Air Conditioner In Grow Tent (Everything You Need To Know)

A grow tent is the preferred environment for so many cannabis growers that you should be looking to make the most of it. To create the maximum yield, you will need the best conditions from the optimal climate.

Air Conditioner In Grow Tent (Everything You Need To Know)

When the weather is hot, you may well rely on an air conditioner to cool the air in your grow tent. That could be a portable air conditioner to reduce the heat or a smart one to keep the best-growing temperature.

In this guide, we will look at air conditioners in grow tents. We will specifically look at whether you should put an air conditioner in a grow tent and how you can cool the air.

We will also look at if you can use a portable air conditioner and why you need air conditioning in a grow tent. 

Can I Put An Air Conditioner In A Grow Tent? 

Yes, you can put an air conditioner in your grow tent and you should do so. There are several to choose from, each with its own pros and cons. 

A mini-split air conditioner will be efficient as it consumes less energy and it can be expected to be durable with the right level of maintenance.

That includes one indoor air conditioning unit that blows cold air in, and another unit that exhausts the heat out.

These mini-split air conditioners will not require especially long ducts and they can be a convenient option with some advanced filtration technology.

You could also go for a window/through-the-wall air conditioning unit which is self-contained and designed to cool a single space, like your grow tent. These are typically installed in double-hung or vertical sash windows.

When considering ductless air conditioners, window units will be among the easiest to install and you can save on floor space though they can be an eyesore. 

How You Cool Air In A Grow Tent 

If you are looking to cool the air in your grow tent then opt for a mini-split air conditioner that will suck out the hot air and blow cold air in. A portable air conditioner will be a freestanding unit that you can put wherever you like in your grow tent.

This is a simple solution for your cooling needs, especially if you are only temporarily growing and do not want to pay for a permanent air conditioning unit.

They work by pouring in the cooler, fresh air and removing the staler air through an exhaust pipe and can alleviate high humidity with a dehumidifying feature.

Can You Use A Portable Air Conditioner In A Grow Tent?

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It would be considered convenient to choose a separate and portable air conditioner in your grow tent. This can be a window air conditioner, a mini-split air conditioner, or a portable one.

These should be more convenient when you consider that the grow tent will be detached from your main house.

A portable air conditioner is certainly preferable to having a central air conditioning unit that has lengthy ducts to reach your grow tent.   

Why You Need Air Conditioning In A Grow Tent

Air conditioners are ideal for maintaining the best climate for your grow tent (Also check out How To Control Cannabis Grow Room Climate)

. That could mean controlling the temperature and also the humidity.

You could even find a smart air conditioning controller that can help you look after the conditions in your grow tent remotely.

That means looking out for the set temperature during the daytime and into the night then looking out for the humidity as it deviates. 

There are several factors that you should consider when opting for an air conditioning unit in your grow tent. These can include the energy efficiency, the cooling capacity, how the unit is installed, and the warranty. 

Energy efficiency is important as your grow tent could rank up high energy bills.

Finding an energy-efficient air conditioner means high EER/SEER ratings and the higher ones will consume less power but may determine a larger outlay that should pay for itself over time.

The cooling capacity will be measured in British Thermal Units per hour, or BTU’s and a higher number will mean a higher cooling capacity.

This should be in line with your room size so take that into account as you need a unit that is just powerful enough for the grow tent but does not waste too much energy.

Look at the floor space of your grow tent and consider if you have windows as you could easily use a portable air conditioning unit. Finally, the warranty is crucial as you may need some after-sales service. 

Final Thoughts

When you do opt for a grow tent, you should consider the right type of air conditioner. If you are worried about floor space then opt for a window /through-the-wall unit while a portable unit can be moved anywhere you like.

Certainly, these options are easier than using a central air conditioner and then using lengthy ducts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does A Grow Tent Get Hot? 

Growing cannabis plants should mean high humidity levels as plants release moisture through their leaves. They need this high humidity to thrive and grow but you should still look to control it.

The grow tent can also get hot if there is improper ventilation to let out the hot air and circulate the air. There is also the heat from the grow lights which look out for a strong harvest yet do make it hot in a grow tent.

What Are The Other Ways That You Could Cool Down A Grow Tent? 

Your lighting system is important because grow lights could be replaced by LED lights. You should still get the same output but without the same amount of heat.

Even consider using grow lights just at night to compensate for the cooler outside temperatures. There is also the option of focusing on ventilation or using air-cooled lights to cool down a grow tent.

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