Are Grow Lights Bad For Your Skin? (The Effect Of LED Grow Lights On Human Health)

Plantations and farming are now incredibly simple thanks to modern technology. With the development of LED grow lights, it is now simple to replicate sunshine and offer a productive spectrum that can aid in plant growth.

Hence, the degree of indoor farming has increased thanks to these grow lights.

Are Grow Lights Bad For Your Skin (The Effect Of LED Grow Lights On Human Health)

However, due to the increased use of LED grow lights, a lot more people have started to become concerned about the effect these lights can have on their health. This Is a very popular question, which a lot of people are concerned about. 

In this article, we will discuss whether grow lights are bad for your skin. We will also find out the effect that LED grow lights can have on human health. 

Are Plant Grow Lights Bad For Humans?

Your eyes may be harmed by the intense concentration of LED lights. This is why it is important to always wear sunglasses and avoid staring straight into LEDs.

LED grow lights are not any riskier than other grow lights. In fact, HPS lights are much more dangerous.

This is due to the extreme heat, burn risk, threat of shattered bulbs and fires, substantial environmental harm from the mercury content, and high carbon footprint.

You won’t experience any problems from grow lights if you take the necessary safety measures. One widespread misconception about LEDs is that they contain toxic metals like mercury.

This is untrue because modern diodes immediately emit light and don’t contain mercury.

Do Grow Lights Hurt Your Skin?

Any sort of light, from any source, has the ability to cause damage to the eyes or skin at high intensities. Although some grow lights can be harmful for your skin, the typical grower doesn’t need to be concerned.

The threat from the sun is significantly greater than that from any grow light.

With that being said, extended long-term exposure to some grow lights can damage your skin. While, brief, insignificant contact to the majority of contemporary grow lights is safe.

Are UV Grow Lights Bad For Your Skin?

UV rays are very dangerous and can harm your skin when you are exposed to these rays for a long time at a high intensity. These radiations are also emitted by sunlight, but with the right precautions, we all know the risks can be avoided.

Since plants require different types of radiation to continue their functions, LED grow light lamps and strips release a variety of radiations. Although UV radiation is not necessary for photosynthesis in plants, it does have some benefits.

Faster photosynthesis, pest control, more nutrients, and improved production are a few advantages of UVA and UVB lighting. UV lights are therefore fantastic for indoor growers.

UV radiations are not a cause for concern because precautions can be taken. Hence, your UV grow lights won’t damage the skin if the proper safety precautions are taken. 

Can You Get Vitamin D From A Grow Light?

Grow lights can assist in the production of vitamin D in your plants. However, due to the high amounts of UV rays, you may not receive the same benefits and produce as much vitamin D. 

Are Grow Lights Bad For Your Skin (The Effect Of LED Grow Lights On Human Health) (1)

If you are finding yourself with a vitamin D deficiency, standing under your grow lights isn’t going to help you.

Instead, you ought to be careful how long you intend to spend under your grow lights and ensure you are wearing the right type of protection at all times. 

Staying Safe From LED Grow Lights

There are a couple of measures you can take to ensure that you keep yourself safe and protected from LED grow lights. We would suggest you follow the preceding tips:


LED grow lights can be quite bright, as a result it is important that you wear protective sunglasses.

While sunglasses shield your eyes from dangerous rays, grow glasses are better as they allow you to see your plants without a tint, which sunglasses usually have.

Keep Covered Up

The rays that LED grow lights admit can harm your skin after long exposure. Therefore, it is recommended to keep yourself as covered up as possible. This includes wearing long sleeved shirts and hats. 


If you are concerned about any skin that is on show, then you can always apply some sunscreen to help keep those areas protected. 

Distance And Time

If you are growing in a large room, then you should try to have your LED grow lights around 8 feet from the ground. Then you need to try to remain around 3 feet from the light.

However, if you are using a grow tent, this can be more difficult. In the case of a grow tent, you need to limit the amount of time you spend near the grow lights. 

Can LED Grow Lights Cause Cancer?

When you experience long exposure to sunlight with no protection, then your chances of developing skin cancer increases. The same can be said when you are exposed to LED grow lights for long periods of time. 

LED grow lights release UV rays (UVA and UVB), which, in the event of extended exposure without protective measures, might result in cancer.

You must take all necessary safety precautions, including appropriate attire, and limiting how much time you spend under these lights. 

Final Thoughts

Grow lights provide your plants everything they need to grow and remain healthy, when natural sunlight isn’t available. However, the intense rays that are produced from these lights can be harmful to humans.

If you don’t keep yourself covered up, then you could seriously damage your skin and eyes. 

We hope this article has been helpful. Hopefully, you now understand if grow lights are bad for your skin and the effects LED grow lights can have on your health.

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