Grow Tent Watering System (How To Set Up A Drip Irrigation System For Cannabis)

There is a lot of information available about nutrients and grow lights for indoor cannabis plants but as a grower, it is important to also consider the best ways to water your plants. While you can water marijuana plants by hand, this can be time-consuming and costly.

Grow Tent Watering System (How To Set Up A Drip Irrigation System For Cannabis)

That’s where an irrigation system comes in handy. It allows you to water your plants within minutes. Plus, you can be sure that all plants receive the right amount of water. In this practical guide, we explain how to set up a drip watering system for your indoor cannabis plants.

How Does A Drip Irrigation System For Cannabis Work?

Drip irrigation is a watering system that slowly waters your plants one drop at a time. This low-volume and low-pressure irrigation technique automatically provides weed plants with water and nutrients.

It feeds the water directly to the root of the plants, so there is no waste. Drip irrigation is an ancient watering method that dates back to farming and agriculture in Ancient China.

Types Of Drip Irrigation Systems

You can find a great variety of drip irrigation systems that vary in quality and price. Generally, there are two types of drip watering systems: bottle drip and drip line irrigation.

Drip Line Irrigation

Drip line irrigation works with a range of tubes that are connected to the faucet in your garden or a sink. These drip irrigation kits usually include a pressure regulator to ensure that the water flow is steady.

They may also contain a water filter and some type of timer to set up an automatic irrigation option.

Bottle Drip Irrigation

Bottle drip irrigation systems are simple but very effective. This technique uses plastic bottles that are placed near the roots of your plants. They can then slowly deliver a steady stream of water.

A DIY bottle drip irrigation system is quick and easy to build. Plus, it is much cheaper than a drip line system.

How Do You Set Up A Watering System For A Grow Tent?

If you want to create a grow tent watering system, then a line drip irrigation system is the most effective approach. It regulates the water flow and allows you to feed the exact amount of water your plants need. This is also an easy way to keep pests and plant diseases at bay.

You only need a few basic materials to create your drip line irrigation system, including a faucet near your growing room, a faucet adapter, a watering line, water drippers, a hole punch for tubes, tent stakes and line fittings.

Step 1: Connect The Adapter And Watering Line

First, take your adapter and connect it to the faucet you want to use. Then connect the watering line directly to the adapter. Next, open the faucet and check the water flow. There shouldn’t be any leaks around the adapter or the faucet.

Step 2: Run The Watering Lines

Grow Tent Watering System (How To Set Up A Drip Irrigation System For Cannabis)

Now that you have a connection to the water, take the end of the watering line and run it around the room or grow tent. You will need the hole punch to put some holes into the line where you want to install drippers.

It’s best to have between 2 or 3 drippers per plant. Make sure that the dripping lines are placed at an equal distance, so your plants get an even amount of water.

Step 3: Install The Drippers

Now that you placed your watering line with the holes, you can install the drippers. Just push them gently into the holes you created in the line. Ensure that they are securely installed and they don’t touch your plant’s stem or foliage as this could attract unwanted pests.

Step 4: Fix The Watering Line To The Topsoil

Take the tent stakes and place them around your watering line into the topsoil.

Step 5: Fix The Watering Line Around The Tent

Depending on the size of your grow tent, you may need to use some type of fitting to fix the watering line to corners or along the walls to keep it securely in place.

Step 6: Install The End Plug

After you are done running your watering line, you can cut it with a utility knife or scissors and insert an end plug.

Step 7: Check Your New Irrigation System

Your new drip irrigation system is now ready to be tested. Check that each dripper works as it should and replace any faulty drippers.

How To Build Your Own Bottle Drip Irrigation System

If you prefer to create your own bottle drip irrigation system, then you only need a few 2L plastic bottles with bottle caps, a drill, a few strings to secure the bottles and scissors.

Keep in mind that this irrigation system is best suited for large grow tents or growing outdoor cannabis plants. This being said, it is much easier to set up than a drip line system and it doesn’t require a lot of investment in materials.

Step 1: Prepare The Bottles

First, you will need to cut the bottom of your plastic bottles off. Then, drill a couple of holes into the side of each bottle, so you can hang them easily.

Step 2: Hang The Bottles

Now, just screw the caps on each bottle, turn them upside down and fill the bottles with water. Then, hang them from a fixture above the plants. They should be between 5cm and 10cm away from the stem.

Next, you will need to slowly unscrew the caps of the bottles to allow the water to drip out. This might take some trial and error as you need to create a steady drip.

Step 3: Refill Your Bottles

Simply refill the bottles whenever your plants need water again.

How Often Should You Water A Grow Tent?

How often you want to water your indoor cannabis plants in a grow tent depends on your plants but usually every 2 to 3 days produces good results. Just make sure to check the top soil. If it is dry, then you will need to water your plants.

What Is The Best Automatic Plant Watering System?

The best automatic plant watering systems allow you to set an automatic watering rhythm and a specific time for irrigating your plants. You should also be able to control the water flow and the capacity of water that your plants receive.

Final Thoughts

It’s quick and easy to set up a grow tent irrigation system for your indoor weed plants. Plus, you only need a few basic materials, so you don’t need to buy expensive equipment.

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