How To Bane Inhale (Beginner Vape Tricks)

Tricks have become a huge part of the vaping experience for many people.

They’re fun, creative, and a great way to make vaping a little more exciting, and the best part is there are tons of different vaping tricks that people have come up with over the years which are suitable for both beginners and experienced users, one of which is the bane inhale.

How To Bane Inhale (Beginner Vape Tricks)

If you’ve ever been around a group of people who enjoy vaping, there’s a high chance you have seen the bane trick at one point or another since it is considered one of the easiest tricks to pull off, and once someone gets the hang of it, it’s hard to get them to stop performing it, especially in front of their friends.

If you want to try out this beginner-friendly trick for yourself, here is how to do it, along with some information on a few other easy tricks you should try out once you master it.

What Is The Bane Inhale?

The bane is a slight variation on the classic French inhale which involves you making a slightly different shape with your mouth when you release the vapor.

When you pull off a bane inhale, the vapor will travel upwards with a few lines in between, which appear from the gaps of your teeth.

If you’re wondering why it has such an unusual name, it is actually in reference to the villain of the same name featured in the Dark Knight Rises Batman movie.

Throughout the film, Bane wears a mask covering much of his face and all of his mouth, so the trick is supposed to imitate the mask, something a French inhale would struggle to do because it doesn’t release enough vapor and isn’t wide enough.

How To Perform A Bane Inhale

Step 1. Practice The Smile

When you come to perform a bane inhale, you’re going to be making a certain type of smile with your mouth and teeth that can look quite ridiculous and goofy when you do it without using the vape, but as silly as it looks, it’s worth practicing beforehand so that you can get used to it.

You essentially want to bite your bottom lip with your teeth while raising your top lip just a little bit so that it looks like you’re hiding a smile.

Step 2. Find The Sweet Spot

Once you feel like you have the smile down, it’s time to start practicing.

Keep in mind that you’re probably not going to get the bane inhale right on your first time since the positioning of your mouth and teeth needs to be just right, so it will require some practice.

When you release the vapor while pressing your teeth against your bottom lip, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the lines since these will signify if you’re doing the trick correctly or not.

If the lines aren’t very clear or don’t appear at all, you’re going to need to move your teeth a little closer to your bottom lip.

If not much vapor is coming out at all, then your teeth are too close so you’re going to need to move them back just slightly.

Remember that the sweet spot will be different for most people since everyone has different-sized lips and teeth structure, so while some people can simply hover their teeth over the center of their bottom lip, others will need to press their teeth forward more so that the vapor can come out thick enough.

Tips For Perfecting The Bane Inhale

How To Bane Inhale (Beginner VapeTricks)

A bane inhale is pretty easy to pull off after you’ve practiced it a few times, but there are a few other tips to keep in mind which will ensure you get it right each and every time.

Keep Your Mouth Wide

Unlike a French inhale which is a lot thinner, the bane inhale is supposed to make it so the vapor covers the width of your face as it travels upwards, so you will want to make sure that your mouth is a lot wider than normal.

Add Some Underbite

If you’re struggling to get the hang of holding your teeth against your bottom lip, a great way to practice is by applying some underbite which can serve as a great starting point that you can build off of until you find that sweet spot.

Use A Mirror When Practicing

There are a lot of vaping tricks that you will be able to see right in front of you without the need for a mirror, such as blowing O’s, but when it comes to the bane inhale, you need to make sure that you’re getting the lines to appear if you want it to look good, which is why it’s essential to use a mirror if you want to practice getting it just right.

Inhale Harder

When you release the vapor, you’re going to want to inhale a lot harder than you would with a French inhale, otherwise, the vapor will be too thin and hollow, and won’t cover the bottom of your face as it should.

What Is The Easiest Trick To Do With A Vape?

Instead of there being an individual trick that is far easier than all the others, there are actually a few of them that many experienced vape users would consider beginner friendly and easy to pull off with a little practice.

Let’s take a look at a few of these easy vape tricks and go through how to perform them.

The Ghost

There’s a reason the ghost is the most popular vaping trick, and it’s because of how quickly it can be taught.

First, you’re going to need to practice your inhaling.

Rather than sending the vapor straight to your lungs, you’ll want to keep it in your mouth, similar to how if you were smoking a joint, you would take the smoke into your mouth first, before then inhaling it through to your lungs, only this time, you don’t let it go that far.

When you release the vapor, you don’t want to exhale it, at least not in the traditional way. You instead will need to ‘push’ the vapor out of your mouth.

The trick to doing this is to open your mouth slightly so the vapor can release, and then close your mouth back up right after.

If you’ve done it correctly, the vapor should come out as a big thick ball, and if you want to ‘capture the ghost’, simply suck it back in and then re-release it.

Blow O’s

One of the first things many people will try to do when they buy a new vape is blow some O’s, and while it may not be as easy as many people initially think, it can still be mastered in little to no time.

You will first need to practice making your O face where your mouth should be the same size and shape as when your index finger is pressing halfway down your thumb.

Next, it can be worth perfecting the cough. This isn’t a regular cough that you would let out if you were trying to clear your throat, but more of a very soft cough that lasts for about half a second.

You also need to make sure the end of your cough is sharp, meaning that you cut it off immediately so that it ends abruptly.

Now it’s time for a little bit of practice. Inhale the vapor straight to your lungs as you would normally, make your O face, and try using the soft cough to make some O’s.

Remember that the cough is by far the hardest part, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it right the first time.


Probably the coolest looking beginner vape trick is the tornado, which is when the vapor leaves your mouth and sprawls out across a flat surface.

While it looks fairly complicated when someone else does it, it’s actually considered a beginner-friendly trick and isn’t too hard to pull off.

Take a big drag of your vape and make sure you have a flat surface like a table or desk nearby.

Keep your face as close to the surface as possible, and exhale incredibly slowly, to the point where you can’t even hear yourself exhaling the vapor.

To make the tornado, simply place your hand on one side of the surface with the palm facing the vapor, and then rotate it so that you essentially flick some of the vapor up with your palm until it creates a long thin stalk in the air.


The bane is one of the easier vaping tricks to perform and will only require a little bit of practice until you can pull it off without even thinking about it, so once you know where to place your teeth and how to position your lips, you can then move on to some of the other cool and unique beginner vaping techniques.

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