How To Smoke A Bowl

When you think about smoking, your first thought is probably a joint or a bong. However, smoking from a pipe, or bowl, is actually one of the best ways you can smoke cannabis.

It’s easy to use, compact and allows you to smoke without the extra carbon monoxide intake that can lead to dizziness. And, best of all, it gets you stoned quicker than anything else!

How To Smoke A Bowl

If you’re new to smoking and want to know how to smoke a bowl, we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll go through how your pipe works, everything you need to smoke a bowl, and all the steps you need to take to pack and smoke one.

Your Pipe

Similar to a tobacco pipe, a cannabis pipe is made of glass or ceramic these days, although traditionally they were made of wood, bamboo, and metal.

It features a small bowl component where cannabis is placed, and some pipes have an additional small hole called a carb that lets the smoke out of the chamber.

The smoke is fed to a mouthpiece through an airtight tube in the pipe. A bowl and an airtight tube are required for the most basic cannabis pipe to work effectively.

You can use a water pipe in place of a dry pipe to reduce the health risks associated with your smoking session. Smoother smoke is produced by water pipes, which also provide a cleaner, cooler, and safer inhalation.

Everything You Need

1. Pipe

Of course, the first thing you’ll need to smoke a bowl is a pipe! There are some really cool styles out there, so take your time and choose your favorite, made from the material you are most comfortable with.

2. Grinder

Cannabis needs to be ground up for the best effect. A grinder will make this process much easier, faster, and cleaner. Opt for a high-quality grinder to make sure your weed is properly broken down.

3. Heating Element

Once your bowl is packed, you’ll need a heating element to burn the cannabis. You do this easily with a lighter (see also “How To Make A Lighter“), or you can invest in a torch lighter, which will allow you to control the air and gas supply.

4. Cannabis

The type of herb used can be customized to meet your own needs, much like the bowl-smoking experience as a whole.

High-THC strains may result in a head and/or body high, whilst CBD-rich strains will aid in relaxation and provide a variety of therapeutic benefits.

The two main varieties of cannabis are Indica and Sativa, but there are other subspecies as well. Do your research before going to the smoke shop because different strains and ingredients will have varied effects.

How To Smoke A Bowl

1. Clean The Pipe

You’ll first need to clean out your bowl before you smoke from it to get the maximum effect.

You can purchase cleaning solutions from your local smoke shop, or just use a combination of rubbing alcohol and warm water and let the pipe soak for a few hours.

You can then rinse your bowl with water to remove the excess resin and alcohol solution, before wiping with a clean cloth.

How To Smoke A Bowl

2. Grind Your Cannabis

To grind up your weed, place a nug in your grinder and start turning it back and forth. Some grinders have a small crank to make this easier. As you grind, keep checking your cannabis until it’s broken down.

The best weed for bowl smoking is just before it becomes a fine powder.

3. Pack It

To pick up the ground herbs and put them into the bowl, use your thumb and index finger. Make sure the bud is tightly packed within so that it won’t come out, but not so tightly that it makes it difficult to take a nice hit.

If you’re just starting to learn how to smoke weed out of a bowl, you’ll want a smooth airflow to get the best hits. 

You decide how much to put in, but generally speaking, the weed should almost completely fill the bowl.

4. Light It

For first time bowl smokers, this advice is important. Bowls are lit differently from a bong or a joint (see also “How To Clean Silicone Bongs“), but it’s relatively easy to master once you know how.

To start, you’ll need to corner the bowl to make sure you preserve the weed and lessen the likelihood of taking hits of ash. Do this by burning a small section of the bud on the edge of the bowl when you first light it.

By doing this, you’ll avoid ash inhalation and be able to use all the weed you’ve packed without wasting any.

5. Take A Hit

Your traditional bowl will have a carb on the left side of the piece, as opposed to the majority of one-hitters or tobacco pipes. Keep your thumb firmly pressed over the bowl while lighting it in order to hit it properly.

While the carb is blocked, take a small breath before removing your thumb. Pull it in until you can feel it filling your lungs.

Hold the hit in for around three seconds if you really want to experience a stronger high. You ought to get a slight head rush as soon as you exhale.

6. Ash The Pipe

Once you’ve smoked all your cannabis, you’ll be left with ash. To do this, just turn the bowl upside down and tap the back of the pipe to loosen any excess ash.

If the ash is still stuck in the bowl, you can hold the carb and blow the ash out through the bowl. You can also use a small, sharp item to scrape any debris out of the bowl. 

Final Thoughts

Smoking a bowl is easy once you know how! With this guide, you’ll be able to enjoy your bowl smoking session and get the most out of your bud!

Zack Finch
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