Best Cleaner For Bongs

Best Cleaner For Bongs

Also, cleaning your bong regularly is also good for your health.

Bacteria and mold can build up in the areas where the resin starts to congeal and bung up all the entry and exit points of your bong. Cleaning your bong will also leave it looking display ready (see also "How To Clean A One Hitter").

So where can you find the best bong-cleaning fluid? How quickly does it work? Can it affect the taste of the weed that you are pulling?

Well, we have gathered all the necessary intel on bong cleaners and have compiled a list of some of the best on the market.

Best Bong Cleaners


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This first bong cleaner is designed specially to give your bong that super-clean sheen without leaving any aftertaste or smell.

This works fast and won’t cause any misting or scuffing on your glass.

If you want a cleaner that will not affect the taste of your bong, then this is a great cleaner to opt for.

Not only does this leave no aftertaste, but it will leave your bong pulling and hitting better than ever before.

This contains no harsh chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about polluting your body after you have used it. This is also what will help you reduce the chemical level in your weed.

This bong cleaner is also very easy to apply (see also "How To Use A Bong"). You won’t even have to shake it (which can often result in more damage being done to your glass bong).

All you need to do is place the stated dose of bong cleaner and leave it for 30 seconds. You might need to swirl it around to dislodge some of the larger particles.

Once you have done this then rinse it out with some hot water and wipe it down with a cloth.

Alternatively, you can always leave it to air dry if you are not going to be using your bong within the next 24 hours. This will ensure an extra degree of freshness upon next use.

This will also work on bongs that contain metal components. For all-round versatility, we can’t find a better bong cleaner.


  • Works in 60 seconds – this is a great cleaner to use if you want your bong clean and ready for a smoke in the next few minutes (see also "How To Clean Silicone Bongs").
  • Works on glass and metal – if your bong is a composite of many different materials, then you should use this solution. Works on copper and brass too.
  • No harsh chemicals – if you want to avoid any bad aftertaste and any potential nausea, then this is the bong cleaner for you.
  • Clean thoroughly – whether you are going to need your bong for display purposes or you are going to be using it regularly, this cleaner leaves you with zero remnants.

  • Pricey – this is not too expensive, but if you are very OCD when it comes to keeping your bong clean, then you might find yourself spending more money on a luxury cleaner like this.


If you like to be quite surgical when it comes to cleaning your bongs, then why not pick up some swabs?

These will allow you to clean all those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, which is very helpful if your bong is quite ornate.

This is a pack of ISO wipes, which means that they are covered in cleaning alcohol.

This will not only help you to remove some of the more stubborn stains, but it will help you to disinfect your bong.

This is great if you want to clean a particular part of your bong rather than the whole thing.

Often, your bong will need to be treated in a specific area and a swab is a perfect tool for helping you to do that.

This pack comes with 24 swabs, which is great if you want to regularly maintain your bong in certain areas rather than cleaning the whole thing with solution every week.

This will also help you to clean smaller bongs that solutions might find hard to clean completely.

This is safe to use with many different materials, including glass, ceramics and plastic.

If you have a collection of bongs made from all different materials, then having swabs like these in your drawer will be a Godsend.


  • Plenty of swabs – this is great if you want enough cleaning materials to last you for a long time. You only must use a few swabs to clean one area of your bong.
  • Multi-surface – no matter what the bong is made from, these swabs will not cause any structural damage. You can easily glide this over the top of ceramic or plastic and the results will be super clean.
  • Bacteria-killing – these are dabbed in alcohol, so you can guarantee that they will kill all bacteria, which is great if you are dealing with mold.
  • In-depth cleaning – this will leave your bong a lot cleaner than some of the liquid-based bong cleaning solutions.


  • Takes a while to clean with swabs – this will require a lot more attention than liquid cleaners, which you can just swill around and empty quickly.


Next up, we have a powder that you can add to water that will give you much more in-depth cleanliness.

This takes only minutes to get your bong sparkling and will not involve any vigorous shaking.

This will not require any elbow grease from you. You won’t have to scrub it with a lint cloth or ever shake it to dislodge some of the trickier stains.

All you need to do is fill your bong with it and wait for a few minutes.

Users have commented on the miraculous results of this powder. You won’t have to use much of it to get sparkling results, as it only requires about 1 – 2 teaspoons.

This is specially designed to clean bongs, so you won’t have to worry about it leaving too much of a chemical aftertaste.

This is very important if you want a hit on your bong soon after you have cleaned it.

This is also very decently priced, coming in a generous tub for just over $10.

You can get over 30 cleans from this one tub. If you clean your bong regularly, you will probably have to use it even less.


  • Great value for money – if you are looking for a bong cleaning solution that won’t drain your resources and that you can use for months on end, then why not try this one?
  • Simple to apply – all you have to do with this one is add a little bit of hot water and then pour it into your bong. You won’t even have to shake it, just let the powder work its magic.
  • Scrub-free – this will require very little effort from you, making it a great cleaner that you can leave to work while you are busy packing your pipe.
  • No shaking – you won’t have to shake this solution for your bong to get clean. This is often a big problem with glass bongs, as they can get very slippery when wet.


