How To French Inhale

Smoke tricks are impressive because they indicate a higher level of control and sophistication that not everyone has, and the French inhale is no exception. But smoke tricks don’t come naturally, they require practice. 

How To French Inhale

You’re going to have to smoke a lot of weed to practice this classic smoke trick, but our tips on how to French inhale, blow Os, and more will get you on the right path!

How To French Inhale

What sets French inhaling apart from blowing Os is that you don’t have to inhale weed into your lungs… at least not at first. Rather, you hold the smoke in your mouth and don’t exhale or inhale.

Once the smoke is in your mouth, puff the smoke up for a couple of seconds and swill it around in your mouth to enhance its density. 

Then, open your mouth slightly while also inhaling through your nose. This will suck up the smoke as it leaves your mouth and enters your lungs so it looks like a reverse waterfall. 

Don’t attempt to exhale the smoke through your mouth. Rather, just open your mouth and allow the airflow from your nose-inhale to do the work. 

Lastly, you can exhale as normal and allow the smoke to leave through your nose or mouth. Now that we know how to French inhale, let’s take a look at the history behind it, how high French inhaling can get you, and if there are any adverse effects or surprising benefits.

The History Of French Inhaling

As society gradually became more accepting of cannabis culture, new tricks were regularly becoming popular. In fact, from around 2012 onwards these tricks were regularly performed at smoke trick contests!

It was also around this time that songs like French Inhale by Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Mike Posner were becoming popular. 

The history of French inhaling is a bit foggy, and is also known as the Irish Waterfall.

Some believe the latter nickname derives from the English belief that they are better than the Irish, so the Irish waterfall will look like an upside down waterfall rather than a normal one… very funny. 

French inhaling has maintained its popularity over the years, and has become trendy in recent years thanks to social media sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, where thick eyebrows, tattoos, and French inhaling with a cigarette or joint was the height of coolness. 

Does French Inhaling Get You Higher?

Because French inhaling causes smoke to travel up your nose you would be forgiven for thinking that it gets you higher, but this is not true.

French inhaling doesn’t impact the effects or potency of the weed you’re smoking. Inhaling through your mouth or nose will still get THC in your bloodstream, and fill your lungs with smoke. 

However, French inhaling can make you cough and sneeze more, and coughing or sneezing after a hit can actually get you higher. Therefore, if you’ve French inhaled and felt the urge to cough or sneeze, go for it!

Are There Any Disadvantages To French Inhaling?

How To French Inhale

There is no good or bad way to consume smoke, however, it has been said that French inhaling can be slightly better than inhaling the old-fashioned way through the mouth.

Inhaling through the nose causes you to process smoke compounds and particles differently. 

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are absorbed via mucous membranes in the mouth and then the throat and lungs. But smoke particles float into the throat and lungs much easier via the mouth than through the nose.

French inhaling causes your nose and nose hairs to filter out any contaminants and excess particulates, preventing them from travelling to your throat and lungs. So nose hairs may be doing your throat and lungs a favor!

How To Blow Os

Blowing Os is a classic trick that can take a couple of hits to master, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy and you’ll be doing it during every smoking session!

The most crucial step to mastering any of these tricks is to control your smoke intake and to be aware of your limits and what you can handle. 

After all, there is nothing worse than attempting a cool trick in front of everyone only to end up coughing your lungs out! Once you’ve inhaled a decent amount of smoke, follow the below steps to master perfect Os.

Exhale your smoke so it becomes thick. This is the perfect density for smoking Os. Once that light smoke is out of your lungs, form your mouth into an ‘O’ shape while keeping the smoke in your lungs.

While your mouth is in this ‘O’ shape, place your tongue in the middle of your mouth.

Exhale the smoke in short intervals, like you are coughing very gently. This should create impressive O shapes! If you’re unsuccessful at first, keep trying! After all, practice makes perfect and gaining control of your smoke intake is key.

If you and a romantic partner are enjoying a session, you can bust out this awesome trick and use your fingers to cut the O downwards to create a smoke heart. Ooh-la-la!

How To Do The Dragon Inhale

Quite similar to the French inhale, the Dragon inhale or Dragon Breath involves breathing smoke out of your nose as well as the corners of your mouth. As the name suggests, you need a sizeable amount of smoke or vapor, but finishing the trick is very easy.

Once a large cloud of smoke is in your mouth, part your lips slightly and exhale deeply out of your nose and mouth simultaneously. 

Dragon inhales are a lot easier than French inhales and will leave you looking like a badass dragon. What’s not to love? 

Final Thoughts

We hope our article has taught you all you need to know about mastering the French inhale, O shapes, and Dragon inhales!

While French inhales don’t get you higher, they can actually be easier on your lungs than other types of inhalation, and are guaranteed to look cool for years to come. 

Zack Finch
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