Best Strains For Sleep

With over 70 million Americans suffering from sleep disorders, getting a full night’s rest may not be possible. You may find that you are one of them and it is beginning to have disastrous effects on your performance during the day. 

Best Strains For Sleep

Cannabis, in its many forms, can be an incredible sleeping agent. However, if you have little to no knowledge of cannabis strains, you may not know where to start. 

Below are the best strains for sleep. Find it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep to ensure you are your best self when you are awake. 

Let’s get started!

Girl Scout Cookies 

The marijuana hybrid strain GSC, sometimes referred to as “Girl Scout Cookies,” was created by fusing OG Kush with Durban Poison. The euphoric effects of this well-liked strain are reported to be followed by waves of total body relaxation. 

After taking one dose of GSC, you’ll feel content, satisfied, and stress-free. Making it much easier for you to slip into a blissful sleep. 

The flavor profile of GSC is renowned for its strong, dessert-like scent and overtones of mint, sweet cherry, and lemon. This wonderful aroma makes it a popular strain for consistent consumers and beginners.

However, the high THC content makes it a little strong for those that are new to the game. 

If you are an experienced cannabis consumer and need some help relaxing at night, then Girl Scout Cookies is the perfect strain for you. 


  • Scent. Girl Scout Cookies is known for its sweet aroma. With strong tones of mint, sweet cherry, and lemon, this strain is a delight to consume. 
  • Effects. This strain has some excellent effects including calming and relaxation. Perfect for those needing help sleeping. 
  • Award Winning. Girl Scout Cookies has won numerous awards including the Cannabis Cups. 


  • THC Level. With a THC level of 19%, this strain is extremely strong and not recommended for beginners. 
  • Make You Hungry. Consuming Girl Scout Cookies will make you extremely hungry which may not be preferred by everyone. 

Hindu Kush 

The 500-mile-long mountain range that runs between Pakistan and Afghanistan is where the marijuana strain Hindu Kush, commonly referred to as “Hindi Kush,” originated.

This strain has been bred to develop a thick, protective covering of crystal trichomes that is coveted by hash makers all over the world due to the severe climate of its native area.

Hindu Kush is known for its mild scent, it is sweet and earthy making it light and enjoyable. This strain is excellent for bringing relief to pain, nausea, and most importantly, stress. As you begin to relax you will slowly find yourself slipping into a euphoric sleep. 

It also has a dominant terpene of limonene. This provides the strain with some excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects, along with various other health benefits (Also check out Does Weed Make You Live Longer?)

However, some of the downsides such as paranoia, dry eyes, and dry mouth is enough for most beginners to steer clear. Those that are struggling with sleep on a regular basis may enjoy the intense effects that Hindu Kush has to offer. 


  • Scent. Hindu Kush has a mild sweet and earthy aroma with a slight spice. It is pleasant to both consume and smell as its scent lingers in the air. 
  • Effects. Relieves pain, nausea, and stress allowing you to relax and sleep. 
  • Limonene. This terpene provides the strain with wonderful health benefits.


  • THC Content. With a THC content of 19%, Hindu Kush may be too strong for beginners. 
  • Negative Effects. Consumption has the potential to lead to dry eyes, dry mouth, and paranoia. 


Cannabis sativa strain Harlequin is well known for consistently expressing CBD. Without drowsiness or drunkenness, this strain promotes mental clarity and relaxation.

Given that it can offset THC’s paranoia while enhancing its painkilling effects, Harlequin’s high CBD content makes it one of the best strains for treating pain and anxiety.

If you are in the market for a strain that will allow you to relax and breathe while still going about your day, then Harlequin is an excellent choice. Especially with its range of flavors. This strain can have a deep earthy scent or be fruity and sweet with notes of mango. 

With equal THC and CBD content, this strain is perfect for beginners. You can easily de-stress and ease up without that overpowering head high.

However, Harlequin can have the ability to cause headaches when over consumed. You want to be careful to ensure you get the right effects from this strain. 


  • CBD and THC Content. Considered a 1:1 strain, Harlequin is excellent for beginners as it isn’t too strong on either THC or CBD. 
  • Aroma. With a versatile flavor profile this strain can range from earthy to fruity. 
  • Effects. Perfect for easing anxiety and pain, allowing you to relax and fall asleep. Or get on with your day without the head high.