  • Might leave a chalky residue – some users have complained that this powder-based solution can leave white rings around the edge of their bong which then requires further cleaning.


This next bong cleaner is a favorite amongst bong enthusiasts, with a quick solution that will be easy to apply.

This comes with a very aggressive but non-toxic formula that works instantly, requiring you to shake for around a minute.

If you have not cleaned your bong in a while and you have a buildup of some stubborn stains, then this solution will make mincemeat of them in just a few minutes.

This does not come with any powerful chemical aftertaste, making it one of the best cleaners that you can get if you like to use your bong straight after you’ve cleaned it.

This stuff works well on a whole host of different materials, including glass, ceramic and plastic.

You can be sure that it will be able to dislodge any stubborn resin matter caked in even the smallest nooks and crannies.

This will only take you around 60 seconds to clean fully, although you can leave it in for longer if you want to have your bong looking good enough to display in a museum.

This is very affordable too, giving you enough solution to be able to clean your bong for at least a few weeks (if you are cleaning a few times during a week). This solution will also work on Pyrex.


  • Decently-priced – if you are looking for a solution that you can buy regularly without cutting into your monthly budget, then this is a great product to use.
  • Effective – this solution works quickly and effectively; you won’t have to worry about it taking half a day to get rid of some of the more stubborn matter on your bong.
  • No harsh chemicals – this does not contain any chemicals that might be poisonous upon ingestion. This is great if you are looking for something that will not leave an awful aftertaste.
  • Multi-surface – this will work on many different materials, whether it is ceramic, plastic, or metal, you won’t have to worry about it removing hard matter or grime.


  • Not enough solution – this might leave you feeling a little shortchanged as there is not enough solution in the bottle to perform a regular clean.


Now we have an ingenious water solution that will remove the need for you ever to have to scrub or clean your bong with a separate solution ever again.

This comes with a special formula that prevents resin from building up in the first place. This will cut down on you having to buy any additional cleaning solution in the first place.

This is made from completely non-toxic ingredients, which is great if you are looking for something that will not leave you with an unpleasant aftertaste when you have used it.

This is also good for not affecting the flavor of the weed.

This is made with all-natural ingredients, which makes for a very clean bong rip. You should always make sure that your bong cleaner has no pollutants in it.


  • All-natural bong water replacement – if you are looking for something that will save you money on having to buy a natural cleaner, then you should give this a go.
  • Non-toxic – this will not leave you with an unpleasant aftertaste or smell, which is great if you want to savor every bit of your weed.
  • Prevents cleanup – this will stop you from having to clean your bong, as it prevents the buildup of resin before it can get a foothold.
  • Keeps your bong looking pristine – this will keep your bong gleaming, which is great if you like to display it as an ornament for when your parents come around!


  • Expensive – you will have to pay a lot more for this replacement water than you would a cleaning solution. You will also have to fill your bong with it every time you use it.

Buyer’s Guide

For die-hard weed smokers, a bong can be your best friend, which is why it is important that you take care of it properly.

When you are buying a decent bong cleaner, there are certain features that you’ll be looking for that are not present in ordinary cleaners:

Does It Contain Chemicals?

Your bong is going to be making regular contact with your lips, so the last thing you’ll want is to be able to taste any chemicals.

This is why you’ll want a solution that contains no harmful elements and that you won’t be able to taste at all on your next bong hit.

How Easy Is It To Use?

As you can see from this list, there are many different types of cleaners that you can get, from swabs to powder to cleaning solutions.

These will all serve separate functions, depending on the type of bong that you are using and how much of it you want to clean.

If you have a smaller bong, then you might prefer to use swabs, whereas larger bongs might benefit from having liquid solution poured into them.

You also might want to avoid shaking your bong, as they are often very delicate, and you want to avoid cracking it.

Does It Leave Stains?

Often, you’ll want to make sure your bong looks presentable, especially if you prefer to mount it on a shelf in your living room rather than stuff it under the bed.

This is why you’ll want a cleaner that does not leave any ring marks that you’ll have to clean again straight away.

How Much Does It Cost?

This will all depend on how regularly you use your bong. For those who like to give it a pull once a day, then you might be cleaning your bong weekly.

This means more money is spent on bong cleaner. The cheaper the cleaning fluid, the better, although you will not want to skimp on quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Clean My Bong?

Bongs are prone to bacteria buildup, especially in the resin and mold that get caked on the pipe holes.

Inhaling these old resins and molds is very unhealthy for you and will lead to further health problems the more you allow them to build up.

What Is The Best Method For Cleaning My Bong?

You should ideally use something with an alcohol solution, as this will help you not only remove stubborn resin stains but will also help you to kill all bacteria that might be present.

We would recommend that use between 91% and 99% isopropyl alcohol with some Epsom salts for that pure and natural sheen.

How Often Should I Clean My Bong?

This all depends on how often you use it and how clean you like it.

At best, you should give your boing a full deep clean once a month, but if you are a regular user, then you might want to increase this to once every two weeks.

Don’t leave it until you can see brown resin building up around the pipe.


Cleaning your bong might seem like a chore, but it is important that you do it and do it properly to minimize the buildup of bacteria.

You should use something that contains alcohol but no toxic chemicals, as this might lead to a bad taste when you next take a pull.