could just bite the bullet and test out the whole thing – just be responsible!

Do They Come Stronger? 

While stronger edible gummies are available on the market – with some even stretching into the 1000 mg territory – Trolli does not produce gummies with a higher THC content than 600 mg. 

Is 600 Mg A Lot For A First Time User? 

The fact of the matter is that 600 mg is strong for anyone – but especially for a first time user.

This is why proper rationing and dosing of gummies is the best way to achieve a comfortable, ‘fun’ high – as opposed to taking too much and potentially feeling ill as a result. 

Are There Downsides To Edibles? 

As you can imagine, there are also some downsides to consuming edibles – be them Trolli or any other reputable brand. 

Length Of High

Firstly, the very nature of edible gummies means that the high you experience could last for potentially days.

This means that unless you have an open schedule, or indeed you are well versed in cannabis products and can handle your highs well, then you could potentially derail a good portion of your week. 

The Ease

While the ease can be a plus side for most people, to others it can be the ingredients to make mistakes when it comes to dosage.

Case and point, you could accidentally forget and pick up another thinking it was candy, or indeed you could simply underestimate the gummy based on the innocent nature and appearance. 

Are Trolli Edibles Worth It? 

For those looking for a trustworthy edible to purchase, then you certainly cannot go wrong with Trolli – both in terms of quality, price, and value for money. 

As a recognized, trustworthy brand, they perhaps offer one of the best, most accessible edibles on the market, and while the strength of the gummies might be alarming to some people, it does offer the most versatility when it comes to microdosing and personal choice. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Trolli edible gummies (600mg), and their efficacy as a marijuana product. 

As you may know, there are countless products on the market in modern times, and this doesn’t seem likely to change as the marijuana trend continues to boom and expand across the United States. 

But if you are looking for some quality edibles, then why not give Trolli a try? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

Zack Finch
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