  • Negative Effects. Overconsumption can lead to headaches and paranoia. Consumers have to be careful when using this strain. 
Best Strains For Sleep


Sherbert, sometimes referred to as “Sherbet,” “Sherbert OG,” “Sunset Sherbet,” and “Sunset Sherbert,” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain created by combining Pink Panties with Girl Scout Cookies. 

This strain has potent, all-over effects that are boosted by a burst of mental activity and a carefree attitude (to find the most potent marijuana strains, see our guide here). Perfect if you find yourself unable to switch off when it is time for bed. 

Sherbert is popular due to its sweet flavor profile. With tones of berry, candy, and a dash of citrus for brightness, it is absolutely delicious. You may even enjoy the taste as it is sweeter than most strains. 

Sherbet has an 18% THC content and can be too much for new cannabis users. Sherbert is a great option for medical marijuana users seeking treatment from symptoms of stress, tension, and mood disorders due to its high potency.

Sherbert is an incredible addition to any night time routine, especially if you find yourself struggling to wind down and get ready to sleep. 


  • Flavor Profile. Sherbert is a deliciously sweet strain with notes of berry, candy, and citrus. Perfect for those venturing into stronger strains. 
  • Hybrid Strain. This strain is a hybrid of both indica and sativa, meaning it will have effects on your mind and body. Ideal for sleeping. 
  • Dominant Terpene. Caryophyllene is the dominant strain of Sherbert and it is excellent for relieving anxiety, reducing pain, and has many other health benefits. 


  • THC Content. With a THC content of 185, Sherbert may be too strong for beginners to enjoy the effects. 

Grandaddy Purple 

Despite its rather odd name, Grandaddy Purple is popular and powerful. Granddaddy Purple (also known as GDP), a well-known indica cross of Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan, was made popular by Ken Estes in 2003.

While passing on Skunk’s huge, compact bud form, this California mainstay receives a complex Mendo Purps and Afghanistan scent.

Its powerful effects, which combine cerebral exhilaration and physical relaxation, are readily apparent in the mind and body.

While your body might find itself locked in one place for the length of Grandaddy Purple’s effects, your thoughts are more likely to float in a dreamy whirl.

With the main reason that most of us cannot sleep being stressed, Grandaddy Purple is set to ease your worries and allow you to fully relax. This fruity strain is ready to lull you into a night of dreams and relaxation. Are you ready?

Grandaddy Purple is an indica strain meaning it has a large impact on your mind, however, this intense strain is sure to have you losing all sense of your limbs as well. 


  • Type of Strain. Grandaddy Purple is an indica strain meaning it has a strong connection to the mind, however, it will also have an effect on the body allowing you to fully relax. 
  • Effects. This strain is widely known for its pain relieving abilities and its strong impact on stress relief. 
  • Dominant Terpene. Myrcene is what makes this strain so powerful. It acts as a sedative, relaxing the mind and body into a peaceful sleep. 


  • THC Content. The THC content of Granddaddy Purple can range from 12.5 to 32%. Those with less experience will want to use the lower THC content strain.  

Buyers Guide 

If you are new to the world of CBD, THC, and strains, then understanding the terminology can be more stressful than trying to get to sleep!

We have created this simple buyer’s guide so that you know what to look for when deciding which strain is going to help you get the best night’s sleep.

Sativa or Indicas, THC or CBD, we explain everything you need to know about what makes a strain excellent for taking you to dream land. 

Best Strains For Sleep

Indica Vs Sativas

As you begin your research into the different types of strains and the benefits they have to offer, you will notice that they are categorized into an indica, sativa, or hybrid.

Each has their own effects and benefits for you to enjoy, however, there is one type that will provide you with a better night’s sleep. 


Indica is native to India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Afghanistan. It is commonly known to have an effect on the body, as it helps you to relax and even find pain relief.

Indica strains are better consumed at night due to their intense relaxation effects to allow you to relax and rest. 

Due to their sedating properties, indica strains are thought to be downers. While it will not bring your mood down, it will allow you to relax and begin to slow down from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. 


