Moving Grow Lights (The Benefits Of Installing Light Movers In A Grow Room)

When growing your own cannabis plants, you want them to be as robust and as healthy as possible.

Moving Grow Lights

People are always looking for new methods to help encourage their cannabis plants to grow more quickly and in the best possible condition – and one method that is growing in popularity is using moving grow lights. 

Moving grow lights are a relatively new technological development for growing all sorts of plants but what are they and are they worth installing in your grow room? 

Here, we are going to be taking a closer look at moving grow lights to see what advantages (and disadvantages) they can offer you. This way, you can work out whether or not they are right for you! 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Grow Lights?

Moving grow lights are advertised as a good alternative to traditional stationary grow lights – but what’s so bad about them that you need moving grow lights instead? 

Well, one of the first things you learn about growing plants is that they need plenty of light. As a result, growers need to add lights to their grow rooms. In most cases, this comes in the form of stationary grow lights.

These are bright, hot lights that sit over the top of your plants and emit light to help your plants grow – but they are not perfect. 

One of the main disadvantages of grow lights is that they sit stationary. This means that they emit a fixed spread of light so some plants get more light than others.

Plants that are too close to the lights are at a higher risk of burning while plants further away are less likely to grow as large and as healthily. 

What this means is that your cannabis plants grow unevenly and you will not get the maximum amount of yield that you could if the plants grew outdoors – so what’s the solution? 

Moving grow lights! 

What Are Moving Grow Lights? 

Moving Grow Lights

Moving grow lights do not sit stationary like traditional grow lights. They move back and forth on a rail automatically over your plants, powered by a motor so they mimic the sun.

This means that each plant will be covered by the grow light at one point and the distribution of light is more even. 

Do Grow Light Movers Work? 

There are a lot of benefits to moving grow lights. 

The main benefit of moving grow lights is the increased yield from your cannabis plants. Because light is distributed across the plant more evenly, it also grows more evenly.

With traditional stationary grow lights, certain parts of the plant will grow more healthily than others and your plant will appear more lopsided.

Moving grow lights mimic the sun by offering a wider area of light distribution so your plants grow more evenly and produce a larger yield. 

This benefit alone is enough to convince many people to get moving grow lights but there’s more to them than that. 

Moving grow lights also help prevent your plants from being burned. Some grow lights can burn certain parts of your plants that are more exposed than others because they are so bright and hot. However, by having your lights continually move, your plants are less exposed and as a result, less likely to burn. 

This also means that moving grow lights help eliminate heat build-ups that can damage the parts of your plants that are closer to the lights (Also check out Do Grow Lights Produce Heat). It’s much easier to manage the climate of your grow room by using moving grow lights, so you can eliminate heat spots to ensure all your plants grow healthily and evenly. 

Overall, moving grow lights offer a ton of benefits for your plants. However, they also offer benefits to you too.

Because they work automatically, you don’t have to worry about rotating your plants yourself to ensure each one has enough light and heat. You can spend less time worrying about burns and light distribution and more time on other important tasks. 

So, moving grow lights are definitely effective and something you should consider if you plan on growing your cannabis plants indoors. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Moving Grow Lights?

Nothing is perfect and moving grow lights come with their own downsides too.

The main disadvantage of moving grow lights is that they are more expensive to run because you have to power the motor for them to keep moving. However, this should be balanced out by the improved yield given out by the plants. 

How Far Should A 1000 Watt LED Light Be From Plants? 

This type of light should be kept between 36 to 46 inches away from the top of your cannabis plants. As a result, you will need a very tall grow room if you plan on using this powerful type of light! 

Can You Leave Grow Lights On When Not Home? 

Grow lights should never be left on 24 hours a day. Instead, you need to mimic the day-night cycle so your cannabis plants have time to rest and develop. 

Because of this, it’s likely that you will need to leave your home with your grow lights on. As long as your wiring is safe, then there should be no issue – but always be aware that it’s possible for an electrical fire to start even when you are away.

You can plan your plant’s day-night cycle to line up for when you are not home but this will not always be the case.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of benefits to installing moving grow lights in a grow room so they are definitely something you need to consider if you plan on growing your cannabis plants indoors. Check out the benefits from the guide above, carefully consider other factors like the cost and size of your room, and this will help you decide whether or not moving grow lights are right for you (Also check out How To Choose A Ballast For Growing Cannabis). 

Good luck and happy growing!

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