Micro Grow Tent (Cultivation Tips)

If you only want to grow a small amount of cannabis then you do not need to invest in an air conditioning system and a large grow tent.

With a micro grow tent, you can still achieve some great bud in the tightest of spaces such as a closet or a hulled-out computer tower.

Micro Grow Tent (Cultivation Tips)

You may be wondering how small you can go and whether even a small grow tent can give off a certain scent. Micro growing cannabis is starting to trend and it can challenge all you thought about knowing how to grow. 

In this guide, we will detail a range of cultivation tips for a micro grow tent. This will include the smallest viable grow tent and whether you need a grow tent for microgreens.

We will also look at whether a 2×2 grow tent is big enough and if small grow tents smell. 

The Smallest Viable Grow Tent 

Micro growing will still produce a yield of cannabis but on a decidedly smaller scale. The bud can still be top-shelf with all the expected aroma, potency, and flavor yet with less room to play with it.

A hulled desktop computer tower, a bar fridge, a cupboard, or a small grow tent that you have built yourself may be all that you need.

When you are considering going micro, the smallest viable space you should be looking at is 35 by 35 by 75cm which is not very big at all. 

Note that not all cannabis strains can be ideally grown in the smallest viable grow tent such as sativas. Some will thrive and be restrained before they grow out of control.

Make sure that you commit to extensive pruning to enhance the bud development. You may even want to flatten the canopy to ensure that the lighting is ample enough for bud growth.

Do I Need A Grow Tent For Microgreens?

Microgreens may look small but they do take a lot of effort to produce. Thankfully, not too much space but a lot of expertise and attention.

You will need a grow tent for your microgreens and one big enough to contain the plants that you want to cultivate. This is the ideal setup for medicinal cannabis too as you do not need a whole room to grow it.

A grow tent should give you more control over your microgreens, including preventing pests from ruining your entire yield. Make sure that the grow tent gets plenty of light to achieve photosynthesis and nourishment.

With it being indoors, you may want to find a space where pets cannot take a closer look too. 

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Is A 2×2 Grow Tent Enough? 

Should you only have a few feet to spare, you may be wondering if you have enough room for a grow tent. Thankfully, there are indoor grow tents available that are designed for a 2x2x4 space.

As long as they have a reflective material in the interior of the tent, a relatively thick fabric, a durable frame, vents, and zippers, you can depend on them. The accessories are also important as you will still need a fan for ventilation and lighting. 

Do Small Grow Tents Smell?

Even though it is still a micro grow tent, you will need to manage the smell and that means a proper ventilation system. The space will be small and that can mean that the surrounding air soon becomes stagnant.

That’s just simple chemistry as cannabis plants will consume the available CO₂ to achieve photosynthesis. They still need fresh air and proper ventilation will look after the smell too. 

To look out for the smell from your small grow tent, all you need is a small outtake fan. It may only have 24v but that’s ideal to push out the stagnant air and allow fresh, CO₂ rich air to replace it.

Ideally, you should place the fan above your cannabis plants though you can use a hand-held fan to ensure that the air keeps on moving. An intake fan can also be placed at the bottom of your small grow tent to ensure there is a constant airflow. 

Final Thoughts

Consider your ideal setup before you invest in a micro grow tent to get the best yield.

That could mean a specific variety of cannabis strains, in which case investigate the optimal temperatures and humidity and then consider how to achieve that in a limited space.

You could grow cannabis in a closet so think about the lighting, specifically an LED grow lamp. It could even be a confined space like a hulled-out computer tower for more discreet growing but still with an LED grow lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Temperature Should A Micro Grow Tent Be?

The guidance over temperature is pretty much consistent no matter what the size of the grow tent. Whether it is a micro grow tent or a full-sized one, it should still be well-ventilated and kept at a certain temperature range.

That should be between 75 and 85°F for optimal growing conditions. However, consider the cannabis plant and its stage of development as you may need to increase or decrease the temperature accordingly. 

How Do I Achieve The Best Yield For My Cannabis Plant In A Micro Grow Tent?

Similarly, for the ideal temperature, you should treat your cannabis plant in a micro tent just as you would in a full-sized grow tent.

That means intending to grow the cannabis plant wide and not tall as bushier cannabis plants will have more direct access to the light that they need.

A long, tall plant will have many buds lurking at the bottom that are essentially hidden due to the overarching canopy.

If you are concerned about how your cannabis plant is growing then you can stick with a micro grow tent but move it into a larger container for a more outward development. 

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