Do Grow Tents Keep The Smell In? (Ways To Smell Proof Grow Tent)

For a lot of growers, they value the privacy that a grow tent can provide them with. When growing cannabis, novice producers often mistakenly think that a grow tent is enough to prevent odors from spreading. Grow tents, however, are insufficient to eliminate odors.

Do Grow Tents Keep The Smell In? (Ways To Smell Proof Grow Tent)

The components that make up a grow tent do not meet the criteria for being odor-proof. Even if a grow tent has insulating capabilities, scents may still enter the space through tiny gaps in the seams and duct ports.

In this article, we will discover if a grow tent can keep odors in and the ways you could smell proof your own grow tent.

How To Stop My Grow Tent From Smelling?

Using a charcoal filter is the most effective approach to reduce or completely eradicate the powerful smell of cannabis. Carbon filters that use activated charcoal suppress offensive odors by trapping odor particles via the minuscule micron pores on the charcoal surface.

The carbon filter should function more effectively and last longer if these holes are larger. In contrast to absorption, the particles lay on top of the collecting agent rather than being absorbed by it. This guarantees that as the carbon filter loses effectiveness, it won’t become clogged.

The grow tent’s ventilation system can accommodate carbon filters everywhere, however, they are most frequently positioned inside and in front of the inline duct fan. This filter is your best option to prevent your grow tent from smelling.

Are Grow Tents Airtight?

There are various different types of grow tents on the market, and a lot of them may claim to be airtight, but this isn’t possible. The best grow tents have foil-lined walls, airtight vents, and are entirely lightproof and waterproof. This does not, however, render them airtight.

Due to the way these tents are made, there are seams and zippers that allow air to enter. As a result, not only can air from inside the grow tent escape, but air outside can come into the grow tent as well.

This is another reason why you need to be careful where you place your grow tent. Other fragrances and odors could affect your cannabis plants if these scents get inside. As a result, it is important you use filters or absorbing gels to prevent outside odors coming in.

Why Does My Grow Tent Smell Musty?

Do Grow Tents Keep The Smell In? (Ways To Smell Proof Grow Tent)

There are a number of reasons as to why your grow tent is smelling musty. The main reason is that the air is dirty due to the temperature and humanity that you have to maintain.

In addition, the carbon dioxide that your plants release will impact the smell of the tent as well. If there isn’t enough ventilation in your tent, this can also create a musty smell.

As a result, due to the combination of hot air and poor circulation, your growth tent may not smell that good. This can then result in the growth of fungi or bacteria, which will also make the grow tent smell bad as well.

How To Get Rid Of Smells From Outside The Grow Tent?

While you can use a carbon filter inside your grow tent to keep smells at bay, there are a couple of things you can do outside the tent as well to help with smells. Sometimes the best option is the simplest one.

Check to see if moving your tent will have an impact if the aromas outside your tent are only a minor issue. Place the growth tent in a sizable, well-ventilated space with lots of fresh air to dilute any aromas leaking out. This will help to keep mild odors coming from your tent at bay.

In order to prevent odors from building up and becoming overpowering, it also helps to place a fan outside the tent to keep the air circulating. Also, using an odor-absorbing gel is one simple and affordable way to freshen up your growing space.

Gels are less efficient than carbon filters, since they neutralize scents instead of absorbing them. Instead of attempting to disguise the fragrance of any specific flowering plant, the gels are advised to be used outside the tent to neutralize common odors associated with a grow tent.

Remember To Clean Your Grow Tents

Regular spring-cleaning of your grow tent’s interior will not only get rid of any potential infections or bacteria, but also refresh it for the following harvest. Thus, rather than quickly harvesting and planting new plants, take some time to thoroughly sanitize the inner fabric.

Starting with a clean atmosphere is always a great method to maintain odor neutrality. Especially if your goal is to simply make the smell more pleasant rather than completely cover it up.

In the absence of specific grow tent cleaning products, 3% hydrogen peroxide or bleach can do the trick. Wipe everything when you open the tent up. Keep a close eye on the vents and replace the filters as necessary.

Final Thoughts

Grow tents usually don’t keep the smells in, as a result you will need to use filters and odor absorbing gels to limit the smell coming from your tent.

A lot of these smells are natural, but if you don’t want the aroma to become overpowering, we would suggest following the advice we have outlined above.

Due to how a grow tent is constructed, this means it can never be airtight, as there are various seams and zippers where air can escape. However, you can minimize the amount of smells that leave the grow tent. We hope you have found this article helpful.

Now you know a couple of ways in which you can smell proof your own tent, to draw less attraction to what you are doing.

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