Is Weed Legal In The Bahamas?

The Bahamas is a massive archipelago that is made up of over 700 islands. It’s without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations for many.

Many visitors like to visit and enjoy the white sandy beaches with brilliant bright blue seas. If you’re coming to relax, you may even wonder whether it’s possible for you to enjoy a joint while you’re there.

Is Weed Legal In The Bahamas?

In this article, we’ll help you understand whether weed is illegal in the Bahamas and what issues you may have if you bring it into the country.

Ultimately, we don’t recommend you bring any weed with you on your vacation, as you will likely face jail time and a hefty fine if you are caught.

Marijuana is classed as a dangerous drug, and while many people don’t support how it is criminalized, it is still very much illegal at this time. 

Is Weed Legal In The Bahamas?

Unfortunately, it won’t be possible for you to enjoy a joint while visiting the Bahamas. Weed is currently illegal, so having it in your possession can result in high penalties.

You can neither sell nor possess it, and you could end up in jail if you’re caught with it.

If someone tries to convince you that weed is legal in the Bahamas, then we suggest you don’t listen to them.

While it might be tempting to try to sneak some marijuana onto the islands, or even purchase from someone while there, don’t. Even the smallest amount could get you a large fine or even jail time. 

While the local government doesn’t necessarily agree with the illegal status of marijuana, there hasn’t been any significant changes yet.

However, this may change in the future as there has been a call for weed to be decriminalized in the Bahamas.

What Happens If You’re Caught With Weed?

Over the years, the Bahamas have been a transit point for traffickers. Due to that, the laws regarding possession of marijuana are strict.

If any citizens or tourists are caught with weed, then they could face a fine between $50,000 and $120,000 fines, and between five and ten years of imprisonment.

If you’re accused of trafficking, you may face having a fine between $250,000 and $750,000 and between five and forty years of jail time. 

Can You Find Weed In The Bahamas?

As we mentioned earlier, you could still be offered marijuana while you’re visiting the Bahamas. Even if it’s illegal, it doesn’t mean that people don’t sell it.

But, we recommend you don’t buy weed if you’re offered it. After all, it’s a way for local cops to go undercover to find drug offenders.

Unless you want to risk a $120,000 fine, we recommend that you don’t go seek out places to buy it while you’re on vacation.

Are Locals Against Weed?

People who live in the Bahamas are open minded, and a high percentage of people accept the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The Prime Minister even has agreed that the laws are outdated and need to change.

Over the years, he has noticed how young people have had their lives ruined for having a minor amount of marijuana on hand. He hopes to change the laws to ensure that they are less strict against anyone caught.

What About Medical Marijuana?

What About Medical Marijuana?

We’ve mentioned how the Prime Minister wants to change the laws surrounding marijuana, and in 2018, they introduced the Medicinal Cannabis Bill.

They are currently still in a transitional period, as due to COVID-19 and the 2019 Hurricane Dorian, there was a surprising amount of damage dealt to the country’s economy (Also check out Can You Use Cannabis If You Have Coronavirus?).

The Medicinal Cannabis Bill has a selection of suggested guidelines which should include the sale of licenses to cultivate and import marijuana for research and medicinal purposes.

These licenses would be valid for three years, and would cost $10,000. It would also advocate for medical practitioners to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients and caregivers under the Bahamas’ Mental Health Act.

Can You Bring Medical Marijuana Into The Bahamas?

As weed is classed as an illegal and dangerous drug in the Bahamas, it can’t be brought in, even for medicinal purposes.

While the Medical Association of the Bahamas advocates for the support for the legalization of medical marijuana (see also “Is Marijuana Legal In Kentucky?“), it doesn’t mean you can bring it into the country.

If you are caught with medical marijuana, you’re still at risk of getting the same level of fines as you would if you were simply found possessing weed.

If you are caught, while some judges will be more lenient, this isn’t guaranteed, so it’s best that you leave your medicinal supply at home while you’re on vacation.

What Is The Future Of Weed In The Bahamas?

Generally, the future of weed in the Bahamas does appear to be bright. The public is in favor of lessening the charges for those found with weed, and even the Prime Minister believes that the charges are too harsh.

It would appear that the Medical Association of the Bahamas is also in support of using medical marijuana to treat patients with mental health issues.

As the 2018 Medical Cannabis Bill is currently in the transition period, it looks likely that at least weed for medicinal purposes could be possible in a few years.

Final Thoughts

Due to the Bahamas history as a trafficking spot for drug runners, it is illegal to possess weed while you’re in the country.

If you try to smuggle any drugs in, you could be hit with a significant fine, and even get hit with jail time.

While many people do agree that the laws around the criminalization of marijuana are too harsh, there have been delays in the decriminalization process.

Currently, there has been a push in ensuring that marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes. However, at this moment, being caught with weed is illegal.

Until it’s legalized, we recommend not trying to purchase or sneak any weed into the Bahamas.

Zack Finch