How To Make Custom Mylar Bags? (Smell Proof Cannabis Bags)

If you plan to sell your own cannabis, one of the most common methods for doing this is using Mylar bags. The reason why Mylar bags are so popular is that they are almost completely smell proof if you seal them properly.

How To Make Custom Mylar Bags? (Smell Proof Cannabis Bags)

This makes them perfect for when you do not want the cannabis to be making the surrounding space smell too strong. However, if you are selling your own cannabis, then it is likely that you want to make your own custom Mylar bags which have your designs on them.

When we say make your own custom Mylar bags, we do not mean making the whole bag from scratch, and instead getting your own custom design printed on the bag.

You can of course get a company to do this for you, however, these companies can charge a massive amount to have your custom design printed on Mylar bags, and there is also a good chance that you need to order a certain number of the bags to actually place the order.

This is why so many people instead want to know how they can make their own Mylar bags. So, if you want to save the money of getting a company to print a Mylar bag, but you do not know how to do it yourself, keep reading.

What Printer Can Print Mylar Bags?

The unfortunate truth about custom Mylar bags is that they are incredibly difficult to DIY, especially if you want to get them to a professional standard when it comes to custom designs on the Mylar itself.

The reason for this is that Mylar is quite difficult to print on, and the methods which do work, require specific tools which can be quite difficult to source, and are usually incredibly expensive.

The more affordable options are also difficult to use, and will usually not get you the best results either. Let’s look at the options you have available if you want to DIY your own custom Mylar bags.

Silk Print

The cheaper method of making your own Mylar bags is to use a silk print. You will of course need to already buy your own plain Mylar bags, and then you will need a silk printer as well as the tools needed for it to work.

This is not the most difficult method, but it is very difficult to master and you usually need a lot of experience for it to work well. You can also usually only use around 4 colors and the final results will usually only get you a very simple design.

UV Print

How To Make Custom Mylar Bags? (Smell Proof Cannabis Bags)

The other option you have for printing a custom design on a Mylar bag which you can do without a whole factory worth of equipment is using UV print. This is a common method for printing T shirts especially, and it can sometimes be used on Mylar bags.

The main caveat for this is that you need to be using a specific type of Mylar bag and the type which you need to use is quite difficult to source.

The type of Mylar bag which you will most often find uses an OPP surface material, but a UV print design will not stick to this and will be scratched off incredibly easily.

Instead, you will need to use a Mylar bag that is made using a PE material, the design will stick to this, however, these are much harder to find and can be more expensive, and this is not even taking into account the cost of a UV printer if you do not have one already.

On top of this, these designs often do not even look that good with poor definition.

Other Solutions

So, as you can see from the guide so far, there are not really any simple answers or solutions when it comes to printing your own Mylar bags since they are quite a tricky material to work with.

This is why instead of printing directly onto the bags themselves, we recommend using stickers. This is the most common method used by brands who do not want to spend extra on getting custom Mylar bags made, but still want to brand their goods.

You can design stickers which will adhere easily to your Mylar bags, and they can look as bright and colorful as you want, but cost significantly less to design than printing directly onto the Mylar bags.

This is our top recommendation since the quality turns out a lot better than working with a silk press or UV printings.


Hopefully this guide has given you all the answers you need when it comes to working with and customizing your own Mylar bags.

As you have seen throughout this guide, the process of making your own can be quite difficult, and you will need to improvise if you want to have your own custom bags at an affordable price. The main way this is done is by usually using stickers.

Of course these do not stand out as much, however, they are still effective and save you masses of time and money until you can afford to get a professional factory to customize your own Mylar bags to match your branding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Print On Mylar?

Yes, you can print on Mylar using a silk print or using a UV printer, however, both of these have their own drawbacks and reasons why they do not get the best result.

Because of this, we recommend using something more simple like stickers if you do not want to invest in getting professionals to work on your Mylar bags.

How Is A Mylar Bag Made?

Mylar bags were originally designed in the 50s and they are made by vaporizing aluminum inside a vacuum chamber, and this is then bonded onto a polyester sheet, so not really the most accessible DIY project.

What Should Mylar Bags Be Made Of?

The material which Mylar bags are made from is polyester resin. They are also made using vaporized aluminum as well.

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