Best Blunt Wraps

If you take your weed smoking seriously, you’ll know that half of the effort should go into getting the right paraphernalia.

Whether it is a decent pipe or a rolling mat made from 100% hemp, you’ll want to get the right setup for your weed-smoking session.

This is where blunt wraps are also a key part of your arsenal. These are thick skins that you use to wrap your weed in.

Best Blunt Wraps

A blunt is often pure weed that you burn for a nice, clean high, although you can put tobacco into your blunt.

But where can you find the best blunts? Are there different flavored blunts? What are blunts made from and are some options healthier than others?

Well, we have compiled a list of some of the best blunt wraps on the market along with some crucial info that you’ll need when lighting them (see also "How To Light A Blunt").

Best Blunt Wraps


First up, we have a set of blunts that are named after one of the most famous gangsters in the world and you’ll look just as gangster when you’re smoking them.

These blunts are made from 100% tobacco leaf, which is great for anyone who likes the taste of cigars and other tobacco-related products.

This comes with that distinctive rush that you can only get from the combination of weed and tobacco.

However, make no mistake, these blunts are made from the highest-quality material. There are no veins in them, which means they will be very easy to roll.

Because of the effort that has gone into making them, they are also very flavorsome and won’t be too harsh on your throat.

These leaves are also stretchy, which makes them great for rolling. The more pliable the leaf is, the better they are to work with.

They are precut, so you won’t have to have a separate cutter for them. This makes them great for rolling when you are out and about.

This blunt is double-wrapped, which means that it will burn a lot slower than regular blunts. This will allow you to savor the flavor for a lot longer.

So, if you like to sit by yourself, savoring a joint with your favorite TV show, then this is the brand for you.

One of the best things about this brand of blunt wraps is that they come in a variety of different flavors, including Jamaican blaze, sweet, rum, and cognac.


  • Slow and smooth burn – this will not leave you with a harsh feeling in your throat after you have smoked them. This also means you can smoke your blunt for longer.
  • Good quality – this is made with only the best quality hemp, which is perfect if you are looking for a delicious tobacco taste to accompany your bud.
  • Affordable – you can get quite a lot of blunt wraps for your money, which is great if you are a regular weed smoker and anticipate spending a lot of money on your skins.
  • Different flavors – from rum to cognac to sweet and spicy, there is something here for everyone. This is great if you want a taste to offset what might be a particularly hard strain of weed.


  • Contains nicotine – if you want to avoid the high of smoking nicotine, then you might want to opt for a blunt skin that contains mainly hemp.


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These next wraps are great if you want something that is easy to roll with and won’t fall apart once you light them up.

These are pre-cut, so you won’t be wasting time using your cutter to get them at just the right length.

These also come in a range of amazing flavors, including sweet and spicy.

If you smoke weed for interesting flavor combinations, then why not try mixing in a sweet tobacco skin with a spicy strain of weed?

These are marketed as ‘slow burn’ papers, which means that you can really savor your joints over the long term.

Often smoking a joint should be a relaxing experience, something chilled that you save for the end of a busy day.

These wraps are also very cheap, so you can get a whole pack for just a few dollars.

Again, this is great if you are really into your weed paraphernalia, and you expect to spend a good portion of your monthly wage on some decent skins.

These also contain no tobacco or nicotine, which is great if you are looking only for the pure high of your weed without the additional taste and sensation of nicotine.

If you prefer an organic approach to weed, then getting a blunt wrap without tobacco will really appeal.


  • No tobacco – this is great for anyone who wants that uncluttered weed high without any additional rushes that might leave you feeling nauseous.
  • Slow burn – you can really savor the flavor of this blunt skin, which is ideal for the casual weed smoker who simply likes a blunt before bedtime.
  • Different flavors – this comes with a variety of delicious flavors which will really add that extra zest to your smoke. You can mix sweet and spicy, which is great for your tastebuds.
  • Affordable – this is a great blunt wrap set to get if you are short on money. You can also buy them in bulk if you are looking to save more on your monthly budget.


  • Too moist – these papers can be too damp at times, which might make them more difficult to roll and light. Some users like to set them out to dry before they are used.


Next up, we have another all-natural leaf-based blunt that you can be sure will give you everything that you need for a smooth smoke with that traditional nicotine-based high that you will get with cigarettes or cigars.

This leaf comes in a wide variety of different flavors, from sweet to savory, you can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need for a great counterpoint flavor for your weed.

You can pick up sweet and aromatic, which will leave whatever room you are smoking in smelling of fresh wood (see also "How To Get The Weed Smell Out Of Your Car").

These come pre-cut, so you can be sure that you won’t have to have any additional cutters or equipment. This is great if you want to roll a joint when you are out and about.

You can also get blunt wraps as a gift. They come in large boxes and are affordable, which is great if you want to buy something for your favorite weed-smoking friend.

These blunt wraps come in a pouch that will keep them nice and moist. You’ll want to retain some moisture in your wrap as this is what gives them their distinctive flavor.

However, if they are too wet, then they will be quite difficult to light.

One of the main draws from Backwoods for us was the honey-bourbon flavor.

This is extra sweet and will certainly elevate your regular weed to the next level. This will give you all the scents of a dingy bar in the middle of America… all in one blunt paper!


  • Moist – these blunts come with just the right level of moisture, which makes them flavorful but doesn’t make them difficult to burn.
  • Pre-cut – you won’t have to worry about these ones not being the right length, as they are cut to the perfect size for a hefty blunt. This also makes them a great brand to smoke when you are outside.
  • Great flavors – whether it is honey liqueur or black n’ spicy, you can get so many flavors with this brand of blunt papers. You can mix and match sweet strains with savory flavors of skins.
  • Affordable – at first, you might look at the price tag and be reluctant to pay that much, but you do get a lot of skins in a box for that money. These are blunt papers that will last you a while.