Sativa strains have more of an impact on the mind and are thought to be more energizing and aid in focus and creativity. However, this is not always the case.

Some strains can help relax the mind, meaning you can begin to wind down and prepare your mind for a night of rest. 

Stavias are grown in warmer climates. Because it won’t turn cold and rainy at the conclusion of the growing season, their warm climate also means they can take a long time to grow, flower, or generate buds.


Hybrid strains are said to possess the abilities of both indica and sativa. They have a strong effect on both the mind and body.

Sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, and 50/50 hybrids are the three categories into which hybrid strains are typically divided. It is common practice to employ hybrid strains to treat depression, headaches, and stress.

Those looking for the relaxing effects of indica but still have things to do during the day may enjoy the effects of a hybrid strain. 

No matter your experience, knowing which type of strain you are consuming is important for knowing what to expect. While we all have different genetic make-up, we can often experience similar things. 

If you are looking for a strain to help you sleep you want to look for an indica strain or an indica-dominant hybrid strain. This will provide a sedative type effect allowing you to fully relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep. 

Cannabinoids And Terpene

The other 2 important elements that determine whether a strain will aid in your sleep is the cannabinoid and terpene. 

The 2 most common types of cannabinoids are:


THC, the cannabinoid that is primarily responsible for the “high” associated with cannabis, has been the subject of decades’ worth of scientific study. It was recently explored that THC has glorious effects on our ability to sleep and our quality of sleep. 

THC is the element that allows your body and mind to relax, however, strains with a higher THC content may be too intense for newbies. If you are new to THC, you may want a strain with a slightly lower THC concentrate. 


In recent studies, it has been discovered that CBD may have more of a reviving, energizing effect while THC has a sedative effect on the mind and body.

However, it was still recognized that consumers experienced better sleep length and quality when consuming a higher CBD content. 

This non-impairing compound is great for providing a stress-relieving effect without the dreaded high where you can do nothing but sink into the sofa.

However, in some states there are restrictions on the level of CBD in certain products. It is important to know your own and the state’s limitations when purchasing CBD products. 

Once you discover if you prefer a higher THC content, CBD content, or an equal amount of both, you can begin to decipher which dominant terpene you enjoy. Plants get their flavor, aroma, and appearance from terpenes that are produced in special combinations.

The most common terpenes are:


The perfume of Limonene is heightened by its vibrant, zesty scent. Its upbeat characteristics aid in lowering anxiety and despair. As a digestive aid, it has additional medicinal benefits. Wedding Cake, Quantum Kush, and Berry White all contain this substance.

Limonene is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects that make it an excellent pain relief agent.  


It’s also known as “Couch-Lock” and is recognized for causing generalized body relaxation. Enhancing skin absorption and increasing the concentration of cannabinoids in the brain are two other key properties.

An increased level of cannabinoids in the brain makes the user feel happy. It has an earthy, clove-like aroma.

Myrcene is known for that full body relaxation effect. Excellent if you are looking to fully unwind at the end of the day with no plans of moving. 


This terpene combines wonderfully with CB2 receptors. This is the part of our bodies that regulates our immune systems and keeps us on top of our game.

A strain with caryophyllene will have a mild soothing effect, meaning you can begin to relax without that overwhelming “couch-lock”. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Type Of Strain Is More Sedating?

The presence of THC and other biological elements in the plant is more likely to blame. If a cannabis product claims to be indica-type or indica-like, it is probably meant to be more sedative and mellow.

Can Indica Make You Groggy The Next Day?

Some people who take low to moderate amounts of an indica-dominant cannabis product have reported feeling sleepy the next day (especially inexperienced users). The sedative effects often disappear three to eight hours after use, though.

Can Sativa Put Me To Sleep?

In short, yes. A sativa strain can put you to sleep depending on the THC content and the dominant terpene. However, your own chemistry and mood can have an impact on the effect provided by sativa. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the best for sleep has never been easier! From a super sweet Grandaddy Purple to a more herbal and earthy Hindu Kush, you can find a strain you enjoy that will help improve your rest. 

Above are 5 of the best strains for ensuring you get the perfect night’s sleep. We also have a simple buyers guide to provide you with everything you need to know about identifying the best strain. 

All you have to do is choose!

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