How To Rehydrate Weed

When it comes to cultivating the perfect cannabis plant, then moisture will be a critical ingredient. If you have weed that is too moist, then it may actually be harmful to your health, as it can grow mold.

However, if the weed is too dry, then it can burn far too quickly and lack the aroma that makes it so tasty.

It is very common for growers to leave some of their cannabis buds under the heat lamp for too long or to simply neglect them after they have been picked.

This will result in the cannabis leaves drying out, resulting in a dry and flavorless texture. But is there a way of restoring its former luster?

Thankfully yes, there are a few techniques that you can use to get your weed nice and sticky again. Some of these steps take time and patience, but they do work wonders.

You’ll need to gather a few supplies for each, but they are all relatively easy to do.

Why Does Weed Dehydrate?

One of the main reasons why your cannabis might dehydrate is that you have not stored it properly. Light, heat, and oxygen are some of the main reasons why your weed has dried out.

Weed is obviously an organic substance and is used to grow at a certain temperature. If that temperature suddenly changes, then this could cause the leaves to become brittle and the texture to get much drier.

If you have picked your weed, then it is no longer being fed water through the roots. This is also why it will lose a lot of its moisture.

This means that the leaves will look less full, the surface of the plant will be less sticky, and it will be lacking in its distinctive flavor.

Also, the high will be a lot less pronounced when you smoke your weed. This will be a major downer, especially if you are smoking or ingesting your weed to get to sleep or alleviate chronic pain.

The Citrus Method

One of the most popular methods of rehydrating your weed is by using what is called the citrus method. This is when you put a strip of orange peel in a tightly sealed jar along with your weed.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the citrus method of weed hydration:

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Overall time needed: 1 hour 10 minutes

Items that you’ll need:

  • Chopping board
  • Dried weed
  • Knife
  • Sealable glass jar
  • Orange (with peel)

How To Do The Citrus Method

  1. Take your jar and place the dried bud of weed inside it. Try not to use too much weed at one time, otherwise, it will not work.
  2. Use the knife to sheer off a piece of orange peel. Make sure that the peel is proportionate to the amount of weed that you are trying to rehydrate.
  3. Put the peel in the jar with the weed.
  4. Seal the jar.
  5. Burp the jar every few hours – this basically means that you must unseal the jar every few hours before resealing it once again.
  6. After you have done this for a few hours, then take the weed out.

You should notice that the peel has now transferred its moisture to the dried-out weed.

However, one of the main drawbacks of this method is that the orange will also transfer some of its flavors to the weed too. This might not be desirable if you are trying to preserve the original flavor of the bud. But if you don’t mind that citrusy aftertaste, then go ahead and try this method.

Storing Fresh Weed With Dry Weed

Storing Fresh Weed With Dry Weed

Preparation time: None

Overall time needed: 24 hours

Items that you’ll need:

  • Fresh weed
  • Dried weed
  • Sealable glass jar

How To Do The Fresh Weed/Dry Weed Method

1.  Take your jar and place the dried bud of weed inside it.

2.  Place some wet weed in with the dry stuff. Make sure they are roughly proportional.

3.  Seal the jar.

4.  Burp the jar every few hours – this basically means that you must unseal the jar every few hours before resealing it once again.

After 24 hours, you should notice that all the weed in the jar has a similar texture, with one transferring its moisture to another.

How Can I Store My Weed Properly?

One method of making sure that your weed does not dehydrate is by sealing it as soon as it has been picked (see also “Does Weed Dehydrate You?”). This way you can preserve it in its originally sticky state.

You’ll need to make sure that your weed is kept out of direct sunlight. This is because light and heat will be the quickest way to dry out your weed. Make sure that you store your weed in an airtight container so that none of the moisture can escape.

The best types of containers are either glass jars that can be sealed or Tupperware that can also be sealed. However, because these containers are transparent, you’ll need to make sure that they are kept away from sunlight.

Make sure that you keep them in a cupboard at room temperature.

You can also invest in a cannabis humidor, which is what regulates the temperature of your weed and keeps it fresh. These were originally used to keep cigars from drying out, but they have been adapted for use in marijuana storage.

There are also humidity control packs that you can buy that will help you maintain your weed at a certain temperature. These packs are disposable, which makes them very cheap.

However, even if you are using these packs, you should still strive to keep your weed in a cool, dark place to stop it from drying out.


If you are struggling with dried-out weed, then you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of methods of getting your weed fresh again.

Make sure that you do not keep your weed in the sunlight and try and seal it as soon as it has been picked.

Zack Finch
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