  • Contains nicotine – if you are trying to avoid the extra high of nicotine, then we would suggest that you pick up another brand of blunt wraps.


If you are into quality hemp wraps with no additional nicotine and you are willing to spend the money, then this next set of wraps might be the ones for you.

These are premium-grade hemp wraps that taste and feel amazing.

These are a dry smoke, but they will burn for a long time. This is ideal for the weed smoker who is not looking to just get stoned, but who wants to savor that sweet flavor.

These blunt wraps are also very smooth on the throat, which will allow you to smoke more blunts in one session.

The absence of nicotine also won’t lead to staining or any adverse flavors. These make a great alternative to a glass pipe.

These are hand-made in the Dominican Republic, which is what makes them so unique. For that fine hemp taste and texture, then you can’t really do much better.

However, they do come with a steep price tag.

That’s right, you’ll need to make sure that you have money in your back pocket for these hemp blunt wraps, especially if you are going to be smoking on a regular basis.


  • Smooth and flavorful – because this is made with pure hemp, it will really elevate your weed-smoking experience, going easy on the throat and tastebuds.
  • Premium quality construction – this really is one for the refined weed smoker. Not only will you have the texture, but it will burn slowly, which is great for casual smokers.
  • Pre-cut - these are pre-cut papers, so you won’t have to have any additional equipment to measure your joints.
  • Great alternative to glass pipes – because this is so smooth on the throat, you won’t have to use your pipe, where controlling the high can be a lot more difficult.


  • Expensive – be prepared to spend a pretty penny on these wraps, as they are such high-grade quality and unfortunately you won’t get a lot of wraps per pack.


If you want something decadent, then we have the Dutch Master range.

Not only are these made with some of the most premium-quality ingredients, but they have some fantastic flavors on offer.

Whether it is Russian cream or chocolate, there will be plenty to sate your appetite as you are smoking your favorite strain of weed (see also "Can You Smoke Weed Stems?").

These cigar skins are also designed to burn slowly and smoothly, making them great for the urbane weed smoker who likes to recline in their favorite armchair with the lights dimmed, watching their favorite TV show.

These have that rich tobacco flavor that you might associate with cigars. This is great if you are looking for that hit of nicotine mixed in with your favorite strain of weed.

The only drawback of buying these luxury blunts is the price tag.

You’ll be spending a few dollars on just three cigar wraps, which certainly will not be considered value for money for those who do not have the money.

These might be the sort of wraps that you keep in the drawer for a special occasion.

There are also other flavors that include honey fusion, berry fusion, grape, chocolate and ripe berry. Mixing these with various sweet strains of weed will certainly elevate your smoking game to the next level.


  • Premium quality – if you are looking for luxury blunts for your top-dollar weed, then you can’t really go wrong with a set of Dutch Masters.
  • Great flavors – of all the blunts that we have listed, these really have some of the best flavors, ranging from sweet chocolate to mouth-watering berries.
  • Slow burn – if you want something that you can savor over a long period, relaxing at home in your favorite chair, then Dutch Masters is a great brand to have.
  • Extra-long – this means you have a blunt that lasts you for longer that you can pack a lot more weed into.


  • Expensive – with all these premium quality ingredients and construction, it is no surprise that it comes with a hefty price tag. You might only have these for a special occasion.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to selecting premium-quality weed materials, you’ll want to be on the lookout for certain features, such as burn time, texture and of course, most importantly, the flavor.

Here are a few things you should keep your eye out for:

How Long Do They Burn?

For the connoisseur, blunts and joints are meant to be savored lovingly. Therefore, it is important to get a decent burn time on your blunts.

The blunts that burn the longest are the best value for money, as they will not only allow you to savor it for longer, but it will also mean less time that you need to roll and smoke another.

Do They Contain Tobacco?

This might be make or break for some weed smokers, as not everyone will want their blunts or joints to contain tobacco.

This might give you an additional rush that might even induce nausea. To avoid nicotine, then you should get a wrap that is 100% hemp.

Are They Pre-Cut?

Again, having a pre-cut blunt will reduce your preparation time and increase your smoking time.

It will also limit the amount of cutting equipment that you need to have on your person and allow you to smoke when you are on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Blunts Flavored?

In a sense, all blunts are flavored, as you will be able to taste the material of whatever the blunt is made from, even if it is hemp.

However, hemp blunts have the least chemical flavor, if you don’t want the harshness or the high of tobacco, then we would recommend that you try hemp.

Why Should I Smoke Blunts Instead Of Joints?

Blunts generally have a lot more weed in them, which results in a lot more of an intense high.

However, people tend to share blunts or smoke them a lot slower. Also, there is rarely any tobacco in a blunt, which will result in a lot less of a harsh feeling on the lungs.

Which Is Healthier: A Tobacco Or Hemp Wrap?

Hemp is a lot better for you, although you will still be burning the smoke and inhaling it into your lungs.

Hemp also doesn’t contain any nicotine, meaning that you won’t get any additional high or energy boost when you are smoking.


We hope that our guide to blunts has helped you to better figure out which ones are the most suitable for your weed-smoking.

If you do not want any flavoring, then we would recommend getting a hemp wrap, as these have a lot more natural flavor and texture.

However, if flavor is your thing then there are plenty out there to choose from.

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